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  1. Rabbit Range

    Question: I’m Now A Grandpa

    You down with ODB -Yeah, you know me- Who's down with ODB -Every last homie-
  2. See, that wasn't so hard was it? It only took you a couple of days to come around and accept reality. Good for you. I'm curious now that you're starting to see the light. What do you think of the other 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct? As we've seen several examples of his vile thoughts, such as "Grab em by the puzzy" among others. https://www.businessinsider.com/women-accused-trump-sexual-misconduct-list-2017-12
  3. No worries, we're all the same person, if it makes you feel better. BTW, I'm guessing the anti-Trump crowd enjoy this thread more than his supporters. So please, keep up the good work.
  4. Ok. What exactly was Trump found liable for in regards to Jean Carroll? That's a very straightforward question. Are you capable of giving an honest answer? What if I were to spell it out for you and then ask if this really happened? Again, would you be capable of an honest answer? I think we both know you would only dance around each question and try to turn it into some play on words with your weak trolling. “And any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king at all.” — Tywin Lannister
  5. You're literally denying reality. We're very used to it from your side but holy fock. Come up for air every now and then, your head is so far up your azz. SMH
  6. Rabbit Range

    Bronny James or Charlie Woods?

    I would probably go with Charlie at this point. Mainly based on the type of sport.
  7. Rabbit Range

    ***Happy Football Day Week 11***

    I never lost confidence with this team!
  8. Rabbit Range

    ***Happy Football Day Week 11***

    Sucks. I have no confidence in this team. 3rd & 1, I expect them to fail on some wing and a prayer play. 3rd and 20, I expect their opponent to weave through a number of missed tackles and keep driving.
  9. Rabbit Range

    ***Happy Football Day Week 11***

    Weak tackling and red zone offense obviously hurting them right now. At least they have the turnovers to keep them in it.
  10. Rabbit Range

    ***Happy Football Day Week 11***

    Let's go Broncos!! I'm glad they shook off that debacle in MIA. A win here would be nice.
  11. Rabbit Range

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    I'm BOYO, right?
  12. Rabbit Range

    President-elect of Argentina is an interesting fellow

    It looks like "The Far Side - Gallery 2" by Gary Larson.
  13. Rabbit Range

    War in Israel

    You wanna bet?