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  1. Decimator

    PPR Pick 2 Players Please

    Kenyan Drake Chase Edmonds Chris Carson Kareem Hunt Myles Gaskin Jeff Wilson
  2. Decimator

    Herbert or Hurts

    I also have both of the JH's. Herbert has been great for me so it hurts me to say... I gotta bench him and go with the dual threat of Jalen Hurts.
  3. Decimator

    Which 4?

    It's PPR.
  4. Decimator

    Which 4?

    DJ Moore, DJ Chark, Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, Robert Woods, Jakobi Meyers. I have all of these guys similarly ranked and I keep going back and forth on who to go with. How would you rank them for this week?
  5. Decimator


    So now what do you do if you have both Claypool and Johnson? Flip a coin?
  6. Decimator

    Which talented rookie gets the axe?

    Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking. I love Raegor's upside but he's barely played and Aiyuk has already shown his skill. Too bad the 49er QB's suck.
  7. Decimator

    Which talented rookie gets the axe?

    Well it's a 12 team league. I currently have 1 QB but he's unexpectedly on bye this week so I need another. I had planned on only holding 1 TE (Fant) but he's injured so I had to get a second. Another option I could go with is drop my QB (Herbert) for another QB but most teams have multiple QB's so not very good options available and I like Herbert. Or I could drop another rookie, Zack Moss but I still think he could end up being good later and I'm deeper at WR than RB.
  8. So I'm deep at WR and want to keep these guys but unfortunately due to bye week, someone has to go. Who should I drop (and why)? Brandon Aiyuk or Jalen Raegor? All opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Decimator

    Swift, Lewis or Wilson?

    2-2-1. That sure clears things up lol Nevertheless, thanks for the replies.
  10. Decimator

    Swift, Lewis or Wilson?

    How would you rank these three for this week? PPR. Deandre Swift Dion Lewis Jeff Wilson Thanks.
  11. Decimator

    Tate or Erickson

    If you had a gun to your head and had to pick one of these Bungle WRs which one would it be?
  12. Decimator

    Pick 1 QB for Terrible Streaming Week

    I have to start Stafford too. I'm not real happy about it but I choose him over those options. Good news is his next couple matchups are pretty good.
  13. Decimator

    Weak WR week

    This bye week is rough for me. I can go with Robby Anderson vs NE, Allen Lazard vs OAK or Jakobi Meyers vs NYJ, Yikes. I was thinking Lazard would be a good option this week but now it looks like MVS and Allison might play. Any input? Thanks.
  14. Decimator

    Robinson or Tate

    Do you start Demarcus Robinson or Auden Tate this week? What say you?
  15. Decimator

    Dak or Lamar Jackson

    I think Jackson is safe because he's basically guaranteed a bunch of rushing yards and has gotten at least 18 points every week but I'd still lean towards Dak this week as he has the superior match-up.