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    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Palestine does not want a two state solution. They never have. They want Israel destroyed. now if everyone with half a brain can come to that truism then things can proceed. even the surrounding countries want no part of Palestinians. that should tell you most of what you need to know. it really is that simple, but no we have guys crying here about their feelings about the kids an all. Palestine could care less. Their actions of rape & beheadings is all the information you need. this nice feely stuff from Timmy is the same crap he tries to convey with no grasp of reality of the situation. 10/7 shows what the Palestinians want. believe them. sometimes reality is hard to accept.
  2. regardless of political persuasion the vast majority of this board knows this is simply buying votes.. For that reason alone WE should all be against it.
  3. Trump had a handle on the border. Biden opened it up purely for votes, just like the student loan forgiveness. Sanctuary cities now don't want to be sanctuary cities. Dems bring it up & want it to change now because of an election. Repubs reject it because of an election. Biden & team caused the cluster fock & now wants to blame someone other than who caused it. For once admit team blue caused this crap & move on. Got it now?
  4. so how would you describe these hoodlums? can hardly wait.
  5. so how are we supposed describe them? Up & coming talented scholars who got involved with a bad crowd? the two thugs were black. if they were white they would also be thugs. so tired of this stuff & also tired of giving these kids some grace only because they are black. it is what it is because it is.
  6. well, some people in power think that reparations in the billions will somehow make things right for the black community. I know it's just a tactic to get votes like the open border policies & student loan forgiveness. Dem Mantra: Need votes======give people money. anyone want to show me I'm wrong? I welcome the discussion.
  7. squid will now flag the owner. mark my words. he will or has already done it.
  8. when you admit that you hoped the shooters were MAGA white guys then we can discuss. Until then, do what you want.
  9. shadrap

    Jan 6, 2021

    so apparently guns were involved? good job dozier in pointing out that the guy shot his gun straight up it to the sky. so what? 12 years behind bars? I don't mind your politics but your hate of Trump blinds you to the Dems fanning the flames of the riots in 2020 to some idiots storming(getting led in in most cases) the capital. your hatred blinds you.
  10. reasonable position/opinion although I think Putin is going all the way. the whole thing scares me.
  11. if not mistaken the Ukrainian territory they want speaks Russian & has always been Russian, until the end of the first World War when it got divided out. also if not mistaken Russia just wants back what it had, Now whether that is bad or good it is how things work. and here we are.
  12. shadrap

    Joe Biden - Diminished Faculties—👀

    Can I safely assume that our word is good enough without the venmo deal?
  13. shadrap

    Joe Biden - Diminished Faculties—👀

    $100 & $100
  14. shadrap

    Supreme Court hearing on Trump, Colorado

    probably?? due process if a foundation of our country. Just because you hate a guy does not mean you can circumvent laws protecting the guy. your hate for Trump comes up in almost everything you post regardless of the political topic.
  15. shadrap

    Joe Biden - Diminished Faculties—👀

    "Willfully retained". knew it was wrong & did it anyway. no charges because diminished capacity. can anyone explain why he is still president?
  16. shadrap

    Supreme Court hearing on Trump, Colorado

    you can't argue he was responsible or created an insurrection to keep him off the ballot when he hasn't been convicted of the same. I think it is that simple.
  17. shadrap

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Sguid thinks this is either edited or taken out of context.
  18. of course, but if you are a partisan political hack like Squid & Timmy you refuse to see or acknowledge that. Dem==great Repub==always bad & racist & tax cuts for the rich.
  19. most are too entrenched in their party politics to waiver from the talking points so your talking to a blank wall. It's Trump & MAGAs fault now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is how you know party affiliation takes over anything sensible for discussion.
  20. 30 billion as I said in my previous post. We obviously have it as we are about to give Ukraine 60 Billion.
  21. were going to send Ukraine 60 billion. send them 30 billion & 30 toward the border & presto, we have a border & then some by a bunch. what most of the Dems, including you fail to admit that this was planned from day one of Biden's presidency & it was/ is for votes. nothing more, nothing less.
  22. shadrap

    Leaving California

    ever see Baby Huey & the Babysitters? I have their album still.
  23. reality of circumstances is that Biden created this crisis. fact.