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  1. I care about u freaks going after kids yes.
  2. You support drags throwing their d1ck in ur kids face and you have the audacity to talk about others??? Bahahahahaha
  3. Shut up pedophile and pedo sympathizer. Nobody cares what you have to say anymore after revealing ur true colors
  4. Awe. So gays can only be victims according to you. Also, if they say they’re gay and commit an atrocity then “you shouldn’t believe them” Holy fock are you a retarded moron and so are the liberals that think like you. Thank GOD people are getting fed up with your bullsh1t and are through with putting up with it
  5. Why do you think? “BeCaUsE tRuMp” No. This would have NEVER happened had the corrupt DA not try to weaponize his office. THAT is the reason. NOT cause “tRuMp”. Only thing he did was tell everyone WHAT the DA was up to. If the DA didn’t try to pull that bullsh1t then guess what? There would be NO story. NOTHING. Does your dumbass not understand that if the DA just stopped and didn’t try to do that then we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we???
  6. WhiskeyCash

    How many aliases does Rusty have

    @Mr. Panties here’s another new one that he forgot to log out of before responding. The loser has WAY too many aliases.
  7. @TimHauck Strike took care of it for me cause I wasn’t about to waste time looking up something for you. But then again, you’ve already shown you want to LIE and try to defend these freak shows
  8. Normal adults minds DONT. When you have perverted freaks like MDC who sexualize that but defend kids at drag shows is where the left is at. Guess I’m willing to bet that freak has looked at little kids sexually
  9. WhiskeyCash

    How many aliases does Rusty have

    @XGay here’s one of the newer ones
  10. WhiskeyCash

    How many aliases does Rusty have

    How many aliases does Rusty have? I swear the guy has about 20 different aliases he logs into on this board so he can like his and support own posts. One or two I could overlook but this guy has at least 20. And that’s not an exaggeration. I’m genuinely curious how many he has. I see them constantly and have seen him get banned on one and immediately log into another. How he ignorantly keeps creating new aliases and logging in to continue his tirade & has yet to be permabanned it beyond me
  11. YES there was you focking retard. He LITERALLY went to lgbtq clubs. You don’t go to those unless you ARE one Holy fock you just love LYING and being proven WRONG don’t you?
  12. Not sure since I wasn’t here years ago But I do know there was a WHOLE ordeal about stormy Daniels. And guess what? She admitted these claims were bogus. She also had to pay trump. So tell me again how YOU are wrong and trying to defend it
  13. WhiskeyCash

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    That another one of your aliases?
  14. WhiskeyCash

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    “ThAtS wHaT i ThOuGhT” shut the fock up you dumb ass piece of Sh1t