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    Your Mt.Rushmore Of Comedians-Spermoff

    Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Louis C.K. Dave Chappelle Honorable Mention: Mitch Hedberg
  2. Smoot-Hawley didnt cause the Great Depression but it did exasperate it. Punitive Tariffs are almost always reciprocated... and if you look at what happened with Smoot-Hawley... American import/exports fell around 60% and world trade fell by 40%. The cost of tariffs are also almost always passed on the the consumer so they won't have the economic impact we hope they will... this have been proven again and again throughout history. Although I am very much a fan of protecting America and our industries... I can't see how this would be a positive.
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    14yo shot playing hide and seek

    seriously, the 24/7 news cycle is turning brains into mush with nothing but fake stories, lies, and fear mongering. It's funny, didn't boomers use to tell their kids that watching TV all day would make their brains rot? Starting to think it must be true.
  4. yeah just a do a quick google search of teacher students fights. you'll find a plethora of videos. Now introduce a gun into the scenario...
  5. After all the school shootings we've had over the last couple of decades, I'm afraid our government and unfortunately many in our society look at it as the cost of doing business. I'm no liberal, and I probably own more guns than most on this board, but it saddens me than we cannot come to some sort of agreement to try and stop this madness. I'm sure those of you that have school aged children have heard your kids talk about the active shooter trainings we do in schools... For me( as an educator and father of 3) those are saddest days of my job. Many are glad we are doing the trainings to prepare our kids... but I'm saddened to look our kids faces and wonder why we are raising them in world where we have to do them at all.
  6. There are around 100,000 public school buildings in the US ( not counting private schools) The cost to retrofit the buildings with solid doors or bullet proof glass would be astronomical, Like Billions or maybe even trillions of dollars. In my building alone ( I teach at a small high school with less than 300 students) we have 9 points of entry all with glass doors and thats not counting our out buildings that house the wood shop and technology rooms. That's another reason why armed guards wouldn't be as effective as many think. My little town of 4000 people has 4 public school buildings. Even if you place one resource officer in each building ( who's going to pay for that?? Our district cant even afford new books or teacher raises) there are still too many points of entry for one person to effective handle. Although having one in each building is certainly better than none. .
  7. Not sure if any one else is a public school teacher, but I have been one for 23 years... I have worked with many teachers that I woudn't want anywhere near a firearm! I'm not saying this couldn't be part of a broader solution but as a parent and a educator, I would be leery of many teachers being armed
  8. https://twitter.com/traecrowder/status/1617989493512101888?s=20&t=BQIiO9MYlnwN7G0DLh3zEQ