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  1. was Confucius pro execution?
  2. too late guys. Macy Gray has declared it, and so it shall be.
  3. Herbivore

    Ahmaud Arbery

    I imagine you said the same thing about Drejka. These 2 are going down, and they deserve it.
  4. Herbivore

    9-0 supreme court win for good guys

    I'm good with this..cake should make the cake
  5. Herbivore

    Name Someone that you Genuinely Hate.

    its from a South Park episode Pennie
  6. Herbivore

    Slowly normalizing pedophilia

    that was amazing..in a bad way
  7. Herbivore

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Don't recall any missing items from the construction site, but remember these guys had a gun stolen from their car, I think 6 weeks earlier. Don't believe AA had a history, people shared a video of him parked in a park, on the grass, while maybe smoking some grass. Cops spoke to him, and he was a bit of a pain about it. like why are you harrasing me.
  8. Herbivore

    Ahmaud Arbery

    the last line in your post said for unlawful purpose..that is why I wrote what I did.
  9. Herbivore

    Ahmaud Arbery

    so AA was not trespassing
  10. Herbivore

    Muffin v cupcake

    this...and at 50 not much a fan of frosting. Muffin please.
  11. "NK is crazy, but not this crazy", sounds like this NK plant is trying to normalize NK.
  12. Herbivore

    Hunter Biden's art is worth up to $500K a pop

    Hunter Biden painting produced while high on crack sells for $1 Million!!
  13. I don't think you guys are gonna make it to 2024. It is funny watching you sky scream yourselves.
  14. Herbivore

    Ahmaud Arbery

    that is clever
  15. Herbivore

    The Toyota

    do you guys complain about having to put gas in your car?