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  1. LoydXmas

    Trade away Cook?

    I kept cook and in the championship game because of it!!!! Lucky that the gut and advice was correct! Thanks for the help!
  2. LoydXmas

    Trade away Cook?

    Thanks for the input. Redraft ........ I decided to hold off. Very difficult to loose a RB scoring so high . Difficult decision but I just couldn't make up my mind so I figured why do it?
  3. LoydXmas

    Juju for Ridley?

    Absolutely! I own Ridley and would never give him up for Juju
  4. LoydXmas

    Trade away Cook?

    Another player has been trying to get Cook from me the last few weeks. See anything worth wild? He has been offering Hopkins with Hunt, Zeke and McLaren. I give Cook and Edmonds 1/2PPR Start 2RB 2WR 1Flex My Team: Josh Allen,Ryan,Tua(start 2QBs) Cook,Edmonds, Mixon,Bernard, Swift,Bell Ridley, Woods,D.Parker,J.Jefferson Engram,Hooper His Team: Brady,K.Allen,Wentz Zeke,Gibson,Hunt,Drake,McKinnon Hopkins,K.Allen,McLaurin,M.Brown Fant,Geodert Thanks for the help!
  5. LoydXmas

    Meachem or Knox as my wr3

    I'm startn Meachem instead of S.Smith and would do so over Knox
  6. LoydXmas

    What would you give up for a top 10 RB?

    That offer would be an insult and not lead to any productive discussion in an actual trade negotiation
  7. LoydXmas

    Anyone draft from 8 hole in non-PPR league yet?

    10 Team NONPPR, Star 2RB,3WR/TE From #8 spot: Moss(it was between him and SJax just has you fear) Greene Calvin SSmith(Car) Bowe Addai Kolb Foster Bradshaw Flacco Mcluster Evans C.Taylor Devin Thomas SF D Kicker
  8. LoydXmas

    What to do with the 8th pick?

    Just drafted from 8 spot last night and was woried about that spot. Unless you have QB heavy league I would expect it could go similar to mine:CJ,AP,MJD,Rice,Turner,Gore and AJ gone. If one of those 7would have fallen, I would have taken them but none of them fell and I was left trying to figure it out. Luckily I had thought about it before my draft and was prepared. What I did was go Moss here and this is why. The RB's that were left all have their respective question marks and none seem to stand out(SJAX,Greene,Mathews,Dwilly,Mendy). I was leaning towards SJax but I also thought he could drop to me in the 2nd. If he didnt, I was assured of at least 1 of these 5(I ended up being left with Greene and Mathews to pick from). My thinking was to take the WR from the top tier not named AJ that I know I wanted so at least I got my first choice WR and paired him with the RB that falls to rd2. This left me with flexibility in my next couple of rds(although I destoyed that flexibility by drafting so many wr later). Here is my team if it helps you: By rd: Moss Greene Calvin(don't expect this, my league is so down on him for some reason) S.Smith(Car) Bowe(Homer hear & have been hearing good reviews in camp but shouldv gone RB) Addai Kolb A.Foster Bradshaw Flacco(he was still sitting there) C.Taylor Lee Evans D.Thomas McLuster(homer again) SF D Kicker Hope it helps to look at.
  9. LoydXmas

    Switching sites during the season

    Just switched today. Could not deal with Fanball any longer. They would not even respond to any customer service questions/problems. Had been with them about 10 years.
  10. LoydXmas

    TO for McGahee

    Srry, wrong board! I was not paying attention!
  11. LoydXmas

    TO for McGahee

    I have good WR depth: TO,Boldin,Coles,Walker,Colston,Evans I am thin at RB with Alexander still out a couple more wks: R.Brown,Alexander,Maroney&Dillon. We start 3WR and 2RB. Standard scoring with no PPR. Do I make this trade to get McGahee? Thanks!
  12. LoydXmas

    DeShaun Foster Opinions

    I drafted at #7(out of 10) and went RBrown,TO,Boldin and planned to go Foster but KJones was still there(nobody wanted him). Next guy took Foster and I may regret it but then Dillon came around on the back side(to my suprise)! First year going away fromm RB,RB and I think it turned out good.
  13. LoydXmas

    First Draft of the Year 7th Position out of 10

    The Djax and Branch moves hurt you but the nice 3 rds of Rb's may save you if you can start shopping one(I would start shopping Jordan) with a WR to upgrade a WR. Driver and Kennison should be solid starters and Coles may be a good filler for the first 3rd of the season if Penny holds up that long. Shop Coles early if he opens with a few good games as he did last year. QB seen is acceptable. Not too bad if you can fix the WR draft error. For what its worth.
  14. LoydXmas

    Week 7 INACTIVES

    Moose, any word on Dante Stallworth. Rottoworld has him questionable. Thanks!
  15. LoydXmas

    Curtis or Hakim?

    Holt and Bruce are out today. Therefor, Curtis = #1 WR with a good matchup. Start Curtis.FWIW