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  1. Of course dude can't admit he focked up the math, also can't admit he can't read either. Immediately jumps to the insult.
  2. Take out, not delivery. Also it was 15%, Mr math.
  3. Got take out pizza tonight, gave $10 on $67. Dude thanked me and threw me extra bread.
  4. Louie Kelcher

    The ***OFFICIAL*** Eagles - Niners NFCCG thread!

    And ironically he's hurt. Look for eli Mitchell to pop off.
  5. See this is what I'm talking about. Saying anything and everything to deny what these people are telling us is in their hearts. Maybe if one of you guys were forced to grow up as girls you would understand.
  6. The science around gender has evolved, as science does, and we all have no problems lying about things in every day lives. The real problem is that people don't like trans people, so they come up with every excuse in the world to make them feel like they are bad. I don't know what's in someone else's heart, or their brains, or their pants for that matter. I have no business speaking for them, just as someone is not gonna tell me that I'm not male.
  7. Keep trying. I laughed at the father for having a tramp stamp, but I never blamed the victim for her assault. You wished that my kids would be raped, still do, so you have zero moral authority forever.
  8. No I didn't, and fock you for saying such a terrible thing. Unlike you, I'm not some piece of sh1t that lies about horrible stuff like this, and then wishes it on others. And the facts of the case you are referring to.... After months in Maryland institutions, Sage bolted, only to resurface in Texas, where she once again had been allegedly trafficked to pedophiles, according to records. https://www.dailywire.com/news/maryland-refused-to-give-back-a-virginia-runaway-because-her-parents-misgendered-her-then-she-was-sex-trafficked-mother-says
  9. Thats not what happened. She ran away from home, twice, and both times was abused, outside of any home. If she got the support she needed at home this wouldn't have happened. Let's not make politics of these horrible abuse stories. I know that you wish sexual abuse on kids, but it's a terrible thing.
  10. Yes it's usually abuse. There was also another case where a mother lost custody of her son after she allowed her son to wear skirts to school, so it goes both ways.
  11. Well thank you, so it's related to schooling. Still, it's a stretch to say that leftists want to remove kids from parents and make them wards of the state, isn't it? It's OK, just say you were using hyperbole.
  12. There are hundreds of reasons why a parent could lose custody of their child. This is not some vast leftist conspiracy to separate kids from parents and making them wards of the state for fock's sake.
  13. Louie Kelcher

    The ***OFFICIAL*** Eagles - Niners NFCCG thread!

    Jalen Hurts is not an elite QB, also he's still hurt. Also Eagles can't stop the run. Look for Shanny to control the game.