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    QB start this week - tough one

    Hasselbeck all the way. Kitna a "great" option this week? He's a decent option but the Dolphins "D" is playing really good right now. I think they're ranked 6th vs. the pass.
  2. He's been horrible, just curious if anyone sees him turning it around. I need him too.
  3. jdizel


    All you can do is take the a$$ whooping like a man dude
  4. jdizel

    Pick a handcuffing RB for me

    Moore, thanks for answering mine.
  5. jdizel

    Which QB for this week?

    Frye is gone, the only other thing out there is Carr.
  6. jdizel

    Which QB for this week?

    Right now I have Eli and Kitna. Kitna's playing Miami, which would be a bad matchup. Eli just plain sucks, but it's tempting to start him against the Titans. I could pickup Harrington. Any thoughts or ideas?? Will respond, just leave a link
  7. They have playoff spots but are still fighting for their divisons and the # 1 seed in each conference. I don't see any of them resting.
  8. jdizel

    if a team is 4 -6 and another team is 3 - 5- 2

    4-6 is the winning team.
  9. jdizel

    Steve Smith v. Torry Holt

    Let Smith drop off a bit and Holt come back on and everyone will be changing their minds. This is a stupid question cuz everyone is just riding who's hot right now.
  10. jdizel

    Another defense question

    San Diego is my weekly starter, but I don't know how they will do against the Broncos.
  11. jdizel

    Surprise fantsay defense of 2006.

    Miami has been good the last couple of weeks, let's see if they can keep it up. Here's the top 10 in my league: 1. Bears 2. Ravens 3. Chargers 4. Seahawks 5. Eagles 6. Vikings 7. Packers 8. Steelers 9. Giants 10. Falcons
  12. jdizel

    Clay Manning New QB for Bucs!

    Is this for real, or just a realy good joke......???
  13. jdizel

    Clay Manning New QB for Bucs!

    What site do you use?
  14. jdizel

    Clay Manning New QB for Bucs!

    This is all BS, I can't find it anywhere. Damn you!