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  1. FFer

    Jones the new QB in New York

    After after last night, the Jets.
  2. Browns look good on paper but worried that Baker will crap the bed again.
  3. Do you always play your first rounders regardless of matchup? I got other options at flex (1 pt PPR). Diggs, A Rob, D. Walker.
  4. FFer

    Week2 Streaming Defenses

    Dropped Philly. Going with Browns this week and stashing Dallas for next week.
  5. FFer

    Roethlisberger or Cousins

    I would lean towards Cousins especially with Ben's road issues in the past. I have a similar issue.
  6. Gotta start one. I am leaning Cousins as I think his ceiling is higher. Guess it may depend on what Julio does. I also have D Cook and Diggs in my lineup. Typically don't like putting all eggs in one basket.
  7. So glad that you are so much smarter than the rest of us. Will make sure I ask you if my next post is well timed.
  8. FFer

    Saints at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    It's either this or the news reminding me that my 401k is in the crapper.
  9. FFer

    Saints at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    Not that it matters for FF purposes but just think they get to play again in a couple of weeks. I hope it's not on TV.
  10. FFer

    Saints at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    I know the Saints play at home next week but I may seriously have to consider starting Mayfield vs Cincy. This crapping the bed is getting old.
  11. FFer

    Eagles at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    This Rams offense is killing Greg the leg.
  12. Ben gets sacked and gets called for grounding. Genius. They should that all day.
  13. And why they don't trust Samuels? Is it just b/c Tomlin is an idiot.
  14. I am streaming them but not confident at all. Other option is to stream the Hawks D. Thoughts??
  15. Thanks. My house of cards team is about to fall. Just about every player on my team has some "issue". Ertz with Foles at the helm, Cook/Diggs with OC fired, Connor not playing. From the super bowl to the toilet bowl. I guess this should be week 15 FU.