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  1. League Champion

    I went to Baltimore today

    That's not terrible. It's a great aquarium.
  2. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    You're so full of shitt you spit brown.
  3. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    Says the one who advocates and takes showers with little kids??? Are you F'ing serious. You're a pervert.
  4. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    That's what Liberals do. Change the narrative to fit their sick and twisted views.
  5. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    . Cry me a river Lib Boy I call everyone names, I'm an equal opportunity offender. Get over it psssy.
  6. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    There you go again. Racism, racism, racism. IT'S ALL YOU GOT!!!! Open your damn eyes, everything I post is REAL. If I call someone White Trash would you care? NOT AT ALL. Why, because your a bleeding heart hypocrite. You're a disgrace for a Man.
  7. League Champion

    German 1930s = USA 2020s

    When you take away freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and remove the border what's left? The Liberals see this as a good thing but as we're seeing already, it's leading to disaster.
  8. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    Thank you My opinion is NOT based on race, at all. A thug is a thug is a thug. I don't care what they are, black, white, white trash, Hispanic. I will gladly call an Animal an animal. He must associate Blacks with animals if it triggered him. I don't. Comparing Rittenhouse to the subway thug is a gross misrepresentation, and a political one at that. DogCow is a piece of shizz if he can't see the difference.
  9. League Champion

    Arrest Warrant for Joe Mixon

    I traded away Mixon in 2 Dynasty leagues and drafted his replacement, Chase Brown. There's no way they bring Mixon back next season and I wouldn't be surprised if Chase Brown claims the job by Week 6. Between his legal issues and his declining production, I'm out.
  10. Gas stoves, toxic masculinity, cows farting, plastic straws (free needles), etc. It doesn't stop with these wackos.
  11. And is an expert in Kid/Tranny Relations.
  12. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    He's butt hurt because I dropped the mic on his little Liberal head. Everything is racism with that guy. If I point out facts, it's racism. So basically he's saying, we don't talk about black crime. He's a typical hypocritical Liberal fruit loop that's scared to talk about the real issues at hand. We're supposed to pretend that the Animal was a good person and deserves the same respect at a Kyle Rittenhouse who defended himself against an angry mob of violent liberals. DogCow now belongs to me, he's my little biatch.
  13. League Champion

    Kenny Pickett, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance

    I totally agree. He's talented but still super raw. I can't imagine that the Packers would ask much from him. This could be a good time to get back on the Dillon train, I have a feeling that they're going to wear both running backs out. Hopefully Musgrave contributes year 1.
  14. It's the modern day Liberal.way. The Liberals always need a Boogeyman, always. COVID, racism, White Supremacy, Donald Trump, etc. What's next?
  15. League Champion

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    Racism?? Please elaborate. I'd feel EXACTLY the same if it was a White man that he choked out. Regardless of race, he was a violent animal who brought nothing to society. AGAIN, I'd say the same exact thing if the scumbag was white. STOP using race for justify your Liberal criminal animal behaviors.