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  1. Herbivore

    Divisional Round weekend predictions

    that was a fumble, or grounding at least
  2. Herbivore

    Wherefore art thou Grape Soda?

    Pineapple soda is good. I like fake grape though too.
  3. Herbivore

    Will Kevin McCarthy become Speaker? Looks like yes.

    Its pretty awesome lying on the beach on an island for hours. sure, you're going to do some other stuff too.
  4. Herbivore

    Top 3 albums favorites all time

    So many possibilities..hard to pick just 3. Basing this off many things..how much I like it now, when I first heard it, how often I go back to it, influence over other music I like.. Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica The Cure - Disintegration The National - Boxer Others in the conversation..Iron Maiden - Killers, Slayer - Reign in Blood, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Beastie Boys - Check Your Head, Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream, Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been, Built to Spill - Perfect from Now On
  5. Herbivore

    The most annoying word that's become popular

    ha..yes, good call
  6. Herbivore

    The most annoying word that's become popular

    my wife started using "hot minute" recently, I asked her to stop
  7. Herbivore

    At what age are you too old to post here?

    I'll be 52 in a few weeks. Been around as a guest since 99, that was mostly for FF research. Joined for the Geek Club in 03 I think. This has been the only site I have ever posted at or joined at all. I hope it, and we all, sticks around till I die. I appreciate most geeks perspectives. As more of a lefty, I like that it leans more to the right, and that I get some specific righty news takes.
  8. Herbivore

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    I don't like your chances
  9. Herbivore

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    the waiver wire shouldnt be useless and it mostly is
  10. Herbivore

    Greek Yogurt, Like Or Not ?

    yogurt is gross
  11. Herbivore

    Soccer journalist Grant Wahl died in qatar.

    saw that as a joke..
  12. Herbivore

    48 Hrs. released 40 years ago...

    Sequel was great too
  13. Herbivore

    Soccer journalist Grant Wahl died in qatar.

    the only one who brought this up is that moron craftsman...you running with it in anyway puts you in moron territory.
  14. Ahh, thank you. she only got 18 months, that seems quite low.