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  1. FuriousB

    Dynasty Leagues

    Is there a way to adjust the rankings based on dynasty leagues (just starting or only rookies)? Thank You
  2. FuriousB

    Draft Spiller or Megatron (PPR w keepers ) HELP!

    Take a look to see which you think will score more based on your league settings. If you take Megatron #1 you are assuming you will get #1 scoring WR and then your pick at the turn is RB/WR. Depending on how your leaguemates draft you would expect to be around the #18RB and #7WR. So Megatron/Lynch/#18RB/#7WR (just guessing on which #RB/WR will be available) vs. taking Spiller/Lynch/#7WR/#8WR. Try to figure out which scenario will give you the most value from those 4 picks.
  3. FuriousB

    TD Distance

    Mike, when we have bonus points for TD distance scoring do we only add the bonus points in the QB Passing TD Distance Scoring or the full amount of the TDs for each distance? Example: 8 points for TDs from 10-29 yards, do we put '2' in the distance columns or '8'? Thanks.