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  1. seattleman

    Need help fast please

    Parker and Roy
  2. seattleman

    rb help

    Jacobs and Drew. Bush is risky in TD only leagues, most points are through the air
  3. seattleman

    Big Ben, Leinart or Kitna?

    First round of the playoffs. Need to start one QB, which one??? 6pts passing TDs No penalties for turnovers, etc. Leinart at home vs. Denver Big Ben at Carolina Kitna at GB I also have L Fitzgerald in my starting lineup, do I double dip with Leinart or is that too much risk?? Right now, am leaning towards Big Ben.
  4. seattleman

    Who would you take at #9

    I like Steven Jackson. He's Younger and sounds like Linehan is all about running the ball. NFC West is an easy division, especially when you get to play the Cardinals and 49ers twice every year. I don't know what to make of the Raiders offense. QB is still up in the air and the opposing D's will force the Raiders to run the ball until they prove they can throw it.
  5. seattleman

    Would it really be a bad move to draft Rudi Johnson

    If you pick Rudi over Portis, you have no business playing fantasy football. Portis has everything going for him this year and Rudi is, and will never be, the center of the Bengals offense. Not as long as Palmer, TJ and Chad Johnson are there.
  6. seattleman

    4th pick

    I have the same issue at #4, Tiki or Portis. Our league gives 1 pt per rec so I was leaning towards Tiki but now there are reports out of DC that they are going to be throwing the ball to Portis more. That's the Al Saunders effect I guess. My concern with Tiki is he had a HUGE year in 05, don't think he can repeat those numbers. Plus, Porti is the MAN in DC. Might have to go with Portis
  7. seattleman

    Rate my 14 team draft

    You picked 4th and still got Larry Johnson????
  8. seattleman

    Draft Help! Pick #5?

    Rudi over Tiki and Portis? You just made the guys drafting below you very happy. What has Rudi done to make you believe he's better than Tiki and Portis? Portis has Al Saunders, better WR's and a coach who is committed to the run. Tiki has a proven track record and is the center of the G-Men's offense. But Rudi????
  9. Bush in the first round is nuts, play for this year. There is no such thing as a "rebuilding year" in fantasy football.
  10. seattleman

    Draft Help! Pick #5?

    PPC = Tiki Barber. I am weary of Edge in Zona, too many weapons with Aqua Man and Fitz yet only 1 ball to go around. Plus, the O line is suspect. Portis is intriguing though as he should have a better year than last, which could put him in top 4 production.
  11. seattleman

    Roy Williams or Chris Chambers

    I like Chambers, especially with Dante in town. Look what he did with Moss. Please see my post regarding 1 pt per catch, Tiki, Portis or Petyon at pick #4.
  12. seattleman

    1pt per catch and 6 pt all TDs draft help

    Okay, so between Tiki and Portis at #4 with point per catch, which one?? I am leaning towards Tiki.
  13. seattleman

    #2 RB at pick 13

    Need to know the scoring first. Is their a point per catch?
  14. seattleman

    Massive trade!

    It's a no brainer. Vick will never be a good fantasy QB.
  15. seattleman

    1pt per catch and 6 pt all TDs draft help

    Thanks. With our scoring giving 1 pt per catch, is Tiki the better pick? The Skins offense should be improved with the better WR's and Al Saunders as the O coordinator. The better passing game should open up the running game for Portis. Thoughts???