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  1. rwren

    Roster Slots - weigh in please

    Good thoughts. So basically a lineup of 1 qb, 5-6 flex spots, and a defense would be an example.
  2. rwren

    Roster Slots - weigh in please

    The more I think about it, the less inclined I am to change scoring. I'm leaning toward increase the RB supply by reducing the max position limit and lineup. Currently we allow 6 Rbs on a roster and because they get injured more often than WRs do, owners load up on them. I'm thinking that maybe going with 2 rb and 3 wr and no flexes in combination with reducing the position limit from 6 to 4 may be the way to go.
  3. rwren

    Roster Slots - weigh in please

    That's true for sure. Of course, in some formats, you can do 1 PPR for WR/TE and .5 PPR for RB. So that's a consideration. I've never really liked full PPR. I think that's too much value to a reception. because not all receptions are equal. Another idea I had was bonus points for 1st down receptions.
  4. rwren

    Roster Slots - weigh in please

    10 team league. Maybe 2-3 owners. Most owners in our league don't really care one way or another when it comes to rule changes. But that's not really the point. When considering rule changes, I want to weigh the pros and cons so I want to get feedback from different people.
  5. rwren

    Roster Slots - weigh in please

    True, not attempting to emphasize WR as much as deemphasize RB. In other words, under my idea they can start 3 RBs max.
  6. I'm a long time commissioner and each year I evaluate our rules to see what is in the best interest of our league. I take in feedback from all my owners and implement things from time to time. Our current roster rules are 1qb, 2 rb, 2wr, 1te, 2 flex(rb/wr/te) and 1 def. -- Some in our league want to move to 3 WRS and to PPR (Currently at .5 ) - I feel both of those are too big a jump and I'm a believer in smaller incremental changes. That said, I'm open to many ideas. Have thought about changing 1 flex to rb/wr and the 2nd flex to wr/te. That would give teams the ability to start up to 4 WRs if they choose. Also , would prevent teams from starting 4 RBs. Some of this comes from the auction prices where RBS are going in the 50-80 dollar range so the thought is that these changes would reduce RB value. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  7. rwren

    how to setup for no roster position limits

    Hey Mike, I know this is a 11 year old post, but nothing has changed re: the position limits correct? That is, DB will not prevent teams from exceeding max limits.
  8. rwren

    Nomination Order change serpentine

    sorry. That was way too easy and I should have found that. Thanks!
  9. I noticed the nomination order is defaulting to serpentine. Any way to change this?
  10. rwren

    draft results by round

    looked up this old post... Man, 16 years using Draft Buddy! Thanks Mike! It's helped me to multiple championships and several top 3 finishes!
  11. rwren

    Auction Newbie Need help

    We are switching to auction for the first time and I'm wondering if some of our current rules are relevant and if so, how best to police them. For example, we have always had minimum and maximum position limits. In other words, in the snake draft, you were forced to draft a defense and/or kicker. My question, is it just better to not have any limits and let people draft until their money runs out (without exceeding the roster max of course) or stick to our current rules? If we stick with them, how do you police this, specifically the minimum position requirement? I can see a situation where a guy has a dollar left, but hasn't drafted a defense or a tight end.
  12. Thanks for the solution. I've had no issues with updating the file on my windows laptop and then sending over to my mac. The error only pertains to updating rankings and not actual draft operation correct?
  13. Using Excel for Mac and do not have IE on this machine. Do you know what to do if Chrome is the default browser?
  14. rwren

    Run Time Error

    what about for Chrome? I don't have IE