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  1. CantTouchThis

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This thread is fascinating. I just skipped around March 2020 posts. It's crazy how everyday in March everything escalated. BTW, official totals are up to 40.8 million cases and 658k deaths. We all know many people who have gotten it. I'm sure many people here have gotten it. Most of us, including me, know people who have died from it. I don't agree with mandating the vaccine. But... Don't be a b1tch and get vaccinated already. In 2020, we were ALL just hoping for a vaccine so we can get over this. We got one now. It doesn't make you weak or scared to get one. It's the smart, selfless, and rational decision. In the grand scope of things, no country has handled this crisis worse than the US. It wasn't because of the media or politics, it was because half of our citizens are spoiled, dumb, short sighted and selfish. We really are just a bunch of spoiled brats who b1tch and moan when we don't get our way. Be a rational adult and get the shot. ETA: The media and politics fumbled it and are continuing to and they have certainly not helped things. This pandemic has just been a giant clusterfvck.
  2. CantTouchThis

    How are so many of you still here?!

    Grow up? Nah. I became quite the degenerate. However, I am a semi-functional adult, I suppose.
  3. CantTouchThis

    Sit one out of OBJ, Sermon, and Di.Johnson

    You have all talked some sense into me. I guess I'm pretty high on Sermon given the team he got drafted to, just a gut feeling he'll have a monster debut. But week 1 it's wise to just play it safe. Thanks for the advice, gentlemen.
  4. CantTouchThis

    How are so many of you still here?!

    And also I'm almost positive I had more than 5,400 posts. I've gotten back into FF and had a legit question and thought I'd see if this place still existed. It's still going quite strong, which is cool to see.
  5. Hey kids, it's been a minute since I've been around. I temporarily retired from FF but I've been making a comeback. Life is life and whatnot. Anyways, I had to go RB-RB-TE in my draft since Kettle dropped and couldn't resist. Now my WR position is quite weak. So in week 1, already have a conundrum with what to do with my WR2 and Flex. OBJ prob still only at 80%, but sure to be a shootout @ KC (I'm pretty well set on starting him) Di.Johnson is the safest play but tough matchup @ Buff, might be some rain and who knows with JuJu back and Ben being 93. T.Sermon has the best matchup @ DET but. . . in that backfield he knows if he'll get 5 touches or 15. I'm thinking they will have a sizeable lead throughout and will just pound the ball. I'm leaning towards and am currently sitting DiJ, but I am questioning myself more than I question my sexuality. Please help! Thanks chaps.
  6. CantTouchThis

    Dave Chappelle is NOT funny. There I said it.

    I think his stand-up is overrated. The Chappelle Show though...I can't give you that. Like all sketch shows, about half the sketches are just okay or meh. However, there were too many brilliantly hilarious and genius sketches to not say it was maybe the best sketch show of all time. I did hear from good sources that his SNL was not good. Over the last 20 years though, I'd still rate him #3 on the list of best comedians, behind Chris Rock and Louis CK.
  7. CantTouchThis

    Biggest Full Moon of the Century Tonight

    Watching the moon rise over the desert, it really didn't even look real. I have never wished to have a high-quality camera more in my life. My friend did and got some incredible shots. That is the only thing on my Christmas list at the moment.
  8. Still might move back to the D at some point. The only thing about trying to live in one of the "cool" areas near downtown is it's shockingly expensive.
  9. CantTouchThis

    Walking Dead Sneak Peek - Spoiler

    I.....thought it might have been the best episode ever
  10. CantTouchThis

    Today is Seth McFarlane's 43rd Birthday

    The dude rallied, basically did everything he could, to get Family Guy back on the air after being cancelled TWICE. Now it's one of the most iconic shows in history. He really could have said "fock it, I guess no one likes this show" and still gone on to something else in comedy, and been a success with his talent. You really have to appreciate that kind of tenacity He's also as gay as the day is wide, which I don't get why he doesn't just come out of the closet. No one will really care.
  11. CantTouchThis


    Cubs in 4 Blue Jays in 7
  12. CantTouchThis


    Struck out the side in 13 pitches like a boss
  13. CantTouchThis

    Hurricane Matthew

    Total damage in the US expected to be $12-16B. It actually looks like North Carolina might have gotten the worst of it. Historic inland flooding across much of the state. Hurricane 101: 70%+ of the damage/fatalities is caused by either storm surge flooding or inland flooding. I think the only hurricane I can think of that did most of it's damage from just wind is Charlie. You wanna talk about a powerful, compact hurricane, nothing really tops Charlie except for Camille. Matthew was a really weird storm.
  14. CantTouchThis

    ***The Walking Dead Season 7 Thread***

    They really should have Negan kill Rick. Nothing else makes sense.
  15. CantTouchThis

    David Ortiz Played His Last Game of Baseball Tonight

    I'm still in shock from that grand slam he hit against the Tigers.