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  1. Herbivore

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    I said it in another thread, but Durant will never live down the decision to join GS. I don't hate the guy, and think he is a great player, but it was just the weakest move of all time.
  2. Herbivore

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Ellish..heard 2 of her songs last night. One was a Tiesto remix on BPM, wifey(36Cf) said she liked it, flipped over to Coffee House, and another came on that was quite good. I'm not sure of her typical sound but talented and can sing for sure.
  3. Herbivore

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Dido in June The National and Courtney Barnett a few days after Dido Iron Maiden in early August?
  4. but they're banning the cameras and constant monitors...right?
  5. Herbivore

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs **Official** Thread

    just saw this...hand pass for sure.
  6. Herbivore

    I'm sure CNN will ..

    I know how bad you all would like that, but no one goes below W. He is/was the worst.
  7. Herbivore

    I'm sure CNN will ..

    I'm not a fan of Trump, but have said, he's doing better than I thought. One friend said he was the worst, I replied as long as he doesn't get us into a bs war he can never go below W.
  8. Herbivore

    I'm sure CNN will ..

    don't go against the mob Volty
  9. Herbivore

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs **Official** Thread

    I was at a bar in PA a few months ago. Started talking sports with the guy next to me. Told him I was a Pats fan, and he was going on and on about how lucky the Pats were, they cheat, and how they always get the calls, Tuck rule yadda yadda. He was a Rams fan, so I asked him if the Rams ever got any calls. Bs lose tonight.
  10. Herbivore

    NBA Draft Lottery

    which is why they need Zion the most..
  11. that still doesn't make removing facial recognition socialist. if anything, its a libertarian stance. though Timmy Smith is right, it ain't going away.
  12. Herbivore

    NBA Draft Lottery

    If it went to the Lakers every on the planet should thinks its fixed. What I mean about NY is that they do still care, and will continue to care. http://www.espn.com/nba/attendance
  13. Herbivore

    NBA Draft Lottery

    I don't think its rigged in general, I imagine it has happened. However, radio guys were talking conspiracies and said that NO and Memphis are in the worst financial shape in the league. Getting a boost for them was pretty important. Knicks ain't going anywhere, but NO and Memphis could fold if things keep going south. Whether its in NO, Memphis, or if they would move either franchise it would really help to have a marquee player.