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  1. nope, nope, nope, nope, nope & nope. It has been political from the start. I know the left are creaming their pants over this, but if you don't know this is political by this prosecutor you are stupid.
  2. shadrap

    Night Agent ....netflix

    On episode 5. Will let you know.
  3. May be mistaken but I have never seen or heard anything that confirms the cop who killed George Floyd was racist other than he was white & George was black.
  4. shadrap

    Detroit-how is this allowed?

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/detroit-murder-suspect-bond-accused-fourth-killing I just don't understand anymore. Can someone, anyone, enlighten me on how this can happen?
  5. so no comment on the mostly peaceful chaz love in festival in Seattle? you live there. give us the scoop on how this love fest worked.
  6. same oh, same oh. Biden takes the country down the toilet & But Truuuuuuump. Crime at an all time high in NY & the DA goes after Trump for supposed hush money paid. Libs should be embarrassed. Everyone should be infuriated. I am. Just what has this country turned into?
  7. shadrap

    Who drives a Tesla ?

    I'm a car guy. from Renault, VW, BMW to Audi to Lexus LS 430(V-8). Lexus by far the best & if you floored the V-8 even at 80 MPH you got a damn jolt & had to hang on & it was great. I doubt anyone makes a V-8 anymore. it's a shame. love driving fast when conditions permit by myself. just you & the road & your tunes.
  8. shadrap

    NCAA Hat Challenge 2023

    just let me know what I owe & who to send it to.
  9. yep, he did. he was all in on both. fact.
  10. a dossier that the press will run with for 3 years with absolutely nothing verified from the start? I mean NOTHING & the press & liberals salivated with this for 3 years including 70 million spent.
  11. I have no dog in this fight but the guy's attorney disagrees with you. https://www.foxnews.com/video/6322189491112
  12. shadrap

    Anyone here blow a dog ?

    not yet.
  13. shadrap

    Greatest Duel Of All Time

    Charles Bronson vrs Henry Fonda-Once upon a Time in the West.
  14. shadrap

    Bidens FAA nominee is clueless

    hey, he checks all the boxes. no experience but he is black.
  15. shadrap

    Trump at CPAC

    So wiffle goes bananas starting this thread & Trumps been out for two years. Don't look forward because, well Biden. buuuuut Truuuuuummmppppppp! nice job Wiffle. good luck with your tds. in 20 years maybe you might be able to sleep again. doubt it though.
  16. shadrap

    I’m saving $5.50 a day starting today

    I figured he quit smoking.
  17. shadrap

    Dang It I Have To Play Pool Tonight

    grew up in a bowling alley/pool hall in my high school years. Tales of a misspent youth, but I learned more there than I could anywhere. My son in Colorado is probably easily in the top 10 pool players in the state. 9 ball, call your pocket in order from 1 ball through 9 ball is now the game of choice for him & the tourney players. I grew up playing straight pool-first guy to pocket 50 balls-call your pocket-no slop. if in a bar I can still run the table in an 8 ball game 1/3rd of the time. bar table mind you as they are a little smaller & rails & pockets not so tight. A full 4 X 8 I'm going to have some problems with longer shots. cheers!
  18. shadrap

    NCAA Hat Challenge 2023

    I wear hats & don't know the rules, but being an actual Gonzaga graduate I will take the Zags A/K/A Gonzaga Bulldogs.
  19. shadrap

    What’s your favorite fish ?

    favorite fishing lure.
  20. Trump again. cool to have someone to blame for everything. now do Obama.
  21. shadrap

    What’s your favorite fish ?

    During the summer I fish 2 days a week from my small cabin on Lake Sakakawea in ND. 18 ft fishing boat-nothing fancy. Average catch in a 6 hour day-10 walleyes, 5 Northern Pike, 2 smallmouth bass, few shiners(goldeyes)- 2 people fishing. Had days where 2 of us caught 50 walleyes. I mainly troll with crankbaits(plugs). I fish the Van Hook area so you can google it & see catches, reports, pictures, etc. Walleyes average 2 lbs(caught them up to 11 lbs). I've caught Northern up to 22 lbs. Walleye is a white delicate flakey fish that is great. Similar to cod but better. Tight lines!
  22. f----em. shouldn't have got jack. they would have all been swallowed up by better run companies or if not left in ruins. Like my buddy said, what the hell, I was looking for a job when I got this one. pack up & move on. if you are not afraid of work you will always have a job. Way too many lazy people these days & that mostly is because of handouts in the past. it's only getting worse. check out the student loan crap that liberals are touting now. same crap-same result. no self pride to take the bull by the horns & work. I dug a ditch for 5 months with a shovel & jackhammer. did me good. that is way beneath all the woke young idealists now. one of my sons is a liberal. lazy like crazy. he never had a job he didn't hate, but man he can sure tell you what is wrong with America!
  23. shadrap

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    he is a raving idiot right now. "she would lean down and actually breathe on me" ??????????????? Time for the home Joe.
  24. shadrap

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    How do you describe something like that except for-bizzoroworld. This from our president, a raving lunatic right now.
  25. shadrap

    Elon Musk-“The Media Is Racist”

    yep. right on point including not being to concerned about black crime as it's easier to blame it on racism and not actually the people doing it. makes em feel all good & fuzzy inside.