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  1. taco breath

    Best fish You enjoy?

    chicken of the sea.
  2. taco breath

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    c0ck size?
  3. taco breath

    Lily from AT&T commercials is ...

    im still on the aids bandwagon.
  4. taco breath

    Ever worry this site may fade away?

    Fbg, baby.
  5. taco breath

    Kirill Kaprizov

    Can size?
  6. taco breath

    Spin off: Fave 80s arcade games

    Back when my buddy hef was still alive, he used to let me crash on his couch and play this game for free https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/playboy/gallery That's me, out of frame on right. Promo Pic 8.
  7. taco breath

    Spin off: Fave 80s arcade games

    Don't feel bad there are plenty of other truth stretchers on this site. Dingbat comes to mind.
  8. taco breath

    Best fish You enjoy?

  9. taco breath

    Spin off: Fave 80s arcade games

    Anyone know of any good free emulator sites I know they're out there
  10. taco breath

    the pledge of allegiance

    While we're on this subject, let's talk about the national anthem. You got to stand on your feet, take off your hat, put your hand on your heart, shut up, mime the words, look at the flag, put out your cigarette, put your c0ck back in your pants, and for god sakes don't get down on your knees to puke from drinking all day. Rediculas.
  11. taco breath

    Dynasty Rankings

    I prefer to win now, but that's just me.
  12. taco breath

    Spin off: Fave 80s arcade games

    Asteroids, defender, joust but pinball was King.
  13. taco breath

    Pepe Le Pew: See ya...

    Madonna was controversial and reinvented herself.
  14. taco breath

    GME - Gamestop Stock up $70 today to 148

    Don't sweat it, it's probably made up anyway.
  15. taco breath

    Heading to Burger King 👑

    Not me.