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  1. taco breath

    Division Title Game next week....

    lol my bad i thought the regular season just ended. but still, that's where we are rn.
  2. taco breath

    Division Title Game next week....

    i got: 1 10-3 neckbeards 2 9-4 conrad (1897) 3 9-4 4077 (1771) 4 9-4 infidels (1649) 5 8-5 sweater 6 7-6 professor
  3. taco breath

    Division Title Game next week....

    very cool, indeed. looks like the beards are beating conrad for the elway division and #1 seed. also 4077 and inf are losing to tie conrad at 9-4 for 2nd best record. bitches have more points than they do. who gets #2 seed?
  4. taco breath

    Wtf Dobbs

    min chokes the playoffs every time.
  5. PUBLISHED FRI NOV 17 5:45:14 A.M. MT 2023 (fantasypros) Tanner Hudson secured all four of his targets for 49 yards in Thursday's 34-20 loss to the Ravens. Analysis: Hudson has suddenly become a steady contributor in the Bengals' passing game. He led the team in receiving yards Thursday night, though that certainly had much to do with Joe Burrow exiting early due to injury. Hudson has now come up with at least four receptions in each of the last three weeks, totaling 14 catches for 127 yards overall in that span. His fantasy value is trending up, but he is really only a bench option in standard formats.
  6. taco breath

    Happy Steve Irwin Day

    when did that tiger guy die?
  7. taco breath

    Everyone is available

    ive missed several offers this year because they dont show up on the league website. they need a popup or something telling owners where a trade has been offered. i guess i will have to check 'trades' regularly. why do you want rodgers if you are trying to rebuild?
  8. taco breath

    For those teams in first

    back up as many starters as you can.
  9. taco breath

    Greatest sports crowd rituals

    A FEMALE football fan has caused quite a stir after flashing her boobs to celebrate a goal. Carla Garza has gone viral for lifting up her shirt and exposing her breasts in response to a Tigres UANL goal in Friday's match against Pachuca. https://www.the-sun.com/sport/football/6476086/mexico-fan-breast-celebration-tigres/
  10. taco breath

    Bears' players likey Bagent...

    better have white.
  11. taco breath

    Maga douche attempts to murder protester

    took me read 2 posts to figure out this guy is rusty.
  12. taco breath

    The newly crowned Miss Colorado is trans.

    football, trannies or both?
  13. taco breath

    zach wilson, qb, nyj

    looks like he is getting benched. who takes over? which free agent?
  14. taco breath

    Favorite Sports Movie

  15. taco breath

    Are there any multiposition players this year

    swift has been playing wr some.