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  1. Blue Horseshoe

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/mr-ishidas-bookstore-by-timschochet-starts-post-181.543177/#post-12153546 timschochet: ".....they had met some time before in Paris at an establishment known for its gambling and women, and only open to “gentlemen”. His name was Stephen Wynitski, and he was a baron from the Kingdom of Poland. He was a tall, good looking man in his early 20’s, and proved himself a match for the revelry that the Duke so enjoyed, so much so that Ferdinand issued him a standing invitation to come visit Spain whenever he wanted to..... Stephen Wynitski was attracted to Ferdinand, and was also envious of the Dukes’ finances. Stephen’s own were a very different story; he had come on this trip across Europe with two servants to avoid the very depressing reality that he would, within a few years, be completely bankrupt..... Stephen had no knowledge of financial matters other than to realize that his affairs were in deep trouble. He became intensely interested when the Duke described how two Jewish brothers managed the Matiste Estates. Stephen admired Jews, whom he believed to be blessed with mystic powers where money was involved.....Therefore, within a few days after he had arrived at the Duke’s home, Stephen sought out a private meeting with Moses Goldstein. He avoided Jacob; perhaps, Stephen thought, a Jew loses some of his strange powers once he converts. “It is not my intention to intrude upon my host’s hospitality,” the Baron began in heavily accented Spanish to a mystified Moses Goldstein, who had no idea why this private meeting was taking place, “but I understand from what the Duke tells me that your brother has converted, but that you will not, despite the hatred in this land towards Jews?” “There is hatred everywhere towards Jews” Moses replied smoothly. “My brother and I disagree on this matter. In all other things we are united, and our main purpose remains as always, to serve the Duke.”.....Stephen hesitated. He realized now he had better be cautious; probably Jews did not like to discuss their sorcery with non-Jews. … “Why are you telling me all this?” he finally asked......“I will be frank with you,” the Baron replied. “I need a Jew to manage my affairs, the way you manage the Duke’s affairs. I believe that with your magic, I mean with your skills, you can turn what at present is not such a fine state of affairs into wealth. I have heard from the Duke that your brother has converted; therefore, I figured that you might be available to come to Poland with your family, and escape the mistreatment you suffer here. I could pay you extremely well, and you would live free....” ******* Let me ping some people here so they can see this. @seafoam , @League Champion , @Hardcore troubadour , @jonmx, @Patented Phil , @Tree of Knowledge @HellToupee , @BirdGang, @BrahmaBulls, @EternalShinyAndChrome , @RogerDodger, @RaiderHaters Revenge and I'm sure I've missed a few folks. Here is timschochet, using the "other place" to push his pseudo gay porn antisemitic fan fiction. Tim likes to talk about things that are "only open to gentlemen" Then he talks about Jews having sorcery and the key to all this is a guy named Moses Goldstein ( So subtle in his self loathing there...) Later he talks about the most important thing is to "serve the Duke" in a "match for his revelry" Of course, Tim being Tim, made sure there was a price involved. For these "services", there would be "extremely well" payment. (Maybe this is why Tim defended Roman Polanski so much, because there was probably a payoff at some point and for Tim that must wipe the entire slate clean) Tim hate his own people so much he writes fan fiction about them being pimped out. I don't have a problem with those who choose or live the LGBT lifestyle, but I've never believed Tim was "secretly gay". Well the "secretly" part at least.
  2. Blue Horseshoe

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/official-donald-trump-for-president-thread.745802/page-692#post-19483045 timschochet: "I wrote that Polanski's crime was having sex with a 12 year old who looked like she was 20, and while I considered that wrong, I didn't consider it to be on the level of someone forcing himself on a prepubescent child." https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/official-hillary-clinton-2016-thread.721079/page-833#post-19261391 timschochet: "I thought it was a case of consensual sex, and also that Polanski might have been unaware of the girl's age. At worse, I thought it was statutory rape, and while that is a crime worthy of punishment (as I stated) I didn't think it was worthy of lifelong condemnation. " https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/planned-parenthood-leaked-video.729149/page-19#post-18238697 timschochet: "I'm not going to get into the Polanski stuff here- nobody wants to hear it. But you completely misrepresented what I wrote about that- (you have several times now.) And you have no idea what my moral compass is." https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/donald-sterling-vs-cliven-bundy.706115/page-2#post-16762001 timschochet: "Sorry but I made a promise to the mods that I would never again discuss Roman Polanski in this forum." https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/official-hillary-clinton-2016-thread.721079/page-812#post-19250197 cobalt_27: "This is an awful take, but entirely consistent with someone who defends the elite when, for example, they commit rape. Thinking back to your defense of Polanski, it's clear that even back then you were talking about how "the elite should be immune from these sorts of situations." Man, this place was so much better when you were on a timeout. timschochet: "I am very sorry you feel that way. I would never defend a member of the elite from a charge of rape or any other serious charge. If you believe that, then you grossly misunderstand me....My defense of Polanski was based on some misinformation on my part, which I have apologized for numerous times later on. I do not stand by what I wrote there, and it has no bearing to this situation." ***** "So eloquent"
  3. Blue Horseshoe

    Trump INDICTED

  4. Blue Horseshoe

    Trump INDICTED

  5. Blue Horseshoe

    Trump INDICTED

    Looks like you got Daulton/Garrett/RavensFan/BeachGuy rattled. Look at how he's flailing against you now. What's humorous is he wants to portray a pure tough guy, but since his accounts keep getting banned, he can't fire off his anti-LGBT slurs anymore, or his more aggressive trolling. This like Wade Lite. It takes being permanently banned from several places for him to stop sounding like an 8 year old who found their parent's IPhone. It's like going from cheap beer to something like Zima. BeachGuy23 is the Zima version of Wade Garrett / James Daulton. How pathetic is that? I bet when he goes out with his wife, when she allows it, he has to hold her purse.
  6. Blue Horseshoe

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    Starlink and SpaceX are critical for the American Military Industrial Complex. A big hitter like Raytheon might find Musk annoying at times, but he's ESSENTIAL to them. That means Musk is protected on high by the veritable Prince Of Darkness. If Media Matters wants to push this too hard, then Raytheon goes down it's list of black bag hitters and it will get ugly. You'll notice some people shout at and rail against Musk in public, but he's basically walking Teflon and their words are just more flailing and attempting to generate their own fund raising. The MIC makes more money with a safe and healthy and productive Musk. Also many in the younger generations worship Musk. He represents success, innovation, and defiance to the "system" If anyone out there was a real threat to Musk, the MIC would simply have those people killed. All of them. And their families. And wipe out their businesses. And massacre anyone and everyone those people loved on the face of this planet. The MIC understands that "genius" is going to be high maintenance. Moody. Do eccentric things. At most it will irritate them. But usually they'll rationalize it away. Musk doesn't care if he loses money on Twitter. He's going to say what he wants to say. There is nothing out there like Twitter. Not at the same social and cultural impact for what it does. The activist radical left can only go so far. Elizabeth Warren trying to get her name into the national daily media cycle and fundraise off of criticizing Musk in public is one thing. That's ultimately harmless. No one takes Pocahontas seriously. But anyone else, if they get too far and too close, will be burned at the stake.
  7. Blue Horseshoe

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    Rittenhouse, by all accounts, has a pure deadbeat dad. The mother was marginally employed. He mentioned himself that he was born into poverty. He has two younger sisters. He was, and is, in effect, the "man of his household" IMHO, as a matter of principle, his job is to take care of his family. Think about their material survival and their basic needs. Keep them safe. Something I've said before is if Rittenhouse's mom owned a small business, and that was the only means to bring in income to feed that family, and Kyle Rittenhouse stood there with an AR-15, defending it against looters and rioters attempting to burn it all down, then no argument from me. If needed, engage them all as soon as they breach the property line. Given them a warning and a hostile ID and challenge, and once the mob decides to keep pressing to burn and loot, then they've cast their own fate in the matter. But that's not what happened. Rittenhouse was in a place he did not need to be. His "intent", if it was to protect his community, is not enough here. Being Pro-2A also means exhibiting a positive example of responsible firearm usage and gun ownership. That also means just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should do it. Lots of people can walk into a diner while "open carry" laws there might permit them to wear a firearm on their belt. Maybe that will fly in some towns or some places where the culture accepts that. But that kind of stuff will terrify a lot of people out in the world. Just because you "can", doesn't mean it's good for Pro-2A. So it's not just politics, it's defending your own rights. When I behave as a responsible gun owner, I am also, by proxy, defending the safer pathway for my own rights and to maintain them from the "gun grabbers" The kid was lucky. He didn't hit anyone else who was in the background. He happened to shoot several people who were career criminals and at least one pedophile and none were in the heavily "identity politics classification" If Rittenhouse had shot a black LGBT person who was born a female, it wouldn't matter what the "facts" are, he'd have been convicted anyway, then the corporate establishment, DNC and Team Blue would have arranged to have him picked off in prison. Also the endless stupid public policy in Big Blue Cities and the massive groundswell of civilian gun ownership in this country made it very hard for Team Blue to push this further in the media once a ruling was announced in court. Again, Rittenhouse was fortunate based on circumstances where he had no control. He's lucky to be alive today. And he and his family are still targets for assassination. There are many zealots in this country who would glad to end him because they believe, falsely, that he's a white supremacist ( There is no evidence he's a White Nationalist, however I will still hold that personally I think the kid is a total imbecile) He did have the right to defend himself once in the circumstance. He was intentionally railroaded by Team Blue and the DNC and they attempted to steal due process away from him. All that is true. But you cannot, as an individual, give the radical activist left even one shred of something to use against you. Nothing good came from this. Zero. For Rittenhouse ( sure, he has a little bit of fame and he'll make some money, but there are people who will stalk his mother and sisters to kill them as a proxy to harm Rittenhouse himself, what amount of money is worth that?) For Conservatives. For Republicans. For Pro-2A. But especially for his mother and two sisters. Nothing positive at all. Rittenhouse survived legally because he was able to fundraise to pay for a high level legal defense. Also his case was so public, it was harder to game the legal system much further against him. But Team Blue damn sure tried. What about people who aren't shielded by crowd funded legal defense funds? What about people who don't have the protection of the Court Of Public Opinion? Conservatives have to make measured careful practical decisions. We don't get a huge margin of error. Team Blue and the DNC controls Big Education, Hollywood, Big Tech, most of Big Social Media, most of professional sports, most of the music industry, most of Big Finance and most of the activist complicit MSM. I understand what you are saying. In many ways I agree with you. But Conservatives have to pick their battles wisely. This Rittenhouse mess was not a wise battle at all. He could have just stayed at home. There's no shame in that. Maybe his intentions were good to help other people, but the end result hurt EVERYONE AROUND HIM. I'm not willing to vilify him. But for his own sake, for the sake of his family even, he should just go away from the public eye. And the ancillary benefit is going away helps the Pro-2A movement and all Conservatives too.
  8. Pinterest taps AI to give bigger bodies more visibility Pinterest is using computer vision to scan the billions of image on its site to ensure visitors see a greater range of body types when they browse its service — and not just when searching for specific terms like "plus size."...Why it matters: Tech companies have begun to address longstanding gaps in the inclusiveness of their products in recent years — such as ensuring better representation across skin tone and hair type — but Pinterest is one of the first to explicitly address representation of different body types. "The presence of authentic representation on a platform, without having to add size or shape modifiers to get what you want, has never been more important to the emotional well-being of young people globally," model and activist Tess Holliday said in a statement....How it works: Pinterest started by manually reviewing thousands of images of people of varying height, skin tone, gender expression, visible disabilities and other factors. From there it used deep neural networks to help embed information on various characteristics for all of its images. The technology can assess and predict a subject's body size and is powerful enough, Pinterest said, to work on images of a diverse range of body types from various angles, even where only part of the body is shown.....The new body type technology will be used to improve representation when searching for women's fashion and wedding-related content — the same categories Pinterest has focused on with its work on skin tones and hair types.....Pinterest worked with Holliday, as well as with the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and Pinterest creators Natalie Craig, Kellie Brown and Stefany Brito, in developing the product. Social media sites have been widely criticized for encouraging an unhealthy focus on thinness, in some cases even censoring images of larger women in poses and outfits deemed appropriate on smaller people.....Pinterest said it heard from its users that the recommendations they were seeing didn't reflect real-world diversity of body types. The company also noted a YouGov study that found that three-quarters of U.S. adults believe the media promotes an unattainable body image for women. https://www.axios.com/2023/09/07/pinterest-computer-vision-varied-body-types
  9. It is the FBI admitting that they did this, both in court documents released after the man's 2023 arrest and in a statement they released to The Daily Wire. "On December 2, 2020, an internet user with the screen name '[REDACTED]' messaged an undercover agent with the FBI’s Washington Field Office, who was posing as a father pimping out his 9-year-old son, and told him that he wanted to travel to D.C. to have sex with the boy. The man also sent the agent a video of 'a prepubescent minor male being anally penetrated by an adult male’s erect .' His IP address led the FBI to Brogan Welsh of Glenn Allen, Virginia." What appears to be a slam-dunk case against a child predator was abruptly abandoned just one month later.....'On January 6, 2021, FBI, Washington Field Office, [decided] this investigation was halted due to events that occurred at the United States Capitol Building that day,' court documents say. ( EDIT: I'm going to add that I don't agree with what Trump did with J6. Do I believe the 2020 general election was a "free and fair election"? No, I don't. I believe BOTH SIDES cheated as much as possible, it's just that Team Blue and the DNC control more of the major levers of power and impactful institutions like Hollywood, most of Big Social Media, Big Education, etc, etc. That being said, J6 didn't have to happen. It served no positive purpose for Conservatives and/or Republicans in this country. Now it's used as a blanket excuse to try to wipe out anything repugnant that Team Blue does in the open. Trump does what Trump always does - He makes it about himself. So he also, in part, is responsible for lost resources, manpower and assets needed to pursue other criminals, that were shifted out over J6. However, two wrongs don't make a right, Garland is still a partisan idiot and the FBI is still proven to be corrupt and simply now an enforcement arm for the DNC. Their own set of personal shock troopers paid by tax dollars. Just because Trump is an imbecile, that still doesn't mean it's OK to let child molesters walk and roam free to push some more Orange Man Bad through J6. "But Trump" is not enough here. Ignoring children under threat for more TDS is repugnant and indefensible. )