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  1. cblue

    Finally, some Chargers News

    Chargers need to upgrade their O-line. They need to take Irving (Center) in the first round. RBs are deep this year....
  2. cblue

    More on LT2

    I would take LT in the middle of the 1st. In an injury proned, down year, LT still finished top 10 in rushing yards and total TDs. When you also consider the injury promblems that the o-line and other offensive players had, it was a very good achievement to put up the stats that he did last year. It is ONLY because he is turning 30, that I think he won't be a top 5 RB. I definately feel he will be a top 8 RB this year.
  3. cblue

    Offensive Team Strength for 2009

    Injuries (to Manning and o-line) played a large part in their sub-par offensive performance last year. It doesn't matter who the Coaches are or who is calling the plays becasue Manning does whatever he wants anyways. I think my prediction is closer than your prediction of 7.
  4. cblue

    Offensive Team Strength for 2009

    ARI- 9 ATL- 8 BAL- 5 BUF- 7 CAR- 7 CHI- 6 CIN- 5 CLE- 5 DAL- 8 DEN- 6 DET- 4 GB- 7 HOU- 9 IND- 10 JAC- 8 KC- 5 MIA- 6 MIN- 8 NE- 10 NO- 10 NYG- 9 NYJ- 7 OAK- 2 PHI- 8 PIT- 8 SD- 10 SEA- 6 SF- 6 STL- 5 TB- 5 TEN- 7 WAS- 6
  5. cblue

    Thoughts on Steve Smith (Giants)

    I don't think he will catch 80+ balls in that run based offense and he is not the primary red-zone target when the do pass in goal-line situations. Additionally, drafting a 1st round WR is not a good indicator of any confidence that NYG has in Smith and Hixon.
  6. cblue

    Best Draft Board out there?

    I have used draftkit.com for years- good stuff.
  7. cblue

    Kevin Smith

    I don't know if I would rank him ahead of Westy and Portis, but I could see putting them in the same tier.
  8. J. Lewis- he is on his last leg, won't get goal-line carries, losing other carries to J. Harrison J. Addai- he is a girl L. Johnson- never believed the hype. He can't do it without an o-line and his o-line sucks.
  9. cblue

    Larry English

    He is doing well. There is talk of him possibly playing more than half of the defensive snaps. I think he can beat out S. Philips on the weak-side and if Merriman is back to normal then that defense will be awesome. He is a great pick if you believe that Merriman won't be in SD in 2010. (There is talk that he won't be resigned because AJ won't offer him a big time contract.)
  10. cblue

    Thoughts on QB early....

    Never take a QB in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd
  11. cblue

    My 3 WR sleepers this year

    M. Floyd of the San Diego Chargers.
  12. cblue

    LT vs wessy

    LT- no doubt
  13. cblue

    Early Doucet

    I don't think he will have much of an impact. He is buried in the depth chart. As a rookie, I don't think he is better than the other WR's.