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  1. RyanM

    This was my last season

    Buena Suerte, Senor!
  2. RyanM

    Round 3 commentary

    I officially know nothing about Alvin pearman other than he's #3 on a depth chart that has a LOOOOOONNNNG history of injuries. Based on all accounts, he seems like the right pick in the middle 3rd round. Probably will amount to sucktastic, but I have RB depth to afford to draft a project. Please work, project...PLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!! Fairly pleased with my draft thus far! Holt in the trade, Brown, Campbell (needed another QB to develop), and now Pearman. This has gone well for me, I do believe!
  3. RyanM


    THIS LEAGUE IS RUNED!!!!!!! Just kidding, AT...hang in there, my friend, and be safe. Clear that shiznit out--I'm in NOLA next w-f for business!!!! PEACE!
  4. Check yo' email again...let's talk!
  5. RyanM

    Trade Announcement

    Agreed. Not good value for Owens at all, IMO. So, in the last week, Scooby has replaced Owens and Holt, two of the best three fantasy WRs, with Brandon Bennett and Plaxico. WOW. Uh, dude...it's DREW Bennett. Brandon Bennett is that other guy... And why TF haven't you picked, yet???
  6. RyanM

    Trade Announcement

    I'd rather have Holt. Nice trade Ryan. Slowly but surely you are amking up for the Gonzo trade. :ph34r: I felt the same. Initially Scoob offered Owens, but between the fact that Scoob got Owens from me in the first place, and the fact that i have a hard time having guys on my roster that irritate the fock out of me, when Holt was dangled I went that way instead. Holt is--what?--like a year or two younger, and I just like him so much more. Of course, that means Ownes will make up with D-Mc and will catch 25 TDs this year or something silly...
  7. RyanM

    Me on Draft Day

    Just a heads-up that I will be traveling on Tuesday to St Louis. I doubt it will be too big of an issue, because I don't pick now until round 2, but I just remember the first year when we drafted and y'all thought I had quit--well, I didn't quit. I'm right here!!! I will also be on site working this week, so best to email me at rmelton@impac.com when my pick is up if I'm a bit slow! Thanks, dudes. Looking forward to another solid .500 year! -R
  8. Stoopid league allowed me to pull the Bears out of my starting lineup--which i didn't want to do!!! I went to the site to get Ahman out of my lineup, but it required me to submit an entire lineup. In so doing, it told me I HAD to select a D, even tho I had selected the BEars and they had already played. It said the Bears were a locked non-starter, which is total BS, because anyone who went to the board knows I had the Bears as a starter prior to Thursday. Now I am out 10 points in my game!!!! I'll probably end up losing anyway, but this shiznit needs rectifying PRONTO!!!!!!
  9. RyanM

    Who's your MVP so far?

    D Carr and A Green...sadly I am able to put up a ton of points and just seem to run up against the one team with more points for the week...dammit!!!!!! .500 and i have the 2nd or 3rd highest point production in the league.
  10. I think it's because it has varied, but I believe it's 6...
  11. RyanM


    I saw...thanks, dude!!!
  12. RyanM


    I assure you he won't...he still hasn't cahsed my check and he's add it for well over a month!!!!
  13. RyanM


    You gotta figure the DOlphins would have liked to have known BEFORE EG signed with the Cowboys. They probably would have liked a back like George while they figure out a long-term solution. This really is unbelieveable!!!
  14. RyanM