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  1. divrdwn

    Error coping to compiler

    When i try to copy to compiler from the projection pal I get the following error: Windows(CompilerFileName).Activate Can someone help me with this? Thanks!!
  2. divrdwn

    Copy and paste projections

    Can you copy and paste projections to the projection pal? I have but it is not putting them on the clean projections.
  3. divrdwn

    *Version 2.0 Released*

    No need to respond to the previous post. Found draft buddy for 2.0. Sorry!!! Steve
  4. divrdwn

    *Version 2.0 Released*

    This may be a dumb question, but do you need to change the version of the compiler on the draft buddy? Thanks in advance. Steve
  5. divrdwn

    *Version 2.0 Released*

    For some reason I can't login. Could someone help me? My email is svandiver@ipapilot.org. Thanks in advance Steve
  6. divrdwn

    Collections of Other Site Projections

    Could I get a copy? svandiver@ipapilot.org Thanks in advance Steve
  7. divrdwn


    Could someone explain what it means by Tiering feature? Could you give some examples? Thanks in advance!!