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  1. BillyKing

    Mitch McConnell goes vegetable at podium

    Pretty sure guy is hated by both right and the left
  2. BillyKing

    Hunter Biden reaches plea agreement on misdemeanors for tax evasion.

    Look at this focking moron Hey retard, how’s hunters c0ck taste? You’d think with all the glazing you’re doing for him and Biden they’re paying you but they aren’t. You’re just that much of a retard
  3. BillyKing

    Hunter Biden reaches plea agreement on misdemeanors for tax evasion.

    The fact that the POS and his lawyer tried to add a provision providing him with legal immunity to all future federal charges it’s astounding. The AUDACITY for them to even attempt to try and get that Not only that, the POS attorney LIED (like a typical democrat does) and tried getting evidence thrown out by impersonating the prosecuting attorney. There is NO excuse for this type of behavior. All it does is show how confident the democrats are that nothing is going to be done to them. Guess what? Judge took offense to EVERYTHING Hunter & his lawyer are doing. If ANY of the resident board retards try defending him they should be met with nothing but insults
  4. BillyKing

    Miss Trans USA 2021

    Yep. Sure did. It was your other alias that posted it. I know you remember but your dumbass is trying your little hardest to defend yourself through the use of your 20+ aliases
  5. So you mean to tell me in one of the MOST SECURE buildings with cameras literally everywhere they claim that “wE dOnT kNoW wHoS cOkE iT iS” Yea that’s a major ##### lie. They know EXACTLY who it was. They just refuse to release that info. And we ALL know whose it is: Hunter Bidens. Even saw a video of him with Joe, Jill, his wife, and kid. Sniffing a lot, acting erratic and crazy, and his own mom looked like she couldn’t stand to have him around & was disgusted along with his wife
  6. BillyKing

    Miss Trans USA 2021

    No YOU are lying cause I read it as well moron
  7. BillyKing

    Sound of Freedom

    The fact that the left and the biased liberal media are trying to attack this film, attack the people who see it, and try to say the statistics/data in the movie is “bogus” tells me everything I need to know. Not only is this movie the truth, but it’s also exposing the left as heartless pedos who victim shame KIDS, defend pedophilia, and defend human trafficking. This is movie by far NOT political. Yet the left keeps insisting it is. Not only that, you have AMC theaters trying to not let anyone see it by claiming their AC is out, refunding tickets to people before the see it, telling people it’s sold out even though the theater has plenty of open seats, etc. In addition, the left is trying to get the movie pulled from theaters. It’s insane the lengths these leftist pedophiles will go to protect themselves from being exposed. Watch, when Mel Gibsons movie is about to come out (or does) we will start hearing ALL kinds of stuff about him. Liberal media will try to paint him as a bad guy, his movie as being propaganda, and they’ll try to smear his name. JUST like they’re trying to do with this film, despite it being the highest grossing movie over the past week
  8. BillyKing


    What do you consider fascism? Do you agree with the liberals or the conservatives when it comes to the definition? Liberals will have you believe only right wing people can be fascists or have fascist ideologies. However, conservatives say everyone can be fascists. Fact of the matter is, liberals have changed the definition of fascism. Their NEW definition reads as follows: Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalistpolitical ideology and movement,[1][2][3] characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.[2][3] Now, if you look at the definition in older dictionaries, specifically the ones before 2009, you’ll find that “a system of gov marked by a totalitarian dictator, socioeconomic control, suppression of opposition, and a political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system”. Now why would liberals change the definition? Could it be because EVERYTHING from the old definition perfectly describes the left nowadays?
  9. BillyKing


    Remember when satanic rituals and satanism were things you only saw in movies or only saw literal psychopaths doing it? Nowadays, the left is is bringing it out in the open for everyone to see and are starting to push it. I know the board liberals are gonna try to claim “it’s not happening” or “it’s not a big deal” like with every other thing they’ve claimed wouldn’t happen or is a conspiracy theory. It’s honestly starting to worry me with how blatant the left is getting with this. Just look for instance at Sam Smiths performance. He’s not the only one either but one I knew of off the top of my head
  10. For someone who supposedly joined the military your take on this is absolutely horrible and you should be embarrassed of yourself. I’m sure your retarded ass is fine if the gays protest 4th of July, burn the American flag, tear down america posters, and harass people who are wearing American outfits. But the moment somebody does it to the other side? Oh NOW it’s bad. You’re the type of person I’d slap the ever living Sh1t out of at a PTA meeting for defending pedophiles
  11. The principal “forgot”
  12. I don’t have to speak for you. You do it already and it’s obvious what you support as you’ve made it pretty clear
  13. Imagine getting upset cause students didn’t want to participate in your make believe world Of course, people like Timtheretard would defend the gays/blacks if they did this for 4th of July/Memorial Day: just tore down posters, three American flag stickers on the ground, threw the flag on the ground, burn the flag, etc. THEN it would be “a peaceful protest” That is how you know these retarded morons have no morals or values & can’t see themselves as the hypocrites they are
  14. BillyKing

    Amazon locks man out of his smart home

    At least you admit it was excessive. That’s the first step
  15. We have now gotten to the point where companies will lock your devices and homes if you don’t comply. Apparently, an Amazon delivery driver in Baltimore was delivering a package and claimed he heard “racist remarks” coming from the doorbell. He reported it and Amazon locked the man’s account and devices. Apparently, the driver had on headphones during the time and when he pressed the doorbell all it said was “hello, how can we help you?” In an automated voice. Add to the fact, the homeowner is also black AND when the incident occurred no one was home. It took over a week for them to finally unlock everything of his. Does this not scare you??? https://sea.ign.com/amazon-3/200588/news/amazon-locks-man-out-of-his-smart-home-after-baseless-racism-accusation