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  1. da browns

    Hunt or Henderson??

    In a 1//2 ppr, Hunt vs NYJ or Henderson vs Falcons??? I'm a Browns homer, but........
  2. da browns

    Need a WR2

    YES, DPJ
  3. da browns

    Pick 1 - must win

  4. da browns

    Sit Kamara??

    Kamara was great in our ppr scoring when Drew was QB. But, lately, not so much. I have need 2 from Kamara, Montgomery, Gaskin, Gordon. I'm leaning toward Monty vs Lion and Gaskin. Any thoughts?
  5. da browns

    QB Help Week 13

    I'd hate to sit Murray, but if I need to swing for a HR to get into playoffs, I'd try Hill. Mostly because of rushing yards & goal line TDs
  6. da browns

    Start Trubisky over Ryan?

    Yes, go with Mitch
  7. da browns

    Weepaws-anybody else, need QB help

    BUT, if Tua starts, then who? I like Mitch
  8. da browns

    RB Waiver Wire Advice - Pick up David Johnson?

    Heck yes. drop Fournett for DJ
  9. da browns

    Tua or Taysom Hill this week?

    Tua or anyone vs Jets
  10. da browns

    Duke or Shepard at the flex

    Shepard is the safer pick. But, Duke has a big upside but biggest risk based on recent performance. I'm playing Duke as I'm the "underdog" this week due to "dodgy" QBs
  11. da browns

    Hockenson or Andrews?

  12. da browns

    Need a little advice, tough decisions...WR & Flex

    Parker, Cooper, Meyers. I'm not sure Pit will play this week due to Ravens COVID.
  13. da browns

    Flex help. Non PPR RBs

    Gallman this week
  14. da browns


    Hooper Go Browns
  15. da browns

    QB 2: Tannehill or Jones

    Tanny has a tough match vs Colts. Jones is "back" vs Cincy.