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  1. Tomahawk Chopper

    Did I panic sell or make a good deal?

    Well, my thoughts are this: I'd personally like Hasselbeck over Manning. Manning did look good against Dallas, but Hasselbeck's looked good (until he got hurt). If he comes back as he should, I think he'll out perform Eli. However, you've got something else going there with the TO/Marshall trade that might be big by the end of the season. I don't like Orton at all, but Marshall might make him look as good as Cutler (did). Since you asked: I wouldn't have traded so quick myself, but you might look like a genius in another 3 weeks.
  2. Tomahawk Chopper

    Let the games begin! Rate my draft...WHIR

    I'm not sure how Brees fell to you the 2nd round? I agree, I wouldn't have passed him up there either. I don't disagree with your S Jackson move. You've got to go with what you think during draft day.
  3. I'm in a very competetive 12 Team league. We do a snake draft; where I was the 9th overall. Starting the draft, I felt like coming in at #9 I'd simply let things fall where they may and take a different spin this year. I knew the better RB's would probably be gone, and I rank a ton of them in the 2nd tier. Long story short, I went way outside the norm for me. My QB situation? Not sure, I didn't even pick one up until the 10th round. (You know the story, everytime you have one coming around, someone nabs him right before you? 6 QB's nabbed a couple of picks before me; so each time I'd simply forego that position and grab someone else) Here they are by round: (Please be gentle) Larry Fitzgerald WR (not the norm, he would have gone to the guy behind me, but I wanted a good WR) LaDainian Tomlinson RB Pierre Thomas RB Jason Witten TE (yes, he was a reach, but I knew he wouldn't come back to me) Braylon Edwards WR (I'm not high on the guy either, but the WR's were going fast) Hines Ward WR (apparently the WR's weren't going that fast, cause I felt like he was a decent #6 pick) Darren Sproles RB (Still no QB, hoping Hasselbeck would come thru to me. However, I wanted LT insurance) Jamal Lewis RB (Don't know what the hell I was thinking, I just like RB's at this point) Ravens DST (Umm, never taken a defense this high. Still no QB) Joe Flacco QB (At least I got a QB) Rashard Mendenhall RB (I hope Willie goes down, again) David Garrard QB Jake Delhomme QB (I made a run on QB's at this point) Jason Elam K (There a dime a dozen) Long story short, I think I'm strong in the RB area, not so much at WR. LFitz should be good, but who knows. Hines is going to be Hines. He'll get his looks and be consistent. At least some points every game. B. Edwards? Always a question mark. Long story short, I don't feel great about what I did. I could have taken a completely different route and gotten Brady in the 2nd round. However, I'm hopeful my QB situation hasn't screwed my season, but I took a QB in the 1st round last year and he got put out by my Chiefs in the 1st qtr of the 1st game. I overcame it then, so hopefully I will this year as well. I knew you all wanted to know this! Any advice will be well received....(probably)
  4. Tomahawk Chopper

    Chiefs hire Todd Haley as HC

    I agree. Really, we couldn't get a whole lot worse. I'm excited. Every year I hear someone say, "next year, you wait and see"; but I've not heard that in several years now. If it wasn't one side of the ball deflating us, it was the other. Now, there's actually a bright future ahead. (I hope)
  5. Tomahawk Chopper

    I'll say two things about the Arizona Cardinals

    I couldn't agree with you more on this one. I stated last night to my comrads that I think he's the best in the league today. I won't compare him to the likes of Rice or Swan, etc; only because it's unfair to them. HOWEVER, if I was to do such a thing, I'd agree. He's talented in every respect of a WR. Route running, catching with those spider man hands, speed doesn't seem to be a problem, and his blocking. Maybe I have a man-crush on Fitz now? His 2nd TD catch was great.
  6. Tomahawk Chopper

    The Chiefs Dynasty Begins Now...

    When will Mr. Pioli make his decision? Tell me it's not Mr. Hali from Arizona....tell me it isn't so? Okay, he might be okay, but I still want Cowher. For you anti-Chiefs fans - we're coming. That's right, we're on our way as predicted in an earlier post - Division Champs in 2 years. Now that I see that big bright light shining at the end of the tunnel - maybe it will be sooner than that! BTW: think about how much smack one could talk if their team actually backed it up?
  7. Tomahawk Chopper

    Top Ten Players

    I have to agee with the Terrell Davis not making it comment. I don't see that happening. 1. (In my book) Derek Thomas - LB - Kansas City Chiefs! (maybe he got in this year?)
  8. Tomahawk Chopper

    Lions Fans

    I too hope they turn things around soon. This was the first Thanksgiving that I didn't even turn on the TV! Let's all become Lions fans! It can't hurt my cause any, I'm a Chiefs guy thru and thru. We can all rejoice with the notion that it really can't get much worse! (Well, we could lose 2 more games this next year, but what are the odds?) Go Lions! Go Chiefs! (not in that order)
  9. Tomahawk Chopper

    Scott Pioli = Chiefs Head of Football Operations

    I think they'll take a close look at Crabtree with their 3rd pick for the WR position. It all depends on how they handle the free agency, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's who they went with.
  10. Tomahawk Chopper

    Scott Pioli = Chiefs Head of Football Operations

    Here's my take on this..... 1. Probably not Thigpen as #1 QB, but I don't see them drafting one with their 3rd overall pick. 2. Larry should go. I've got a signed autograph jersey framed, hanging over my desk right now, and I still want him gone. I don't think Pioli will stand for the 'tude he brings without performing. 3. Gonzalez will stay. If he didn't go last year, it's not worth him moving for the KC revolution that's going to take place in the next 2 years. 4. Free agents are going to turn this season upside down. I think they'll get some awesome draft picks, but I think most of the impact will be from free agency, not the draft (unlike this year).
  11. Tomahawk Chopper

    Could Crabtree fall to the Jags?

    Depending on how the free agency goes, I wouldn't put it past KC to pick up Crabtree. They could use another #1 WR. I'll admit they need several key players in several positions, but again, there's a lot of free agents opening up this year that could fill alot of those voids, and KC is well below the salary cap right now.
  12. Tomahawk Chopper

    Let's Go Gators!

    Okay, I have to respond to this. Florida at another level? They won the game, sure, but they didn't annihilate anyone to deserve such high grades. They won that game out right, fair and square, but I don't see them being way above and beyond at a different level. I don't think it's fair to say they (OU) couldn't beat USC, blah, blah, blah. That's an unfair assessment. First off, I hate OU. I don't like the Big 12, I despise the SEC (mainly because of Florida), but I do think there's something to be said when these teams are consistently in the Nat'l title hunt. Really look at it all. Texas Tech beat Texas, who then gets beat by Ole Miss. Ole Miss beat Florida. I don't care if it was an extra point; a loss is a loss. USC is always good, however, they weren't undefeated. They dominated Ohio State, who barely lost to Texas in the final minute. The same Texas team claiming they were screwed out of a Nat'l Championship. I'm not trying to start a war on here, but I am saying this: Bowl Games SUCK! Have your bowl games, but let's have them with true championship criteria. Top 8 teams do a playoff - then it doesn't matter who doesn't get to play who, because they didn't earn the opportunity. Now it's simply a coaches poll that's going to pull for their conference and a BCS program that still isn't right. Did I mention my dislike for Texas? As much as I don't like them, why weren't they in the championship game against OU? They both earned the right at the time of the selection to be in that game...
  13. Tomahawk Chopper

    Pioli to the Chiefs

    LJ knows his welcome is worn out. We'll probably have to give a pick for someone to take him! That's sad too, cause he has talent, just no desire. Frustrates the heck out of me. I'd love Pioli to come to KC. (I stated this in an earlier post); but I couldn't understand why KC waited so long to interview him? Why/how did Cleveland get to him first, when the Chiefs announced this opening 2 weeks before the end of the regular season? Oh well - good things to come for KC! (Okay, they couldn't get any worse, else we'll put a Lion on our helmets and at least get to play on Thanksgiving)
  14. Tomahawk Chopper

    Come on already KC!

    I have a friend in Dan Belushi - seriously? First off: I don't wear glasses, they wouldn't go well with my receding hair line. 2nd - pick any team and I'll be happy to be objective; I just happened to pick mine. I'll stand by my statement: 2 years and division won't be out of reach. (Keep in mind an 8-8 team won it this year, so how far off base do you really think I am?)
  15. Tomahawk Chopper

    Come on already KC!

    Belushi - you're apparently smoking something. Other than Bowe and maybe Thigpen? Sure, we sucked this year (and last, and the year before that); but take a look at who was on the field this year. Rookie after rookie after rookie. Then take a look at points. No, we didn't win those close games, but when you're one score away; at least you're in the game. They're on the verge of breaking out to be an AFC West champion team within the next 2 years. Their d-backs are going to be awesome, not to mention the youngest in the NFL. We need a couple of good draft picks just like last year, and I think we'll turn it around in the 09 season. Other than Bowe - I'm going to say the entire d-backs, we have a guy names Gonzalez that gets some playing time, then some rookie RB named Charles that's going to have a breakout year in 09; assuming we can get someone to take Larry Johnson.