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  1. Hi Mike, Entered my teams, with (max one) keeper option on. Entered keeper for each team who wants one, entered on their (default) 5th round selection. After re-compiling my cheetsheets on the action tab, the keepers are not taken off the draft list, and the draft report does not show them. What am I missing?
  2. SJ

    Update Correct? Injuries

    I just emailed my Draft Buddy file to support@fftoday.com BTW: I have updated and recompiled a couple times today with no changes.
  3. Cameron Meredith and Julian Edleman are still listed on the Offense tab ranked as WR, even though both are out for 2018. Anquan Bolden is listed as a FA, even though he has announced his retirement. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but it does make me wonder who else is listed that is injured, no longer on a team roster, or retired. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. SJ

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    Believe it or not Meph, reading your posts, both flame and not, over the last 17 years has taught me that...
  5. SJ

    Kimbo slice and dada 5000 fight tonight

    Kimbo's backyard stuff was idiotic. Any time he was about to be knocked out (which seemed often), his posse would step in and stop the fight. Puss-bag..
  6. SJ

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    - Name and SSN SJ (Snazzy Jeff at the Sanc.) 111-11-1111 - What you are known for at the Geek Club Nothing really, spice stealer at times . Been around a long time (was member #21 after Latin Pimp). Would hope to be drafted in the nice guy category. - Favorite moment in Geek Club history 9/11 thread was pretty special. As has been mentioned, a true display of caring about people we had never met, known only on a fairly modest message board (for the most part) was pretty special to read. Guess the Geek was truly hilarious. So many times I was trying to stifle almost uncontrollable laughter in my office, tears running down my face. - Reason you left Too much crap being posted. Having to wade through completely humorless posts, over and over again became more trouble than it was worth to find the nuggets of humor or significance. - Favorite story about another Geek Club member Old Man's Nipple posting about almost chocking to death on a bite of pizza. He was home alone and detailed all of the thoughts going through his head, chief of which was "What happens when my parents find my porn collection? Mom-"The horror!", Dad-"Cool!". He ended up banging on his neighbors door and getting him to give him the Heimlich. Narrative genius. Also paulinstlouis and his anorexia story. "It's my first day." - Most important piece of wisdom to impart to the new Geek Club members Take yourself less serious. Be more self aware about how you come across to people. Don't waste time with flame wars. No one wins an on-line argument.
  7. Hello? Is this thing on? <cough>
  8. SJ

    The Sanctuary is broken

    Well, damn... That is a lot of history gone just like that.
  9. This is kind of a two part question, but it stems from a quirk in our league roster options. After the draft, our league rosters must contain a total of 7 WR's and RB's, but we have the option of having 3 or 4 or each, but the total must be 7 (ie. 3 RB's and 4 WR's, or 4 RB's and 3 WR's). In addition to that, our weekly lineups can be 2 and 2, or 3 and 1, or 1 and 3. With all of that said, is it possible to make DB account for that in drafting (setting the number of roster positions and optons of starting lineups)?
  10. Our league uses ESPN as a host. Is it possible to import the scoring system from ESPN, or will I need to input everything myself?
  11. SJ

    Eva Mendes

    She has teeth like a horse.. but an ass to die for.
  12. I stopped posting. but now that Anon is back, hmmm.....
  13. SJ

    Tatoos on Hot Chicks?

    Ankle tats are usually sported by chain smoking, white trash, lard a$$es.
  14. SJ

    Any Scifi/Fatnasty readers out there?

    If you like the Xanth books, try his "Blue Adept" series (written and published back in the early 80's I think). A bit of sci-fi mixed in with fantasy. Very good series. The Xanth books became a bit too juvenile as they went along. I read the first 6-8 or so, then lost interest. Terry Brooks is another favorite fantasy author that I still am reading. The "Shannarra" (sp?) series (first three books especially) is close to the top of my all time fav. list.
  15. Wow....that is a blast from the past.
  16. <brushing dust off of account> HURRAY! My Christmas wish has been answered! Viva La Golden Age!
  17. SJ

    The Prestige

    I agree about the machine. The rest of the movie, as far fetched as it seemed, was at least believable. Two obsessed magicians, feud over the death of Jackmans wife, he admits not to care about her toward the end, a twin that makes Cain's explanation of the trick valid, etc. But a cloning machine?!?!? Give me a friggin' break.... Stupid plot device that invalidates the ending.
  18. SJ

    Member # biches

    Great, just what I wanted....props from GFIAFP.....
  19. SJ

    Looks like they found that guy in Oregon

    They were lost about 50 miles from where I am. I have driven on the road they were lost on a couple of times. Even in the summer it is a bit rough, but it is impassable in the winter. What I really don't understand is why he didn't just walk back out on the road they came in on. Very sad story.
  20. SJ

    Most beautiful singer you have ever heard?

    She came to mind first for me also. A singular talent: versatility, range, smoooooth.....RIP.....