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  1. taco breath

    Forearm Tradition

    RULE #2 no one cares how long you have been on this site!
  2. taco breath

    ***College Football Championship ***

    who's playing?
  3. taco breath

    1st Wedding Anniversary - Thinking Phoenix

    chicago is great this time of year.
  4. taco breath

    Julian Edelman arrested

  5. taco breath

    RIP Neil Peart

  6. taco breath

    Did Cheers ever get bad?

    gilligan's island held up better over time.
  7. my favorite sign: 'free beer tomorrow'.
  8. taco breath

    Titans @ Ravens: AFC Divisional Round

    did he chew the leaf style that produced lots of spit, or was he more of a cope man?
  9. on second thought, i have several stories. some involve fireworks.
  10. taco breath

    Paging Volty and TBBOM

    pm down?