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  1. The Bard

    Better QB rest of the season

    I still like Brady the best out of this group. He didn't have AB the other night and looked just fine.
  2. The Bard

    Gordon gonna be an eagle soon

    NE gets Goedert?
  3. The Bard

    Predictions for Opening Night

    GB puts doubters to rest and wins 30-17 as the Bears and their new D coordinator are one step behind all night.
  4. The Bard

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Teams usually start their best players, they are trying to win afterall.
  5. The Bard

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    I am starting to get a 2018 Royce Freeman kinda vibe from this thread.
  6. I like the guys you listed, some solid players. My draft is not until Wednesday night. Many drafts are done way too early, too much can change in a couple days time. I will report back on Thursday.
  7. The Bard

    Fantasy MVP for 2019

    Shhhh, my draft is Wednesday night.
  8. The Bard

    Dalvin Cook

    I think Mattison would step in and do just as well as Cook.
  9. The Bard

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    I agree, he looked pretty good on the preseason highlights. Quick and fast. On an explosive offense, and a winning team, I think Shady has a damn good year.
  10. The Bard

    Mike@fftoday, do you know who Soilost is?

    He was never here
  11. The Bard

    Gronk to return?

  12. The Bard

    Fantasy MVP for 2019

    Thank you for the clarity, but I stand by my answer.
  13. The Bard

    Fantasy MVP for 2019

    Awesome topic I vote Dalvin Cook
  14. The Bard

    Melvin Gordon update

    Not sure if these teams have the money, but they could use him... Tampa Bay Houston Buffalo Miami
  15. The Bard

    Have you ever won a title when drafting.....

    I bet on average, in redraft leagues, at the end of the year you are starting maybe 40% of your drafted team, maybe. Thats assuming it is a QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX, D, K. That is 9 positions. So that would mean 4 positions roughly. So where did the other 60% come from? WW. I think it is more important. I see the saying you cant win your league in the 1st round of the draft, but you can lose it. No way, unless you really really suck all year on the wire. The numbers do not lie. Draft obvious starters for you sounds obvious, but if you want a Mahomes, or Kelce, in the 1st couple rounds, go for it. Barring injury you will play them every week. Let the wire be your friend for questionable positions. Ya, and no, I am not referring to kickers and defenses, they are no guarantee.