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  1. da browns

    Superflex Suck

    Flacco - he'll feed Cooper & TEs to catch up. But, I'm a homer for Browns
  2. da browns

    Start Bill's D/ST??

  3. da browns

    Start Bill's D/ST??

    I have the Bills D, but against Mia????? the Bills or pick up KC or Browns?? Thx
  4. da browns


    I have both Kamara & K Williams. I'm starting Kamara
  5. da browns

    Line-up Help

    Alvin & Tutu
  6. da browns

    Bengals or LAR WK8 D

    I hate to say this, but bengals vs browns
  7. da browns

    Trade advice - CMC vs Diggs

    based on your roster, I'd take CMC
  8. da browns

    PPR - Cooks or St. Brown

    I'd like Cooks based on matchup & no Collins. BUT, if he's on trade block, he or a team may not want to risk injury. St. Brown will get plenty of volume. So, Cooks has mor ceiling but maybe low floor. St. Brown is a safer start, I think. good luck
  9. da browns

    QB Rodgers???

    In a 2 QB league, Rodgers is my #2. BUT, start him or pick up Dalton or Fields for this week?? THX
  10. da browns

    RB Help

    Only If swift out, Williams.
  11. da browns

    Considering Setting The Goat For Tua

    If only 1 week, stand pat. Wilson will play most today. Brady ain't chopped liver......
  12. da browns

    TE help, Njoku or Pitts?

    Yes, Njoku. more consistent
  13. da browns

    McCaffrey or Mostert??

    .5 PPR. This is the only week I would ask this question. Full-time Mostert vs Steelers or CMC for a few plays vs KC? Thx
  14. da browns

    Hunt or Henderson??

    In a 1//2 ppr, Hunt vs NYJ or Henderson vs Falcons??? I'm a Browns homer, but........
  15. da browns

    Need a WR2

    YES, DPJ