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  1. Bojangling

    Import Stats if I only have the projected Fanatsy Points?

    Projections still seem t be high using only a 50% allocation to FFT. Wouldn't I also have to go to the custom scoring tab and change the scoring for the custom field to 0.5 fantasy point per 1 (fantasy point you imported)?
  2. Bojangling

    Import Stats if I only have the projected Fanatsy Points?

    One quick followup: If I want to do a 50/50% allocation between sites A and B, how would I now go about doing this? The sheets come out correctly if I use 100% Site A or 100% Site B, but they projections double if I use 50% Site A and 50% Site B.
  3. Bojangling

    Import Stats if I only have the projected Fanatsy Points?

    Seems to have done it...thanks for the quick reply!
  4. I want to import stats from a site but I only have the projected fantasy points, not the raw data. Is this possible?
  5. Bojangling

    Moss and Brady's value

    Neither have really exploded this year. I think you are one big game away from getting some interest.
  6. Bojangling

    M. Austin for R. Rice?

    Thanks. Updated original post to include other roster. Anyone else?
  7. Bojangling

    M. Austin for R. Rice?

    Need to deal some WR depth for an RB. Proposing M. Austin for R. Rice. Is Austin the right receiver to deal? Worth it for Rice with his goal line situation and recent performance? Roster and league rules are in signature. Edit: Tradee Roster is as follows: RB: A. Foster, R. Rice, D. Mcfadden, M. Bush, J. Charles WR: R. Wayne, M. Floyd, M. Crabtree, P. Crayton
  8. Bojangling

    Who benched Forte?

    Pine ridin' for F. Jackson. Ouch.
  9. Bojangling

    Week 4 waiver wire time

    Tolbert as Matthews is practicing pain free. Jackson would be my second choice - hasn't shown anything.
  10. Bojangling

    Denver WR Thomas

    Fail. Brees had 288yds against Indy in the SuperBowl and Sanchez had 257yds in the conference championship.
  11. Bojangling

    R. Medenhall, B. Wells or F. Jones, and T. Gonzalez

    Anyone else? Waiver claims hit tonight.
  12. See team below: 1. Is it worth the number one waiver priority (does not reset weekly) to pickup Mendenhall? 2. If I pickup Mendenhall, I would have to drop a RB (6 RBs max). Leaning towards dropping B. Wells or possibly F. Jones but open to suggestions... 3. Is it worth trying to trade for T. Gonzalez to upgrade J. Carlson. Other owner might accept F. Jones and G. Coffee (he has F. Gore and M. Barber) Appreciate any and all comments!
  13. Bojangling

    SJax's value

    Just traded S. Jackson and B. Roethlisberger for J. Addai (Before I knew Addai would split carries and Jackson would play this weekend.
  14. Bojangling

    Status of Washington Oline?

    Washington homer here. Redskins have lost both guards and a tackle from the dominant Oline they had last year. Kendal has filled in nicely at Guard for the free agent departed Dockery but is not as dominant in the run game. The center Rabach should play this weekend but is still nicked up. The right side of the line is horrible in run blocking. They are consistently getting pushed into the backfield and aren't athletic enough to pull creating the zone lanes the Redskins favor and cannot seal off the outside. The only positive is Joe Gibbs refuses to abandon the running game, so Portis will consistently get the rock whether he deserves it or not.
  15. Bojangling

    Trade: Get Addai for S. Jackson and Roethlisberger.

    Anyone not do it?