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  1. taco breath

    Favorite Song - ZZ Top

  2. taco breath

    YAY!!! The US leads all countries in Corona cases!! YAY

    worst president ever.
  3. taco breath

    Odds that digby returns?

    he is much better as a lurker anyway.
  4. taco breath

    Why are people still hoarding toilet paper?

    more retards, you can't drink frozen milk.
  5. recently, i found tecmo bowl at my local pawn shop.
  6. taco breath

    FBG ripping on Geek Club

    dont forget, he shut down the Test Forum. the riff raff found it and were trading drugs and child porn. prolly for the better. running a website is harder than you guys think.
  7. taco breath

    FBG ripping on Geek Club

    who are you?
  8. i could use the money. but i am a little worried about my immune system.
  9. taco breath

    FBG ripping on Geek Club

  10. taco breath

    Whitney Houston Hologram Tour?