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  1. joefry

    Shaub and Palmer

    What do you think you would even get? In general, qbs do not fetch a lot since almost everybody in your league probably has a decent one. Plus, Shaub had one great game and one poor one. Why would you want to get rid of him before you see what he has? Obviously, the Jets D is awesome this year, so if he is consistantly is throwing up 20 + point games why would you want to give that type of production away to another competitor?
  2. joefry

    Flacco and Sanchez going forward

    I feel that Flacco is going to be a top 10 qb this year. He is going to plenty of easy tds from throwing to those rbs, plus it looks like the lightbulb might be on for Clayton, and DMase is nothing to snooze at. I can see 26 TDs with 3500 yards no problem...he is that good. Plus they were throwing a lot in the preseason and seeing that he was a first round pick, he must be pretty solid from a physical standpoint.
  3. joefry

    Ray Rice is a BUST!

    As a Rice owner, I was happy with what I got today...of course it sucks to see other rbs vulture tds, but that will not be the case all year long. There are plenty of other rbs that went before Rice that look like total crap. Slaton! SJ! Jacobs! As a matter of fact, how many rbs are not in a rbbc? Not very many.
  4. joefry

    Brady is Back!

    So does everyone here think that Brady has 1st round value?...I pick 9th in a 10 teamer. This is a Wisconsin draft, so there will definently be no Pats homers who are itching to take him. There are a fair amount of good rbs being kept too, so my pickings are not going to be all that great.
  5. joefry

    Thoughts on drafting 2 WR's from same team?

    Seeing that you start 3, I don't see how it is much different than having a handcuff. I don't care what people say, but Johnson and Walter in a start three situation is pretty awesome probably every week esp in a ppr.
  6. joefry

    Kurt Warner concerns

    I have the option of keeping Warner for a 13th round pick...at first I was surely going to do it, but lets face it, last season was a miracle season for the ages. Warner cannot reproduce what happened last year, no matter what everyone else wants. I didn't know about any of this hip stuff though, the guy who said he is one hit away from disaster is probably right...all its going to take is for a 300 pounder to land on that sucker and it will be over. Lucky for me I have the option of keeping Jacobs for a fifth rounder...that is pretty solid value imo.
  7. joefry

    QB Sleeper of the Year: Kyle Orton

    I hate to pile on but wtf are people thinking projecting this dude as a top 10 qb? He has always been held in low regard by Chi town brass, only getting opportunities because Grossman was so bad. Even at that, he was a pedistrian qb...I don't buy the weapons argumant either...qbs are the straw that stirs the drink. We have all seen many situations where the qb goes down, and all skill players follow suit. Conversely a good qb should make ordinary players into stars. Avoid Orton, if you havn't already blown your draft. Avoid all other Denver skill players, unless you are getting them on the cheap...meaning <4th round for Marshall, <8th round for Royal, <11th for evryone else, I guess Moreno might be worth taking in the 6th if you are in a keeper though. I have to say though...reading through this thread, a lot of energy has been spent pimping this choad, its gotta make you laugh. At this early point, Orton probably has lost his starting job to Simms. Maybe we should start a Simms thread?
  8. joefry

    Good Team Names

    Grandma's Stinky Menstrual Flow Flossin' the Night Away with Mommy's Pubes The Black Crowes Dahmer's Boys
  9. joefry

    Hooray for inattentive owners!

    Your team is average. Come back when you are actually winning every game to tell me I am wrong. A truly great team is one that is still stacked once the injuries occur (and you my friend have many injury affected players) your bench is terrible...Cardinals rbs? Why bother wasting the roster space? Ryan Grant? Looked great in 2007 when the stars were alligned, now is a nonpass catching back in a pass happy offense. Percy Harvin? lol DMAse? What, is he 40 yet? Pennington? Once the magic wears off of last season, he will be where he normally is, with a backup breathing down his neck (Henne) If your league is so dumb, you should try pulling some trades for some of your garbage.
  10. joefry

    My 1st four rounds in PPR (top 48) players

    That is a pretty interesting mock for ppr. Myself, I don't know where I am picking, but I am strongly considering going wr/wr this year. The Rbs are too much of a crapshoot.
  11. joefry

    Derrick Ward

    Gruden is no longer the coach in TB so I really don't think any loyalties will apply. Even if he was there, any coach would be an idiot to play a better player less due to some sort of percieved loyalty. I can't think of any coaches that currently do that.
  12. joefry

    Is this ethical? Douchebaggery?

    lol...youshould try and manuver to play the crappier team...he clearly has a team that is worse in every way.
  13. joefry

    Jacobs or Ward

    If he is good enough to play at all he will get normal carries. If he is an injury risk, my guess is that he will not play at all and Bradshaw will get a heap of carries. Ward is a good play regardless, as you know that the GMen are going to try and run as much clock as possible.
  14. joefry

    Jacobs Says He May Not Play...

    Bradshaw will get Jacobs carries. BA is a free agent next year...it would be good for the Gmen to see what they have in Bradshaw. Believe me, if the giants can aviod having to pay someone 30 million, they will try to avoid it. If he is dinged up, my guess is that they will sit him.
  15. joefry

    Warrick Dunn (at DET)

    Usually, when something such as this in Fantasy Football seems obvious it ends up blowing up in your face. Tampa is pretty ripe for a loss...feeling pretty good at 7 - 3. Detroit is eventually going to put something together...every year there are teams that start out 0 and whatever, and everyone declares 0 - 16. I'm just saying that Tampa is a good, but certainly not great team. They are a 2nd teir playoff contender. Same class as AZ, GB, Min, Wash, Phil, Chi, N.O, Car, Atl...any one of those teams could concievably lose to detroit if they are not ready to play. Also, when teams are this bad they do alot of unpredictable things to mix it up...they play scrubs who havn't had a chance, they run wierd plays that normal teams don't run, go for it on 4th down alot of the time, etc... Also, it is not like Warrick Dunn is a young stud who is hard to bring down. The dude is in his 30s, my guess is that some scrub rb will get half the carries this week if they can prepare them.