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  1. I would never blame a gun owner instead of the hoodlum criminal.
  2. Stolen from a "responsible" gun owner?
  3. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    Unsurprisingly it's skewed to blame the libs as usual. As if there is no violence or threats on the right on politicians or during protests. How about at abortion clinics? Then maybe just take an honest look at what most people would also include in there - violent crimes, domestic abuse, etc. and I highly doubt there is a strong correlation between how one votes and how violent they are. It's just nonsense finger pointing for the most part that is basically only about "the summer of love".
  4. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    Their sources are X videos, Tucker Carlson, and Fox. That's why they never reply to that request.
  5. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    I tried. 3 times and still can't answer a question, just accusing me of bs.
  6. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    Ok, we disagree about that. That a bit of twisting to get to that point. Now, care to address any of my other questions to you, or should I do the same to you and just not take your posts literally or seriously?
  7. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    I mean, sometimes there is a direct link to their politics and violence. My point was that if you look at mass shooters in general, none of this applies because it's mostly inner city and domestic shootings widely applied. School/mall/church shooters take on a much different profile, and when you look at those specifically there is no common link like D/R, trans, etc.. The common traits are what I talked about and where we should start if we want to address it.
  8. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    Yes, I can read posts. Are you telling me around here the "trannies are violent" trope isn't a main talking point? You have a very good talent of not answering questions or addressing any point that I actually have made or believe. Yes, statistically they are more likely to be abused and subjected to violence than many groups we could talk about. No, using an incorrect pronoun or words isn't "violence". That is stupid and not my position. I never said anything about chemical castration or the like. Again, care to answer my questions about how you think I am placating them or what truths I am avoiding?
  9. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    It would make sense. Common traits for these types of shooters: domestic abuse, suicidal, attachment to the location, recent mental health crisis, access to guns. Things that aren't a common connection but people obsess about anyway: vote R or D, trans, what religion they are, etc.
  10. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    The trope I was speaking of was the popular one around here that trannies are violent people. Feel free to explain what you think my "maneuver" was on my part in posting that, or what truth you think I am avoiding. Of course you have the right to empathize with people, but my opinion was that most I see on one side of the debate don't empathize with them. I thought you could parse out that while I replied to you I was also talking in generalities and describing the board in general. The reason I stated that is because IMO you can't really empathize with people if you don't know basic information, stats about them, or listen to them. Again, I point to basic stuff like the trope I described above which goes against stats on mental illness and other posts I've seen around here. You can answer if that directly applies to you or not. Not sure what you mean with the last part, so I don't know if it's true or not. What do you imagine I'd be doing where you'd think I was placating them and I can answer - saying they are a woman if they were born a man? allowing them in sports? using names and pronouns? What? I've encountered people on all ends of that spectrum, so again you can clarify your specific thoughts if you want.
  11. BuckSwope

    Something has to be done

    Probably should lock them all up to be safe.
  12. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    See, even tim does it to a point. Statistically, people who do mass shootings aren't mentally ill. Even the ones that do school/mall types, mental illness isn't a top common trait, and when it is - it is a variety of illnesses. You see anxiety, ADHD, depression, etc.. Anyway, IMO the problem now is there is such a deep rot as far as trust in institutions and people behind them, that I don't think people can get behind a solution. Example - I think it's troubling that there is a lack of counseling at schools. When there is one, they are often shared between schools. To me, that would be a common sense good thing we could look into improving, especially when people constantly admit that mental health is a big issue in the country. When I bring that up, it's usually met with stuff like: we can't teach reading, but we need a counselor in each school?? An assumption that the counselor is going to push the lbgtq agenda and that's what got us here, things like that. We have a lack of coverage on insurance, insane wait times for an actual appoint, etc. When you look at the overall policies and tone of the country, mental health is not a top priority. It's just an excuse we have to blame things on and not fix it seems.
  13. BuckSwope

    The Church Shooter Was A Liberal Tranny

    Yeah, I call bs on this, especially in context of this board. Sorry, you can't say it's about "mental health" when you treat them and talk about them differently than other people who struggle with issues of mental health. You can't complain about lack of empathy and inability to help them when you don't know basic stats, offer any solutions on how to address mental health, and go along with the trope that they are violent as a people. I see the posts around here and think it's 100% about trans people and a dislike of them, or at the very least a hatred for the people who support them 100%. I see it as just another group of people the tribes are happy to argue about, take too extreme of positions on, and ultimately don't end up helping them in the long run.
  14. They should go on a double date with HT and Eternal!
  15. Fair point. Blackout rules and all- If I was a Brewer fan I wouldn't bother buying the service. It's worth it imo just to watch the team I want to.