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  1. Herbivore

    Donald Trump blasts Robert De Niro

    ha..love your posts ray.
  2. Herbivore

    Donald Trump blasts Robert De Niro

    ha..join me? YOU denigrated actors.
  3. Herbivore

    Donald Trump blasts Robert De Niro

    I find it more funny that people no where near as successful like to cry about people with a platform. Your platform is here Ray. For Deniro, he will be presenred an award and given a Mic.
  4. Herbivore

    Mass Shootings Maine

    Part time Mainer here. Lewiston is not rural. It is about 1.5 hrs from Maine rural.
  5. Herbivore

    Were you bullied as a child?

    No. I little sports hazing though. A Sr. tried to get me to eat a dog biscuit at the players meeting at football camp cause I got yelled at for taking my helmet off and wiping the sweat off my head. I refused, older friends backed me up.
  6. Herbivore

    What Animal Would Like To Be Incarnated As

    Finding Nemo makes being a Sea Turtle pretty cool
  7. Herbivore

    COVID shots: How many have you received?

    1, I work in healthcare, needed it to attend conferences. Got Covid last month for, I think, the first time. 5 days of fever, soreness, and lethargy. It sucked. I haven't gotten a flu shot in 30 years.
  8. Herbivore

    Sound of Freedom

    he is not even the worst..seaturd, jonmx(lately), eternalgloryhole..just constant nonsense
  9. she was probably just doing all this on her own...
  10. Herbivore

    Sound of Freedom

    doesnt check out
  11. Herbivore

    Sound of Freedom

    I know. just pointing out his nonsense.
  12. Herbivore

    Sound of Freedom

    come on, who?
  13. Herbivore

    Sound of Freedom

    name the left poster here who does this.
  14. Herbivore

    Beastie Boys…quite ill

    Check Your Head is my favorite.