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  1. GoBucky1

    FU week 10

    FU Winston!
  2. GoBucky1

    Trade opinions?

    Thanks guys, I accepted it.
  3. GoBucky1

    Trade opinions?

    My team is leading our league in points and I'm very strong at RB, pretty strong at WR, extremely strong at TE and average at QB. I have both Kittle and Hooper at TE and Wentz at QB. I was just offered DeSean Watson for Kittle...what do you guys think?
  4. GoBucky1

    UPDATE: Conner Shoulder - Out Week 10

    Wonderful, right when he started finding his game and running well.
  5. GoBucky1

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    I have Hooper and Kittle...what would you guys expect to get for one them in a trade?
  6. GoBucky1

    Gurley or Murray?

    I'm already starting McCaffrey and Conner...which one to use at flex: Gurley vs Cincy or Murray vs Arizona? Thanks!
  7. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Which is exactly why the Bears can't run the ball this season
  8. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    I don't think I ever equated Howard to being a stud, however, it's not a coincidence that he's averaging 4.7 yards a carry behind a very good offensive line this season.
  9. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Howard doesn't suck, but he needs good blocking in front of him...he generally can't make plays happen on his own.
  10. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    He was deactivated because his father passed and he was with his family. He didn't touch the ball yesterday because he's the third RB and they were down 17-0 in the 2nd quarter.
  11. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    That's completely inaccurate
  12. GoBucky1

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Walter Payton wouldn't be able to run behind this offensive line. Nagy has been less than stellar as a play caller this year, but this line is absolutely atrocious! They're getting blown up on every snap, and there is no where to run whatsoever! Kyle Long is done, Leno has taken a huge step back, and the switch to put Whitehair back to guard and Daniels at center has been a awful. Whitehair is playing well, but Daniels has been just terrible. He was a fantastic center in college, but they decided to put him at guard last year and he played very well. For some reason they switched them this season and it's been a disaster. Montgomery hasn't been great, but he has no chance with this line in front of him.
  13. GoBucky1

    Cooper Kupp

    I got him in my auction league for $5. I also spent $30 on Antonio Brown so he's completely saving my ass. Keep doing what you do Cooper!
  14. GoBucky1

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    I was just offered Gurley for Shady and Royce Freeman in our auction league and took it right away. I have McCaffrey and Conner and was just going to use those other 2 for bye week fill ins or if Conner completely falls off like he has before last week so I took it and can now use Gurley as Conner's replacement if needed, or as a flex. I still have Ronald Jones, Penny and Murray if needed, but Murray looks as useless as can be at this point.
  15. GoBucky1

    Mitchell Trubisky

    He's better at this point than Stafford. Of course the coaching helps. He's young and was coached by the worst staff in football last season. Most good QBs are partially as good as they are because of a system and coaching. Why was Goff subpar until McVay got there? Andy Reed turned Alex Smith into a Pro Bowl QB, and look what hes doing with Mahomes. Brees was an above average QB until he got to work with Payton. Brady isn't just great because of talent, Belichick has a ton to do with that.