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  1. dolphindan1

    Penny, Hyde, Jackson

    Yeah sorry Justin Jackson with the Chargers
  2. dolphindan1

    Penny, Hyde, Jackson

    12 team PPR keeper league...I have spots for 2 of these guys.. which 2 do you prefer...Right now I own Penny and Hyde...but Justin Jackson keeps staring at me
  3. dolphindan1

    need help with 3 keepers

    12 team PPR league...We just changed from 5 keepers to 3 keepers. we start 2 RBs and 2 WRs and 1 flex at either spot, 1/25, 1ppr, 5 pts at 100 yards, 6 pt tds My options James Connor Leveon Bell Nick Chubb Damien Williams Hopkins Tyreek Hill Stefon Diggs I am leaning...Hopkins, Hill and Connor....I really wanna keep Chubb I feel he will be the #1 RB for 8 weeks till Hunt comes back...Any thoughts....I have pretty much convinced myself to let Bell go
  4. dolphindan1

    Brady for Ajayi?

    12 team 5 keeper PPR league bonuses at 100...Would you trade Brady for Ajayi...this is before the draft and after our keepers are selected...My other keepers are Leveon Bell, TY Hilton, Hopkins and Olsen...Then I can probably grab Russell Wilson or Eli or maybe even Matt Ryan or Jameis later in the draft...9th pick in NFL style draft
  5. dolphindan1

    Ok...I need to decide on just 5

    12 teams 5 keepers...big money league...NO trades till 5 keepers are set by each team. I finished 4th last season so I will have pick 9 in a NFL style draft... We start...1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 flex at RB or WR, TE, K , Def scoring QBs...1 pt/50, 6 pt tds, 5pts at 250... RBs, WRs...1/25, 6 PT TDs, 1 PPR 5 points at 100 yards...TEs 1/25, 1 PPR, 5 pts at 75 yards. All teams keep 5 and no trades till 5 keepers are set. My choices: Brady Leveon Bell Lamar Miller Ingram Hyde Bilal Powell TY Hilton Nuk Hopkins Keenan Allen Greg Olsen
  6. dolphindan1

    Anything new?

    anything new for 2017???
  7. Working on my keepers for next season...12 team ppr league...bonuses at 100 yards...I keep 5 and will have pick 9 in the NFL style draft....No trades till draft day....No penalty for keepers...We must keep 5....start...1qb, 2 RBS, 2 WRS, I Flex at RB or WR, 1 TE, k, Def My options: Tom Brady Leveon Bell Carlos Hyde Lamar Miller Mark Ingram CJ Anderson TY Hilton Deandre Hopkins Keenan Allen Greg Olsen
  8. dolphindan1

    gio and cobb

    I was offered Randall Cobb and Ryan Mathews for my Gio Bernard and Tajae Sharpe...12 teams...ppr...5 keeper league My Roster Stafford Flacco Bell Lamar Miller Ingram Gio Dixon Allen Robinson Dez Lockett Sharpe Gordon Olsen Pitta we start...2/2 and flex
  9. dolphindan1

    trade thoughts?

    offered 2 trades by same owner...12 team 5 keeper PPR league...We just drafted... I own Reed TRADE 1 Jordan Reed and Crabtree for Greg Olson and Tyler Lockett TRADE 2 Reed and Duke Johnson for Olson and Jonathan Stewart
  10. dolphindan1

    tajae sharpe or devante parker

    Sharpe easy...Parker is gonna be the 3rd WR behind Stills....Sure the Titans wanna run the ball but what the Titans want and what they will have to do are 2 different stories....they will play from behind a lot...Sharpe is now the #1...they shipped DGB out for a reason and Wright and Mathews hurt...its sharpe for me and I am a dolphin fan
  11. dolphindan1

    defenses are projecting 7000 pts and above

    I figured it out...I was using my scoring from fftoday and didnt have the no IDP box checked...clicked...imported scoring and compiled...and voila!!!!
  12. dolphindan1

    defenses are projecting 7000 pts and above

    its got the Vikes as #1 def with 9000 plus pts scored...the Seahaks about mid tier with 7000 and the Cardinals basically last with 6000
  13. dolphindan1

    defenses are projecting 7000 pts and above

    No everything looks good to me....no custom scoring...zero's across the board
  14. Mike, all my defense projections are high...7000 and up to 9000 pts projected. I have checked every field and made sure they were correct and even put 0's in alot of them....any ideas?
  15. dolphindan1

    Wakins for Bell do I do it

    LOL...sorry just had to ask to make sure I am focused correctly. Guy is a Clemson Homer....I am concerned about Bells' suspension and injury history but Sammy has the same Injury history... Do I adjust my keepers at all in PPR...do I now keep 3 RBs and 2 WRs...Or do I drop Ingram and keep Benjamin or Josh Gordon possibly in a keeper league.