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    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Let us hope the 2018 James Conner is the De'Angelo Williams of 2015. I cuffed Bell back then, and it worked out pretty well I took Mr. Conner in the 16th, and 14th round in two leagues. I kept waiting for the Bell owners to pull the trigger, but the 1st round Bell owners were oblivious. One owner was giddy to get him at 1.09 in the second draft.... I pulled the trigger on MGIII at 1.08 instead I walked up to the board in the 14th round of the same draft, and told the commish... "I'm gonna do it again" All he did was laugh and say, OK bud, it's about time.... btw...... Bell has to sign the tag before he can be traded. Any mere mortal that can walk from a $885,000 weekly pay check is simply not that (Homer Simpson) SMRT. If holds until week ten, he'll never make the money back....... plus interest, investing it, etc. His agent is an idiot to let this go on.
  2. 2bmayhem

    Big Board(s) 2.0

    The hyperlinks for Doug's new 2.0 big boards posted today are kicking back "page 404 not found" for all three links. Thought I'd let you know.,
  3. 2bmayhem

    The curious case of Robby Anderson

    After losing Antonio Brown, I dropped AB84, and Robby Anderson today. Picked up M.Wallace, and K Cole. Hell of way to go into a championship game.
  4. 2bmayhem

    Jimmy Graham owners, what say you?

    After the last two weeks with a zero, then 0.95 pt stat line I have to bench him.... Going with Evan Engram for the championship game. Had been flexing Engram with good results. Picked up Wallace, and Cole after losing AB84 last week. Going to WR2 & Flex those two, and pray. Hate overthinking chit like this, but I just can't bring myself to start him even though he should be a beast. Here's hoping Hunt, and Hopkins go off again.
  5. Green Bay made him look like Antonio Brown... Did anyone have the huevos to start him?
  6. 2bmayhem

    Championship Game Roster...LET'S SEE EM

    10 team redraft, two QB, 1 point PPR league Won the championship with this squad Carr Luck OBJ Adams Bell Murray Walker Flex Jeffery Kicker Bryant Def Arizona Put up 156.56 in our scoring format
  7. 2bmayhem

    Tyreek Hill in PPR plus 1pt per 10 return yards

    To me a no brainer with PPR and return yards. I'd play him
  8. Lewis.... I have choice but to play Blue, or find a hit, or miss vulture like Turbin
  9. Carr Luck OBJ Bell Murrey D. Walker Flex-Jeffery WW starter Adams
  10. 2bmayhem

    top RB next season

    What is the forum's ranking thoughts on standard scoring vs. PPR leagues? What do the top five look like based on format?
  11. 2bmayhem

    WR help

    Toss up between Montgomery and Diggs. AP is back... for how many touches who knows... Starks is out. Of your bunch Montgomery might present the higher ceiling because he is the Packer's primary back, and they put him out wide. Full disclosure... I am a Packer but have Diggs on both my squads
  12. I have never taken a kicker before the 14th round in a 16 round draft
  13. 2bmayhem

    LeVeon going to roll again?

    Let's roll the clock back 5-10 years.... NEVER bench your (insert f-bomb) studs.
  14. I drafted Tucker in both my leagues. Have Matt Bryant, and Tucker now, after bye weeks and all. Dude has been money this year. My leagues do points bonus for yardage increments making the position relevant.
  15. It so depends on your scoring format. I use Mike's draft buddy with good success (value drafting), and I tend to take less WW moves than the other teams in my leagues. This year I am in first in both leagues, and locked in money. Two years ago I was in the "pizza" and buying everyone pizza for the following years draft. You can't predict IR..... To answer your question,,, I went RB RB in one league, and WR QB in another. In the WR QB league I managed to get Deangelo Williams, and LeVeon Bell...... Not on everyone's radar at draft time at those rounds. Turns out it was money. I am destroying the next guy in regular season points for our particular scoring formats. Means jack chit in the playoffs..... One bad week....
  16. 2bmayhem

    Carr or Bortles?

    Help!!!! 2QB league Big Ben is my other starter
  17. 2bmayhem

    Zero RB theory

    Curious for those that drafted that way..... your record so far?
  18. 2bmayhem

    2QB leagues and the options tab

    Mike, What would you suggest adjusting the baseline factor for a 2 QB league? QB's 4 per TD, and 1 per 30 yds pass, and 1 per 15 yds rush The rest of the scoring is typical PPR. I went with median player drafted as a base
  19. 2QB league. 4pts per TD 1pt for 30 yards
  20. 2bmayhem

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    AJ Green for 2.85 points
  21. 2bmayhem

    Odell Beckham is a disgrace - 1 Game Suspension

    That's gonna hurt....... My championship is in the hands of Sammy Watkins
  22. 2bmayhem

    Mike a Q about DB ADP data

    Basically how is it compiled for DB, and does it account for 2 QB leagues?
  23. 2bmayhem

    How does your league negative score

    Offense INT -1 Fumble -2 Defense Points Allowed 28-34 points -1 Points Allowed 35+ points -4 tana.... interesting idea on the pick 6