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  1. jpcdds

    Raiders retain their interim head coach

    As they should…
  2. jpcdds

    Rashee Rice

    Surprised he hasn’t been a topic of conversation. Are we looking at a top 5 guy for the foreseeable future? Dudes been a stud the last 4 weeks and has put together one solid if bot spectacular rookie season. Thoughts?
  3. jpcdds

    Need WR advice

    In a NON-PPR TD HEAVY league. Minimal yardage points. I have Aiyuk, Nacua and Rice. All with good to great matchups. I need to pick 2?
  4. jpcdds

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Packers - Wk13

    Love how KC keeps Rice on the sidelines. It’s a perfect way not to score TDs.
  5. jpcdds

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Chiefs - Wk11

    Rice could be a stud. If……
  6. jpcdds


    OMG really? Did you not get that the capital letters were in quotes? “YOUR” something special! Or do I need to explain this one too? Can’t make this up….
  7. jpcdds


    Again. “YOUR” weak almost silly. I’m embarrassed for you. Almost.
  8. jpcdds


    When you try to act big…. You just look small. I know it’s tough being you but the rest of the world can’t wait for you to catch up. When you actually grow some hair on you balls I would be open to an adult conversation. Until then… Enjoy puberty!
  9. jpcdds


    Yeah okay bro. A stratus is way too good for You. Love when the weasels grammatically check you and have nothing of substance to say. Spellcheck gets all of us dude. Grow up.
  10. jpcdds


    Obviously your a moron that doesn’t understand the emotions of what those kids and that staff went through this past week. Announcing the suspension when they’re on a plane. If the B1G wanted to hurt Michigan they should have suspended James Franklin. At least we know the man gives a $hit and cares about his boss and his kids. You’re just a triggered nameless faceless DB being a keyboard hero. Also, how you could conflate an emotional head coach with the quality of the SEC says a lot.
  11. jpcdds

    Plethora of RBs

    Well. The obvious choice is BR. Now watch him go for 125 and 2 tds.
  12. jpcdds

    TNF Discussion: Broncos @ Chiefs - Wk6

    Also never watching a KC game again. Swift has a cardboard cutout now? Done. The NFL and Prime can suck it.
  13. jpcdds

    TNF Discussion: Broncos @ Chiefs - Wk6

    So i suppose QBs now get the head first slide too? According to Mahomes anyways. WTF?
  14. jpcdds

    Cooper Kupp AND Puka Nacua Owners...

    I’m gonna ride Puka. Until I see vintage Kupp, he (Nacua) may continue to be their #1. Cooper has battled the injury bug for a couple years now and even when he gets healthy I don’t see why both can’t flourish with Stafford at QB.
  15. jpcdds

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Jets

    I’m going to stop watching Chiefs games. Don’t need to see Taylor Swift after every Kelce catch or KC score. Enough with these BS “stars”