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  1. Wish I was kidding bucko https://nypost.com/2023/01/23/aretha-franklin-song-natural-woman-blasted-by-trans-group/amp/
  2. I saw where they are tryin to cancel Aretha Franklin over her song “Natural Woman” because it offends Trans people
  3. WhiskeyCash

    DeSantis’ Florida continues to persecute academic freedom

    If you have a problem with how Desantis governs Florida then just don’t move there. Opinions are like : everyone’s got one. However, it seems the people watching CNN don’t bother to read what’s in these things unlike Desantis. Explain to me why Queer Identity is included in this “Africa American history” package. Has nothing to do with African Americans but you know the left cultists can’t help but try and slip their agendas in there. He even goes on to say they are looking to teach, not indoctrinate. Goes on to list examples, from the bill no less, that goes against teaching and is indoctrination
  4. Sounds like he’s got a case of the CNNs
  5. WhiskeyCash

    Who Is Your Favorite TV Private Investigator ?

    Can’t beat the original Magnum