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  1. You DO realize there’s videos of interviews right? I love when ppl like you try to deny it
  2. You actually trust the obviously biased & incorrect “polls” from left cultist news sources??? Bahahaha instead of “polls” I can post literally tens of thousands of videos where blacks are saying “f*** Biden! Trump 2024”
  3. Stryker Ryker

    Pelosi: Populism is a Threat to Democracy

    Anything Pelosi says you should ignore. The fact that her & Biden are in prison already for the treason they’ve committed is outrageous. I swear if I ever get elected & they’re still alive I’m throwing them in jail, freezing their accounts, putting them on a no fly list, seizing their property under imminent domain & giving it back to the ppl, & will revoke their freedoms
  4. That’s the thing. At least back in the 90s/early 2000s democrats were actually “good”. I use quotes cause that’s about the best either side would get. But once Obama became president (yes I voted for him) all broke loose with racism. All of a sudden u don’t agree with democrats? Youre racist. Now, it’s “you’re bigoted” or “transphobic”. It’s gotten so outta hand you have ppl like me who just voted Dem on everything cause that’s what we always did, leaving the party and not blindly voting for them cause they’ve proven themselves to LIE so much. With Trump, the stuff he said he was gonna do he actually did. With Biden, he promises you paradise but instead gives you an apocalypse. When ppls idea of luxury nowadays changes from luxury, designer clothes/expensive toys/houses/etc to “just going to the grocery store & not having to budget” that’s when you HAVE to realize whoever is in charge has screwed up BAD
  5. They are STILL that same party. Just more open about it now Hence why blacks & Hispanics are leaving the democrat party by the hundreds of thousands
  6. It’s been widely known & accepted for literal decades that the Dems were the KKK party & the racist party. I would know. I lived in the south & parents voted Democrat my whole life. So my entire life I was told about how democrats, especially in the south, are racist & kkk members. It wasn’t until you lying left cultists tried to rewrite history and no one is falling for it which is what makes yall so mad
  7. Stryker Ryker

    JK Rowling.

    Genders not a spectrum. No matter how much you left cultists wanna say it is. Hundreds of thousands of years and only just recently did the left decide to pander to these ppl. No one cares if you’re trans or gay or bi or whatever you wanna call yourself. But saying a man is really a woman is just asinine. Put lipstick on a pig doesn’t change it to a woman. It’s still a pig
  8. Stryker Ryker

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    It’s sad that more ppl are upset over a speech this man gave at a catholic school than they are over players literally beating/raping/killing women Nvm the women who say a man’s job is to work, provide for their family, & give the woman money while she keeps her own. They want us to stick to our gender roles but they wanna be able to do whatever they want & if you criticize them they go feral
  9. That’s 100% what she meant. What is it with you leftists refusin to to acknowledge anything ur side does or says
  10. Stryker Ryker

    What do you pay for a haircut?

    $35 with $8 tip
  11. Stryker Ryker

    ***The 150th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    He’s doing good. I’ve dropped down to working only a few days a week now so I can look after him & get things ready for us to sell our house here in the coming months. We are gonna end up selling sometime this summer & moving towards end of summer/beginning of fall. Gonna be buying a bigger house up in Greenville since that’s where we want to retire at.
  12. Stryker Ryker


    This. I believe they use the 1% rule & adjust for inflation but I haven’t had to worry too much about it. Working on getting a few more cause I’m trying to secure a monthly passive income of $10K by the time I’m 45 & can essentially retire
  13. Stryker Ryker

    Racist frat boys

    Those idiot protestors really said “we’re coming for you people in the south” and REALLY tried it at college campuses down here They found out quick they aren’t welcome & can’t bully the people here like they can in those northern & west coast states. This is why the south is SO much better to live in than a lot of states nowadays. A lot more hate & racism in those “tolerant” liberal states than there are down here in the south.
  14. Stryker Ryker

    ***The 150th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    Betting on 4, 7, & 11. Wish I could be there cause I have better odds of winning. Used to go quite a good bit when we lived in Maryland & also when I lived in San Antonio. Usually just bet like $3-$10 per race depending on how I felt but I usually won enough to cover all my bets, drinks, & snacks
  15. I’m wanting to start a nonprofit in my state to help feed school kids lunch/pay their overdue balances. However I’m not sure how I start and I remember a few guys here have either created some or were on the boards of some. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys