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  1. Birdseed

    Stimulus Checks for rich people

    This right here is what brought me back.
  2. Birdseed

    got a girl that won't leave me alone

    Punch her in the gunt.
  3. Birdseed

    Who is the bored alcoholic

    Vouch. And I may be right there with ya.
  4. Birdseed

    Yesterday's Board Grade

    Not sure about yesterday, but it will be better today.
  5. Birdseed

    Jets to try to trade Sanchez and drop Teblow

    I think Vick goes to the Redskins. He will back up RG3 and be able to execute the pistol offense fairly well. Vick ---->
  6. Birdseed

    How old are all you old focks?

    46 - the same age and birthdate as Brinette9. Anybody seen him around?
  7. Birdseed

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    I knew what you meant, but I chuckled at this.
  8. Birdseed

    Anybody have a wood pellet smoker/grill

    Thanks for the input. Upon further research, the main downside to these types of grills is that they may not be able to get hot enough to "sear" a steak. That's not a deal killer for me. I might have to pull the traeger and buy one.
  9. My cousin has this Traeger. It appears that since Traeger's patent ran out, there are plenty of other options out there. Anybody have good/bad experiences with these things? TIA
  10. Birdseed


    Hello, Tommy.
  11. Agreed. Also, I find her kind of hawt in a trashy sort of way. Thoughts?