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  1. jpcdds

    2023 Keepers discussion

    Tough call but Etienne or Pierce for me. Based on offenses I would probably lean TE.
  2. jpcdds

    Saturday: Colts at Vikings

    Taylor took a hit. Came up wincing. Ankle i bet
  3. jpcdds

    Tee Higgins Week 14

    Yep. May have cost me a playoff spot.
  4. jpcdds

    The New York Jets

    Or Gardner Minshew
  5. jpcdds

    Trades in a keeper league

    I think it’s a BS trade. Jefferson is a stud and his situation and status on the Vikings is known. Pollard isn’t as valuable as him now and nobody has a crystal ball of where he will end up.or if the team he plays for has any RB value. Maybe KC signs him and that’s a cluster fudge for RBs. Jefferson is considered the top 1-3 players at his position. Pollard might be too 10-15 right now. Can he handle a full load of carrie’s for 17 games? Nobody knows. That is “almost” like trading Alexander Mattison for Diggs. He has been great as the number 2 and when he starts he’s really good almost great at times. Both guys are FAs Next year. Pollard is considered a better RB I get it but would you allow that?
  6. jpcdds

    Last minute ask

    Oops!!!!! ugh
  7. jpcdds

    Week 10 bold breakout prediction

    Damn dude 2 bombs
  8. jpcdds

    Last minute ask

  9. jpcdds

    Last minute ask

    Taylor vs Kamara. TD heavy league
  10. jpcdds

    Dak or Geno this week?

    I have the same dilemma. I’m playing Dak on upside. But knowing me I’ll be wrOng!
  11. It amazes me that this offense really has only 2 viable lock starters every week. Maybe JuJu in a PPR league. I know the skill sets are similar between Toney and Hill. No I’m not saying Toney is Hill…. Nobody is. The question is can he fill his role well enough to put up 80% of his stats in KC which would make him a roster lock? Thx
  12. jpcdds

    Frank Reich out as Colts HC

    Organizational failure but Reich’s play calling has been brutal. Especially near the end zone. He’s the easiest culprit to get rid of.
  13. jpcdds

    Bellinger or Otton

    Appreciate the input. I have andrews. But was looking for some long term value or trade bait if either of those guys gets studly this year.
  14. jpcdds

    Bellinger or Otton

    Yeah i know. There are so few worthy. Trying to see what everyone’s thoughts are on the next Andrews/Kelce