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  1. abstrakt

    Worst QB You Ever Saw In FF Superbowl

    I won w/David Carr a few yrs ago, when LJ took over for Priest midseason and put up his monster numbers. I had LJ who single-handedly won the title for me...Carr just came along for the ride
  2. abstrakt

    Cutler is replacing Eli Manning

    wow that is crazy...i guess i'm part of the 73%...come on cutler
  3. abstrakt


    Perfect example was last week, his one catch for 43...he was caught at the one or two yard line and that's how Dunn got his TD. If only his fat ass could have dove or run faster...
  4. abstrakt

    Marvin Harrison Imploding?

    Nice read from SI regarding Colts team chemistry: link
  5. abstrakt


    Eli is turning into a bust for me, after starting the season on a tear...he's falling apart in front of my eyes and my backup QB that I drafted was Bledsoe...so yes, my QB situation is now in shambles. Chambers has been disappointing as well...I hate my team
  6. abstrakt

    Marvin Harrison

    my 2nd round pick and i F'IN love this guy
  7. abstrakt

    A-Train or Addai

    He had 40+ yds and the TD against the Pats D in NWE. I think that's respectable. Teams can't stack the line against him b/c of Manning. Who's scared of Losman and now he probably won't have Josh Reed as an option this wknd either. Addai had 80+ the two weeks prior to last week against WSH and DEN. I think he'll outplay A-Train this wknd
  8. abstrakt

    Boldin's Value - What's he worth?

    ever since the monday night chicago debacle, the offense/leinart have not looked the same...i'm worried about boldin's production. hopefully the return of fitz helps him
  9. abstrakt

    Who's Benching Ronnie Brown vs Da Bears?

    I will be starting Brown and Chambers against the Bears b/c of the bye
  10. abstrakt

    Line up strategy

    I think a solid core of say 3 players (QB/ 1 RB/ 1 WR) should be competitive. My team is in my sig and I don't have any of the points studs from this season. I feel as though my team is pretty balance expcept at RB but I think a lot of people are struggling w/their backfields b/c of the RBBC approach many teams are taking this yr. I think your team is decent...your 3rd WR depends on QB situation (Losman/Hasselbeck/Wallace). Have your games been close this yr? I'm 5-2 but my point differential this season is 52. Most of my games have been nailbiters...I have been fortunate enough to be on the winning side. If your games are close I would tough it out
  11. abstrakt

    Buy Chambers NOW

    Mularky is a HUGE reason as to why the Dolphins O sucks...How does Ronnie finish a game w/15 carries and 2 touches in the 4th quarter of 4 point game against GB last week. Hopefully, when they move Chambers around following the bye he will be able to produce more, but I'm not holding my breath. I drafted him in the 4th round hoping he would be a stud this yr...I have obviously been sorely disappointed.
  12. abstrakt

    Addai vs Rhodes

    Couldn't agree w/you more. Luckily I still won in the league that I own him
  13. abstrakt

    Who had the sack to start Leon Washington?

    I sat him for Ronnie B, Freddy T and Jones-Drew(Flex)...yea, I lost...
  14. abstrakt

    maroney or mo-mo

    I'm a former Maroney owner and huge fan, just traded him to upgrade my WRs. I think he has been more effective splitting carries than Morris has w/the starting job in place of SA. Leave Maroney in the lineup