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  1. After the person who won our 12-team league the past two years got eliminated just before this year’s playoffs, he dropped five of his top players, including Derrick Henry, making them free agents available to anyone based on waiver order. Our commissioner was disappointed that he did this, but said he was powerless to prevent it because we have no specific rule spelled out prohibiting this particular scenario. Do you agree? Can a commissioner only enforce rules that have been spelled out in detail in advance, or does his responsibility to protect the fairness and integrity of the league allow him to use his judgment to act on unanticipated events, and if so, should he have allowed this?
  2. klaatu

    Cal Ridley..............OMG

    I completely agree that mental health comes first and that he should do what’s best for his health. But if he’s going to “step away from football,” at least put him on IR so FF owners (I have him on two teams) aren’t screwed.
  3. This is why I was reluctant to even bother with fantasy football this year. It was only a matter of time. It's gonna cascade.
  4. klaatu

    Is it Mandatory Montgomery time this week ?

    Prediction fail. He got me 18.7 pts Sunday. Yahoo: David Montgomery rushed 16 times for 82 yards and caught all three of his targets for 45 yards and one touchdown in the Bears' Week 2 win over the Giants... Montgomery led the team in both rushing and receiving as the centerpiece of the offense...
  5. klaatu

    Ben Roethlisberger out for the year

    Fortunately my backup is Garoppolo, who was pretty good yesterday.
  6. klaatu

    Tough flex choice

    My bad; should have said it's non-PPR.
  7. klaatu

    Tough flex choice

    I gotta sit two of these guys this week. Jamaal Williams @Cle Jimmy Graham @Jax Marqise Lee vs. Sea Jack Doyle @Buf Josh Gordon vs. GB I’m leaning toward sitting Williams (only because he’ll be splitting carries with Aaron Jones). Graham has been scoring nearly every week but he’s facing the tough Jags defense. Lee is the Jags’ top receiver and the Seahawks are weak against the pass. Doyle leads the Colts in targets, and he’s facing a team that givs up lots of yards to TEs. I kept Gordon on the bench last week but he’s looking good, and the Packers give up third-most points to WRs. A case could be made for any of these guys. Which two would you sit?
  8. I have both. It's looking more like Martin will play, but the pundits seem to be split on which to roll with. What do you guys think? I have to play one of them.
  9. klaatu

    Has ESPN shiot the bed?

    Colossal fail to begin the season. ESPN should work for SpaceX.
  10. klaatu

    Amendola = Stretch/Championship Wr

    According to multiple reports, he's not playing Sun.
  11. I have to add my ditto here. I complained about Mathews in a post here in late Sept. -- the writing was already on the wall. I wouldn't draft him again unless at least one other owner proved he thought he was worth a pick by drafting him. (Whoops -- that means he'll be gone.)
  12. klaatu

    Wow, Jackie Battle Got The Start

    How's that prediction working out for you? I repeat: never again will I draft Ryan Mathews.
  13. klaatu

    Wow, Jackie Battle Got The Start

    Memo to self: never again be suckered by FFToday's habitual overvaluing of Ryan Matthews. I followed the Draft Buddy's advice and took him in both of my leagues and am screwed for it.
  14. klaatu

    Switched Excel versions

    That worked -- thanks.
  15. klaatu

    Switched Excel versions

    I've run into another problem. When I open last year's CC (Excel 2003 format) into Excel 2010 and select a different league profile, "#N/A" appears in red in the four cells to the right of "League profile name," and when I try to copy the league settings into the current CC/DB, it fails with "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch." I've double checked the filename and know it's correct. So I've only been able to copy over the settings for 1 of my 3 leagues.