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  1. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    Ah my bad then. You were in a thread saying that without context Also, no I do NOT believe all democrats should be murdered. I’d love for you to point out where I said that. Cause I know I haven’t. Nothing in what I just said alludes to it. Now if you wanna make up lies like a typical left cultist that’s fine. We know that’s y’all’s MO
  2. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    They are. They literally are on camera saying they want to wipe them out off the map. Theyre calling for their deaths. Here’s just one that I found on a google search. I see a lot more on tiktok from kids at the college campuses but I know yall don’t like links from there so here’s a YouTube clip. There’s tons more videos but you get the gist. Hence, why the presidents had to go before congress. There’s been death threats, threats of violence, antisemitism speech, etc. There’s a few things that I will absolutely go scorched earth over. Racism is one of them. Going after children is another
  3. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    It’s the hypocrisy for me. Cause you know damn well they’d be in here livid if someone went on one of those elitist schools campuses & said “all blacks need to die since all they do is rob, steal, assault, rape, and murder”
  4. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    “Boo fricking hoo” is literally you making fun of ppl for getting upset over them not condemning antisemitic comments. Like. A. Typical. Democrat. You immediately dismiss everyone & then get upset when called out. YOU are the hypocrite and YOU have a serious problem. If you need, I can write you a referral to mental health. Lord knows your comments & actions warrant it. Especially with how narcissistic you act
  5. Stryker Ryker

    Blowing Your Nose at the meal table

    I think it’s disgusting to do in general public. Go to the bathroom I can deal with literal sh1t, c diff, emesis, ear wax, vaginal/penile discharge, etc. But sputum? Bleh Can’t do it. Had to do nostril rinse for flu tests in the AF where you squirt saline up one nostril, have them blow it out into a cup, & do the same to the other nostril.
  6. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    I’m insane? How so? Explain.
  7. Stryker Ryker

    University presidents won’t condemn antisemitism

    This is the type of hypocrisy I expect from the left. They’d demand you not only be fired but also thrown in jail if you were to go on those campuses & started talking about how “all blacks need to die. All Palestinians need to die. All illegal immigrants need to die. Etc”. Yet, they can’t even admit that people calling “for the deaths of all Jews” are guilty of hate speech. Not only that, I have yet to see any Jews committing violence or ripping down ‘Missing Children’ posters on the streets. Instead, it’s Palestinians & ppl who support them that are the ones calling for ppls deaths, attacking ppl, tearing down posters, committing hate speech/crimes, etc. The REAL Nazis have been exposed: Dems & anyone who supports them. Theyre literally calling for the death of Jews, they want to put ppl in camps who refused to take the jab, they wanted ppl fired for not falling in line, they censor anyone that says something they don’t like, it’s their way or no way. It’s gotten so ridiculous & out of hand that if they’re not careful they’re gonna get themselves killed by ppl who have had enough of them and they’ll have only themselves to blame cause I will 100% acquit whoever killed them
  8. Stryker Ryker

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Anyone else pissed cause Biden is threatening Americans by saying “if you don’t approve more funding to Ukraine they’ll send our uncles, dads, brothers, and sons to fight Russia? I’ll go take his ass out before I allow that to happen with my son
  9. Stryker Ryker

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    His tweet doubled down on it by saying the kid was being racist to two cultures. That to me screams “I’m trying to make this kid out to be a racist”.
  10. Stryker Ryker

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    Not really. He published it explicitly calling the kid out. The kid has since been receiving threats of violence, labeled as a racist and a bigot, and has been ostracized in his community. It’s literally an open & shut case. The guy printed false info specifically targeting a young child with the intention on making that child be painted as a villain. Highly doubt you’ll find a court that WONT side with the family
  11. Stryker Ryker

    Fake hate crimed thwarted

    Someone tried burning down MLK Jr’s birth home last night. They were spotted by tourists and detained until police got there and arrested her: A black woman EVERYONE here knows if she would’ve managed to set it on fire that it would’ve been blamed on “MAGA Republicans”. Instead, we see another loyal left cultist trying to impress her slave masters https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/martin-luther-king-jr-birth-home-scene-of-attempted-vandalism.amp
  12. Stryker Ryker

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    The kid has been harassed due to that bigoted racist piece of sh1ts comment. They deserve to be bankrupt and have their asses beat
  13. Stryker Ryker

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    It won’t and it shouldn’t. Ppl like u are the reason court system is messed up. NOT these ppl. You go after a child? Yea you deserve a lawsuit and an ass whoopin
  14. Stryker Ryker

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    So the kids parents have said they have lawyered up & plan on suing them Gonna bankrupt that pos liberal propaganda source
  15. Stryker Ryker

    Taylor Swift - Billionaire

    I see you lying like normal