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  1. rwren

    how to setup for no roster position limits

    Hey Mike, I know this is a 11 year old post, but nothing has changed re: the position limits correct? That is, DB will not prevent teams from exceeding max limits.
  2. rwren

    Nomination Order change serpentine

    sorry. That was way too easy and I should have found that. Thanks!
  3. I noticed the nomination order is defaulting to serpentine. Any way to change this?
  4. rwren

    draft results by round

    looked up this old post... Man, 16 years using Draft Buddy! Thanks Mike! It's helped me to multiple championships and several top 3 finishes!
  5. rwren

    Auction Newbie Need help

    We are switching to auction for the first time and I'm wondering if some of our current rules are relevant and if so, how best to police them. For example, we have always had minimum and maximum position limits. In other words, in the snake draft, you were forced to draft a defense and/or kicker. My question, is it just better to not have any limits and let people draft until their money runs out (without exceeding the roster max of course) or stick to our current rules? If we stick with them, how do you police this, specifically the minimum position requirement? I can see a situation where a guy has a dollar left, but hasn't drafted a defense or a tight end.
  6. Thanks for the solution. I've had no issues with updating the file on my windows laptop and then sending over to my mac. The error only pertains to updating rankings and not actual draft operation correct?
  7. Using Excel for Mac and do not have IE on this machine. Do you know what to do if Chrome is the default browser?
  8. rwren

    Run Time Error

    what about for Chrome? I don't have IE
  9. rwren

    Run Time Error

    When I try to update the projections, I'm getting the following error. Run-timer error ‘1004’: Unable to open https://www.fftoday.com/draftbuddy/update19/adp_ffc_ppr.htm Cannot locate the internet server or proxy server.
  10. rwren

    Average Auction Value Question

    Thanks everyone. All good suggestions.
  11. rwren

    Average Auction Value Question

    Yes, we are going to give a discount for keepers. Something like 10%. And your suggestion about going off a site ranking is what I'm leaning towards. But if I do that, then it's like I'm giving everyone a cheat sheet. Having said that, how much does it matter because once players are bid on in real time, then the values start changing for other players. At least that's my understanding. So basically, everyone will know the starting point because of the AAV list provided to everyone, but to then everyone fends for themselves anyway once the auction gets going. Does this make sense or am I missing something here.
  12. We are doing our first auction draft this season. We also have keepers. A team can keep 3 but will have a value assigned to each that counts against their auction budget of $200.00. The auction is new for us and I’m a little unsure about auction values. There are obviously many websites that offer AAV lists/calculators, and I’m wondering if it is a bad idea to provide an official AAV list to our league members for the purpose of determining the value of their keepers pre-draft. In other words, would this be akin to providing draft cheat sheets to everyone in a standard serpentine selection draft? Will it screw up our auction? Is it better to let everyone fend for themselves like they would in a normal draft?
  13. I am the Commish in a keeper league. Next year we are increasing our keepers to 5 and moving from snake draft to auction draft. I lean toward keepers counting against the $200 auction budget. My question is, how do you determine the dollars a keeper cost? Would I use an Average Auction Value list from some fantasy site?