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  1. Badmojo1006

    February 15th - Bad Mojo Day!

    Celebrate Me!
  2. Badmojo1006

    song u r listening to right now

    I like Big Butts - Sir Mix-a-lot
  3. wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game *featuring you*, while singing your own song in a new commercial, *starring you*, broadcast during the Superbowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not *sleep* until that happens. I'll give you fifteen minutes to call me back.
  4. Badmojo1006

    The song playing.......right now

    The Futurama Theme Song
  5. He asks what he's done to deserve this. He wants to stay here, fine. Let's leave him and go home. But then another part of me thinks, what if by some miracle we stay, then actually make it out of here. Someday we might look back on this and decide that saving Private Ryan was the one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful, sh!tty mess. Like you said, Captain, maybe we do that, we all earn the right to go home.
  6. Badmojo1006

    Allright, I'm cornfused

  7. Badmojo1006

    Then I saw little Tiffany.

    I 'm thinking, y'know, eight-year-old white girl, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, this time of night with quantum physics books? She about to start some sh!t, Zed. She's about eight years old, those books are WAY too advanced for her. If you ask me, I'd say she's up to something. And to be honest, I'd appreciate it if you eased up off my back about it.
  8. Badmojo1006

    Greatordest focking song .... EVAH?

    Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen. Thank you for all the joy and pain. Picture shows, second balcony, was the place we'd meet, second seat, go Dutch treat, you were sweet. Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen. Thank you for walks down lovers lane. I can see, hearts carved on a tree, letters inter-twined, for all time, yours and mine, that was fine. Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen. Thank you for funny cards from Spain. I recall, Central Park in fall, how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess, that's not all. Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen. Thank you for seeing me again. Though we go, on our seperate ways, still the memory stays, for always, my heart says, Danke Schoen. Danke Schoen, Auf Wiedersehn, Danke Schoen.
  9. Badmojo1006

    Allright, I'm cornfused

    And why are we talking with North Korea but just had to invade Iraq because of the "Possibility" of WMD's? I do not believe a word coming from this administration
  10. Badmojo1006

    I just picked up a Wii at Target!

    OK, I don't lose weight now, I never will Playing Wii Boxing and Wii Tennis for 15 minutes each and I am drenched in sweat Way fun! Made my mii, should have my wireless internet back up by the weekend so I can add my wii friend
  11. Badmojo1006

    Record Setting Weekend

    WTG! Did you make more than $100?