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  1. I have a bad feeling about Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson. I have no logical reason or substantial data to back this feeling up, but I'm avoiding these guys.
  2. Butcher

    Early FU week 12

    Willie, you short, fragile fock. 37 yards against the Bengals and ANOTHER injury? Are you made of focking glass? I have no doubt that you have a snatch in your pants, you little rat b@stard.
  3. Butcher

    Burress vs. Evans

    This is the gayest post I've ever seen. Stop watching Richard Simmons work-out videos for a while and go get some fresh air.
  4. Decent whip, but is that the sh!t box you live in?
  5. Butcher


    What happened to GOIDPANKAL? I just saw a tumbleweed blow past.
  6. Butcher

    DeShawn WYNN placed on IR

    Mephisto, I liked it better when you were from f*ck instead of fuckhole. Kindly change it back.
  7. Butcher

    Chad Johnson NO Practice today

    I think you're missing the point here, Hagy. His intent is not to know what he's talking about. While you come at him with with sound and rational knowledge, Cortezthecockswindler will simply ignore your comments and threaten to bust your balls here on the forearm. He's a total badass. I agree with RamslovaMartzhata - I love the energy and fun CJ brings into the game. He is known for going up and getting the ball and running precise routes. The Bengals seem to be taking what the defense gives them in the passing game, and so far defenses have given more attention to CJ and less to Houshmanzadeh - especially on deep routes. It's not like Chad's numbers are bad - he's on pace for over 1500 yards and around 10 td's. They'll both have their huge games throughout the season - they are both targeted around the same each game - Housh has just had more success early. Also, I don't own either receiver.
  8. Butcher

    Chad Johnson NO Practice today

    Nope, I did pop the absolute sh!t out of my Andy D!ck blowup doll, though.
  9. Butcher

    Chad Johnson NO Practice today

    No, I never thought of that. You're right, I must be a fvckhead. So to sum up your scholarly argument, you contest that the TD's are going to Houshmanzadeh because Chad Johnson doesn't give the effort necessary to fight for the ball and he runs the wrong routes. But then the fighting for the ball thing doesn't really matter because it's all about running the right routes. So if Chad would just do what he was supposed to, he would score more touchdowns. That's brilliant. Great point, again. Now I'm going to go destroy something around the house because I'm furious about being a homo.
  10. Butcher

    Chad Johnson NO Practice today

    What do you mean he plays harder? He tries harder running routes? He blocks harder? He runs faster? Oh, I see, he has more TD's so he must be playing "a hell of a lot harder." Got it. Good point.
  11. Butcher


    I never saw the link to the draft chat. My online draft page kept saying server error or something, and I only tried to pick through the first 8 rounds or so. Out of those 8, I only actually picked 5 players. Then I just proxied a bunch of players, and that's how my roster turned out. Although I didn't proxy all of those LB's....I don't know what the fock that is all about. Anyway, I'm guessing all of you went through this since the consensus is that the draft sucked. It wouldn't let me pick the player I wanted sometimes.....it just handed me a hogie with a great big d!ck in it and picked who it wanted. Could've been worse, though. Need some LB's Zap?
  12. Butcher


    Are people drafting right now or what? There's no commentary, and everyone is waiting until they're overdue for the pick to show up. Plus, the focking draft room computer has a mind of its own....it keeps crashing, and twice its picked players that I didn't pick. No matter how many times I picked "draft this player", the dude still did what it wanted. This is gay.
  13. Butcher

    Replacement for Tornado - JL

    Jeebus, I thought it was the 25th today.
  14. Butcher

    Replacement for Tornado - JL

    I may be able to get a guy from my other league. Are we still having the draft in three days?
  15. Butcher


    I am available all day on Sunday, the 28th.