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  1. pmoe33

    Moz makes trade

    Hey! I always reply....eventually.
  2. pmoe33

    Not relevant

    So what would the choices for the flex spot be then? Just WR or TE?
  3. pmoe33

    Not relevant

    I know I'm late and my vote doesn't matter, but I'm with Moz on this.
  4. pmoe33


    Nice idea but I already donate enough money to you fools.
  5. pmoe33

    Need a volunteer for a thankless job

    Just a suggestion, but the way a couple guys I draft with is one person will send out their bids to the other owners in a Word doc that is password locked (Tools, Options, Security in MS Word). Once the other guys submit their bids they get the password.
  6. pmoe33

    Round 4

    When can we start free agent pick ups?
  7. pmoe33

    Round 4

    I was torn here. Hoping Frye unseats Dilfer (shoudln't be too hard) at some point this season...at any rate..it is the 4th round so not much risk.
  8. pmoe33

    Round 4

    4.03 Charlie Frye CLV
  9. pmoe33

    Round 3

    Plus, I hear his dad was all right...
  10. pmoe33

    Round 3

    3.03 Roddy White WR ATL
  11. pmoe33

    Uncle Paul

    pmoe33@yahoo.com It's in the bottom of the Contact thread.
  12. pmoe33

    Uncle Paul

    YGM I don't have home internet access right now so I just got your email yesterday. Sorry for making you wait a whole day. It IS March already. We ARE only a month away from NFL Europe starting so I can understand your excitment.
  13. pmoe33

    Who will return?

    I'll be back to donate more cash next year...
  14. pmoe33

    Contact List

    My email is now pmoe33@yahoo.com
  15. pmoe33

    Rookie Draft 4th Round - Finished

    4.1 Ben Watson TE NE