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  1. FFer

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Finally something going my way. I have Ekler and my opponent has Hill. Speedy recovery to you.....just not this game.
  2. FFer

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 11

    Hill to get injured.
  3. FFer

    Jacob Hollister

    Picked him up. Thank God bc that Everett just pooped the bed.
  4. FFer

    Bears at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    In the same boat. Another close loss bc of shite like this.
  5. FFer

    Bears at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    I saw Everett was active but is he gonna see the field? Maybe he is getting the DJ treatment. SOB!!!
  6. Brutal. If you haven’t dropped DJ, I guess this is confirmation to do so.
  7. FFer


    Burned again this week. Guess I will just have to leave him in there after week 12. Chasing pts is killing me.
  8. FFer

    Broncos vs Vikes. WTH is going on?

    Thanks. Dropped that useless Cousins but wasn’t expecting a stinker from Cook.
  9. Is Kirk crapping the bed or is Denver’s that good?
  10. FFer

    FU week 10

    Fu Zimmer for pulling out Cook after a big play close to the end zone.
  11. FFer

    Vikings at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    This must be the week not to feed stud RBs.
  12. FFer

    FU week 10

    Fu me for not starting Cousins bc of his propensity to suck in prime time. Fu Rudolph.
  13. FFer

    FU week 10

    FU Saints. Really??!! The Falcons D. F everybody who said “play all the Saints”.
  14. FFer

    FU week 10

    This guy will be riding the bench. May be WW material.