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  1. I’m allowing for teams to designate a replacement player from their bench should the game get cancelled after Sunday’s games start. Game goes on then u get the player in your lineup. Seems pretty simple and logical to me.
  2. lostsoulny

    Setting Keepers that cost a specific draft pick

    Thanks I saw that 3rd box but since it wasn't a drop down I didn't realize what it was for so by default it was just taking the first couple pics.
  3. Hello, Is there a way when setting keepers to select which round pick it costs the owner, or is it best to not set them on the keepers tab and just go into the draft report and put the kept players in the corresponding draft spot?
  4. lostsoulny

    QB scoring based on total yardage

    Sounds good Thanks.
  5. lostsoulny

    QB scoring based on total yardage

    One of my leagues does some odd scoring and I was wondering the best way to get it into draft buddy. Currently I have it set for 1 point for every 30 yards which brings it close but doesn't line up exactly with the scoring listed below. Total Passing Yardage 1 rule defined: For position: QBs 1 bonus point(s) for 30 to 59 total yards. 2 bonus point(s) for 60 to 89 total yards. 3 bonus point(s) for 90 to 119 total yards. 4 bonus point(s) for 120 to 149 total yards. 5 bonus point(s) for 150 to 179 total yards. 6 bonus point(s) for 180 to 209 total yards. 7 bonus point(s) for 210 to 239 total yards. 8 bonus point(s) for 240 to 269 total yards. 9 bonus point(s) for 270 to 299 total yards. 14 bonus point(s) for 300 to 329 total yards. 15 bonus point(s) for 330 to 349 total yards. 18 bonus point(s) for 350 to 389 total yards. 19 bonus point(s) for 390 to 419 total yards. 20 bonus point(s) for 420 to 449 total yards. 21 bonus point(s) for 450 to 479 total yards. 22 bonus point(s) for 480 to 509 total yards. 23 bonus point(s) for 510 to 539 total yards. 24 bonus point(s) for 540 to 569 total yards. 25 bonus point(s) for 570 to 599 total yards. 26 bonus point(s) for 600 to 600 total yards.
  6. lostsoulny

    For Those Who Stream Kickers....

    Im rolling with Franks
  7. lostsoulny

    what to set backups per team for if unlimited in league

    Thanks. This is close to what I was using. I had Backups: QB = 1, RB = 3, WR = 3, TE = 1, K = 0, DEF = 0 (8 total) changing to 1.5 qb and 2.5 rb moved luck up above AJ green in the rankings so even small tweaks can make a big difference. one last question, in a league with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, K, DST. and 8 bench would you still use the 1.5 QB ands 2.5 RB 3 WR 1 TE? this league seems to draft heavy RB backups usually no one keeps more than 2 QB on a roster.
  8. lostsoulny

    what to set backups per team for if unlimited in league

    hey Mike, I thought I replied but I guess it didnt post. Yes, we use team DST and K in both leagues.
  9. lostsoulny

    what to set backups per team for if unlimited in league

    Thats what I usually do. Here's 2 examples. 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE another 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX
  10. Just fine tuning my leagues settings and rules and we only set starters per team, all position's bench spots are unlimited upto the max roster size. (18) so if someone wants to draft all WR on their bench so be it. What should I set the backups per team setting at in draft buddy? I played around with some diff numbers and noticed it affected the cheat sheets greatly.
  11. lostsoulny

    Run Time error when trying to update projections

    I rebooted and all is well when in doubt reboot lol Happy Fourth Everyone!
  12. lostsoulny

    Run Time error when trying to update projections

    Compiling starts but then fails with error 1004 as well. I'll try a few things and check some settings and let you know.
  13. lostsoulny

    Run Time error when trying to update projections

    When I click the link from here it opens a page and displays this 42187.13149
  14. lostsoulny

    Run Time error when trying to update projections

    My bad I typed it wrong, the link is showing as http://www.fftoday.com/draftbuddy/update15/lastupdate.htm
  15. Hello just downloaded Draft Buddy for this year, opened in win 7 excel 2010 (same system I used last year) eneabled editing enabled content, all looked well until I hit check for updates or update projections then I get a pop up error message: Run-Time error '1004': Unable to open http://www.fftoday.com/draftbuddy/update15/lastupdatre.htm Cannot doanload the information you requested. I did try redonloading the file. Anyone else experience this? Might just be a temporary error connecting to the server possibly. I will try again later.