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  1. nbmlane

    Missing added players

    I added a few players in where it is zzz Add Player zzz, but after running an update those players disappear. Is that normal? Is there no way to keep those players between updates?
  2. nbmlane

    Draft someone not listed

    How do I draft a player who is not listed on the cheatsheet or depth chart? For example the depth chart lists the top 3 players for RB and I have Sammy Morris as the 5th RB for New England. Morris does not even show up in the Top 100 RBs. How can I draft him? Also how would I draft somebody who is not in the spreadsheet at all? Thanks.
  3. Just a quick question. Can anyone tell me what does the Target graph mean on the Players Tab?
  4. nbmlane

    Projection Pal and the ®

    Has something change with this symbol for rookies ® from prior years when using Projection Pal? Every year I have to update my incoming rookies in the RAW tab with the symbol to get the player matched on the CLEAN tab, which I did tonight. I have a special sheet within the Projection Pal to calculate how many players I have downloaded from a site vs how many players are actually matched in the CLEAN tab, so I can see how many players I have to update with the ®, MIN, RB, WR whatever extension that has to be added to the name. Tonight when I hit "Copy to Compiler", none of my rookies were updated. In fact projection pal was updated by changing the names on the CLEAN tab to NOT have the ® which then caused the players to not match the RAW tab. What gives? Just to clarify for example Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford's projections has his name imported in (RAW) with Sam Bradford. Projection Pal on the CLEAN tab has Sam Bradford ®. I modify the RAW data to have Sam Bradford ®, so everything is good. I hit "Copy to Compiler", The Compiler does not have any Sam Bradford information copied in, although his name is listed as Sam Bradford ® in the Compiler. In addition Projection Pal changes Sam Bradford's name on the CLEAN tab to Sam Bradford without the ®.
  5. nbmlane

    Players in Projection Pal

    I believe I downloaded the current 1.1 version of Projection Pal, it has 2007 in the name, however the player data listed on the CLEAN sheets looks like 2006 data? Is this correct? For example Jamal Lewis BAL, no Adrian Peterson MIN, Reubon Droughns CLE, all of the data is incorrect. Do I copy the names from the Compiler blue area to Projection PAL? I don't want to break this thing, so please let me know. Thanks.