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  1. n_omarley

    Rams/ Boys

    seriously. What's the deal here?
  2. n_omarley

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    The two teams that had the same record over 16 weeks are playing a winner-take-all head-to-head match Unfortunately, I'll be without most of my best players
  3. n_omarley

    Conner week 17

    Sounds like he might be rested this week
  4. n_omarley

    Conner week 17

    homers, what do you say? Need to know if I can roll with him or not. other options include: McCaffrey D. Williams Mack McGuire Martin Gus Howard as you can tell, I'm great at picking up mediocre RB's
  5. n_omarley

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    we play a 16 week non-playoff format. this week serves as a rare tie-breaker now I'm sweating McCaffrey, Conner, & M. Thomas
  6. n_omarley

    TE Trash Pile

    I'm going with Herndon (NYJ) over Brate, just because I know I will be watching the Packer game.
  7. n_omarley


    great thread you have going here, OP
  8. n_omarley

    Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

    I had to choose from the same batch. I went boom/bust with Zay
  9. Packers are running many 2 wr 2 te sets. MVS is not on the field for these sets. ESB has passed him up
  10. no trade should ever be vetoed
  11. n_omarley

    Fournette value?

    Just (15 minutes ago) traded Fournette, Yeldon, and D. Jax for A. Thielen I might have given up too much, but I have Hunt & Connor, and felt like going all in.
  12. n_omarley

    Indy TEs

    I packaged Ebron and Smallwood for Gronk. Pretty happy about that
  13. n_omarley

    Matt Stafford

    I drafted Wentz as my 1, Stafford as my 2. I lived with Stafford when Wentz was out, then swtiched to Wentz. With Wentz on bye this week, I cut Stafford for Fitz
  14. n_omarley

    anyone know when players on bye get locked?

    do I need to drop him in the next 5 minutes?