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  1. PC_Bucs

    Customized Scoring isses

    Where is Mike when we need him??
  2. PC_Bucs

    Customized Scoring isses

    I am trying to edit one of my league's scoring settings. It seems I am not able to do this. When I click on the league and the button to edit it, it takes me to the edit screen. I make the scoring changes and click to save, but it reverts back to the previous scoring. I have tried to delete that league and input a new one with correct scoring, but it will not allow me to do that either. I love using your projections in my leagues but they will be useless if I can't apply my league scoring to them. Any fix will be too late for my first draft today, but hoping you can get this worked out before my last 3 in two weeks....Oh and I AM logged in to my correct account.
  3. PC_Bucs

    Unable to adjust league settings

    Don't know what happened this time but it worked. I pulled up the league to edit, THEN refreshed it. Put in the edits and they stuck. Draft in 90 minutes!!
  4. For at least 3 weeks I have not been able to change the scoring or names of my league settings. I have 2 new leagues this year and am also not able to add them to my list or delete old ones. Is there a limit to how many we can have? Even if there is a limit, we should still be able to edit our settings. I need this to make my cheat sheets...or else this site is dead to me....
  5. PC_Bucs

    Schedule for Projections Updates

    Just to let you know, that the update worked perfectly and it was NO problem that I save the file to a different location.....good job! I should never have doubted you!! Pretty good adjustment on appropriate players as well!!
  6. PC_Bucs

    MacGregor's Away

    From the size, he may be better at defense than striker.....work on the speed Oh and congratulations....kids are great....wait until they are 8 or 10!!
  7. PC_Bucs


    Just to put in my own experience....I believe that Mike is correct about computer speed affecting these programs. The last two years with my old computer, the draft buddy was very slow to update when things were added to it. This year I have a new computer and am experiencing no such delays. Old Computer - AMD 550MHz processor, 256MB RAM, OS Windows 98 2nd Ed New Computer - AMD 1.7GHz processor, 512MB RAM, OS Windows XP Sorry to say, you may have to be patient with your computer until it is time to upgrade PS-It is still VERY MUCH worth the wait to use these programs!!
  8. PC_Bucs

    Schedule for Projections Updates

    Thanks Mike! That is what I figured....I just wanted to be sure before I got myself in over my head. Got to have my secret weapon ready
  9. PC_Bucs

    Schedule for Projections Updates

    Mike, I have a quick question....is this going to screw up my getting the updates...when I downloaded the compiler onto my computer, I didn't save it to the programs file, but put it in another file where I keep my Fantasy Football stuff. Just looking over the help quide, it seems like the update feature will look for the compiler in Programs....is this true or will there be a prompt when I go to download the updates that allows me to browse for the file containing the compiler? Love the product and the feature allowing for multiple league settings in one compiler is AWESOME!! (plus I play in Antsports HP) Thanks, Lamar
  10. PC_Bucs

    what exactly is it?

    Been using the Compiler for 3 years and made the playoffs every time. Last year 3 buddies and I did a 4 team auction league for fun (and a free lunch this draft). I ran it through the compiler and got what looked like oddly high values for some players, but decided to use it anyway....well, it worked fantastically. The other guys balked at the value I placed on several players, but I spanked the 4 of them all season long!!! It does a wonderful job of figuring the comparative values of players at different positions. My problem this year is a new computer that only has a 2 month trial of Excel. Will have to either save the trial or copy if off the old computer if possible. USE IT, IT WORKS!! But don't forget to do your own homework as well
  11. PC_Bucs

    Can't get enough rounds in 2.0 Buddy!

    Well, Mike. I could have sworn that I did that at least twice. So I opened up a new one (again) and quickly set the team and round option and clicked setup and it worked (after waiting quite a long time!). Thanks, I am now off to dominate my draft
  12. I have checked back 60 days and not seen this problems. I am running the Draft Buddy Version 2.0 which worked very well with my 10 team 18 round keeper league. I then opened another Draft Buddy file and tried to set up one for my 14 team/18 round draft for Sunday. The problem is that when I click on the draft input tab, it only goes about halfway through the 16th round (or the original number of picks you would have with a 12 team/18 rounder. How do I get the final 3 rounds of my 14 teamer to come up. I have tried all I could try with inputs and things. Need to know soon or I will just have to use it for the first 15 rounds. I guess I should note that I have had no problems changing the names of my various compilers and linking them to the Draft Buddy in the same directory...