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  1. huskerd911

    Tiki for Portis trade

    This trade has been offered to me. Should I take it? Redraft league. Start 2 rb, 3 wr Scoring: Rushing Yards (20 yards per point) Rushing Touchdowns (6) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6) I give: Tiki Barber Derrick Mason Keyshawn Johnson I get: Clinton Portis Corey Dillon Rod Smith Andre Johnson My Roster: (currently) Brady Brees Barber L.Jordan J.Lewis McAllister Driver Mason M.Jones Kennison K. Johnson Stallworth Heap
  2. huskerd911

    Fantasy football insurance

    I'm with cday, this is just an opportunity to place a bet on who will get injured and for how long.
  3. huskerd911

    Mock transitioned to Yahoo league

    Clash Packer TheyHateMe Um, no. Clash Theyhateme FantasyKing (he dropped out some time last week)
  4. huskerd911

    Round 14-16 discussion

    So now that we're on the up swing in round 16 and everyone is taking a kicker, Clash is going to get screwed?
  5. huskerd911

    Round 16

    16.04 - Dallas Cowboys, DST
  6. huskerd911

    Round 14-16 discussion

    swirv, I picked Longwell for PackerAaron back at 15.02, so I don't think Clash can have him at 15.10.
  7. huskerd911

    Round 15

    15.09 - Shayne Graham, CIN K
  8. huskerd911

    Round 14-16 discussion

    I picked Stover for Packers in 14.11, but I'll take Shayne Graham instead.
  9. huskerd911

    Mock transitioned to Yahoo league

    Swirv brought up a good point that 2 D's won't really matter. Now I'm just mad at myself for taking toomer instead of Mike Anderson in the 13th.
  10. huskerd911

    Round 15

    For Packers (a packer) 15.02 - Ryan Longwell, K GB
  11. huskerd911

    Round 15

    For FantasyKing 15.01 - Sebastian Janikowski K Oak
  12. huskerd911

    Round 15

    1 - FantasyKing 2 - PackerAaron 3 - freighttrain 4 - Giants Rule 5 - Theyhateme459 6 - Adam Smitty 7 - JScott 8 - Mozzy84 9 - Huskerd911 10 - Clash of the Titans 11 - Can't touch this 12 - swirvenirvin
  13. huskerd911

    Round 14

    For FantasyKing 14.12 - Ben Troupe, TE TEN
  14. huskerd911

    Round 14

    For PackersAaron 14.11 - Matt Stover, K BAL
  15. huskerd911

    Mock transitioned to Yahoo league

    Since I wasn't planning on having to support bye weeks on the initial draft only (I'll be a kicker and a D short) is it possible to drop players to get a Kicker and a D after the draft?