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  1. today32

    Bronco homers w/ Royal hurt/maybe out

    Bump... I too have the same question... Royal will probably play, but will he give up his kickoff return duties this week? Does anyone have a friend going to the game? Maybe they could phone in a report from the stadium telling us if Royal is taking kickoffs/punts in pre-game warmups. The Jets have been giving up 6-7 kickoff returns over the last several weeks, so 150+ return yards from Royal would make him a must play. Without those return yards, he could end up being a 3 point dud like he was last week =(
  2. today32

    Chargers final play !

    According to the play by play, the ruling was an illegal forward pass from LT to Chambers. NFL Network is showing highlights on this game after the commercial break, so we'll get a chance to look at it.
  3. I noticed the same thing when seeing highlights the other day and wondered why they didn't mention his hustle.
  4. The past two weeks, we've played Detroit and Cincy. Their secondaries aren't good, so Shaub's first and second reads were open nearly every time. That being the case, there weren't many check down opportunities for Slaton. I think you'll see 4-6 receptions from Slaton/Green this week against Minny.
  5. Just finished listening to a radio program on the Cardinals website and they addressed this issue directly (75% of the way through). Steve said he's keeping all return duties in additional to his increased WR workload. They also said that the coach wanted to stick with Steve, so it looks like he might have a nice week for those leagues that count return yardage.
  6. Has anyone read anything that says Breaston will or will not continue to return punts and kickoffs now that he's in the #2 WR role?
  7. Anyone know of a site that lists all the trades involving a given player? I think yahoo has it, but it's part of the premium package. I'd like to see trades involving SJax, as I'm thinking about offering Steve Smith for him. Thanks!
  8. today32

    Wk 1 DEF waiver wire gems

    Buffalo defense at home vs. the beat up Seahawks. I also like Philly at home vs. STL as my #2 option.
  9. Last call, 1 spot left...
  10. Just need 4 now, 90 minutes until the draft...
  11. Still need 5 more, draft is about 3 hours away...
  12. Thanks Law, 'preciate the help =) 5 more spots to go...
  13. today32

    Waiver Wire Defense - Week 1

    Considering the team defenses that are most likely on the waiver wire, what matchups look good for week 1? This is always tough week one, but gets easier to pick as the year goes on and you can identify who the crappiest offenses are. Thoughts?
  14. Still need 6 more folks...