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  1. I am the Commish in a keeper league. Next year we are increasing our keepers to 5 and moving from snake draft to auction draft. I lean toward keepers counting against the $200 auction budget. My question is, how do you determine the dollars a keeper cost? Would I use an Average Auction Value list from some fantasy site?
  2. rwren

    ADP adjustment

    So in my keeper league, we have 23 players already slotted to draft picks. As a result, the ADP for the remaining players are a little skewed. Would I be able to manually adjust ADPs so I have more clear predictor when a player might go off the board or any other suggestion?
  3. rwren

    Keepers without draft slotting

    OMG you think of everything! Thanks! That worked.
  4. In the past weve had 1 keeper per year and the keeper was slotted as the 1st round pick for the owner. This year weve added more keepers and the way our league works, some are slotted as draft picks and others are not. (we have a complex free agency system with weird compensation etc). So on the keeper tab Ive entered the keepers for each team and some of those are slotted as draft picks. For those that arent, I simply did not select a draft pick from the drop down box. However, this means the players that do not have draft picks associated with them do not show up on the roster tab. Only those who have a draft selection slotting are showing up there. Is there any workaround to this without having to assign draft picks to certain keepers in order to accommodate our unique situation?
  5. I have given that thought. Also, we are not allowing a team to bid what they don't have. Also, if a team ends up with multiple keepers with same round value, they have to use the next round up for each player.
  6. It might be misleading to call this a keeper league per se. We are trying to simulate the free agency of the NFL. The goal was to add another fun element to our league during our off season.
  7. This year we started using multiple keepers. Each team can keep up to 3. We also decided to implement a free agency period before the draft where we will designate a week where everyone can bid on each other's keepers. In a 10 team league there could be as many as 30 keeper/free agents. Each keeper is given a draft value based on a chart we developed. For example, if I drafted Romo in the 8th round last year, he becomes my 6th round keeper this year if I designate him as a keeper.(per the chart). If you bid on someone's keeper during the free agency period, you have to bid at least 1 round higher than his value. For this example, a team bids a 5th rounder. The original team has the option to keep Romo at the new value of 5th round, or release him to the other team, and then the team compensates him with a 5th round. Originally when we devised this, we didn't think about the fact that if the 2nd team won Romo and then he became their 5th round pick that there would be no way to compensate the original team. So we revised it to be this way..Team B compensates Team A the 5th , keeps Romo and Romo does not count as his 5th round pick. In the example, Team A gets the 5th round pick and as a result of not owning Romo in the 6th round anymore, retains the 6th round pick. So the original owner is rewarded by either keeping the player in a round where he get value, or he gets an extra pick. However, the scenario above is very simplistic and I'm concerned with the other scenarios that may arise if you have 10 teams in a bidding frenzy, multiple players that land on a team with the same value, or the scenario where someone bids on my keeper and then I can't keep him because I have committed the compensation pick to another team on whose keeper I just bid on. Anyway, as you can imagine all kinds of crap could result and cause confusion and end up with a bunch of pissed off screwed over owners because the system is way too complicated. Does anyone out there do something similar in the off season? If so, how do you do it? Or if you like our system, can you offer some suggestions where this might be simplified?
  8. rwren

    Office 365

    Has anyone tried running DB on Office 365? I hear that this version of Excel doesn't have the same full functionality.
  9. rwren

    2015 Draft Buddy

    Make that 3 championships.
  10. rwren

    2015 Draft Buddy

    Thanks good to hear.I used to use it on Office 2004 for Mac until it stopped working after an OS update rendered it useless. Since,I've been using work PC but I would much rather use my new 27" retina iMac. I might have to bite the bullet and buy the '11 version or maybe subscribe to office 360 for a few months. I think i this every year but Draft Buddy is the bomb. 7 top 3 finishes including 2 championships and 3 runner ups since first using the product. (And I don't even use the compiler function ..just the fftoday rankings)
  11. rwren

    2015 Draft Buddy

    So what's the latest version of Excel for Mac that will run DB?
  12. rwren

    Commissioner screwed up

    So I decided to make everyone aware of it and offered a free agent swap as means of compensation to anyone who drafted a QB based on a different scoring system.
  13. rwren

    Commissioner screwed up

    I set up a league awarding .1 per passing yard when I meant to calculate so that it would average 1 yard for every 25. This is a new league with 5 people who came over from a league we were in for 12 years where the passing yards were always 1 per 25. My intention was to change the QB scoring to decimal like our RBs and WRs except my brain farted and I didn't stop to think that the .1 per yard will give QBs astronomical averages. A couple guys brought it to my attention after the draft therefore I know at least 2 strategized based on this errant setting. My initial thought is that since I wrote this scoring into the official rules and since the draft is over that we have to keep things the way they are. The thing that bothers me is how this affects the competitive balance of our league when I'm guessing several owners including myself strategized our drafts based on 1 yard per 25. I'm more than willing to take my own medicine but I feel bad for the others. Any thoughts? Should I be upfront and admit my mistake and apologize or just be quiet and see what happens in week 1 when a bunch of QBs score 50 points?
  14. rwren

    Importing custom settings

    Thanks Mike. I have 6 top 3 finishes, 4 championship appearances, and 1 championship since using your product. I standy by it!
  15. rwren

    Importing custom settings

    After updating my scoring on the myfftoday site, it said to import them into Cheatsheet/Draft Buddy. I already set them in Draft Buddy, so is this import necessary? In other words, do I need to import them to affect my rankings or do the settings in Draft Buddy already affect the rankings?