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    MNF what do you need?

    1. Up 11 with Cam and McCoy versus DeAngelo Williams (Looking locked) 2. Down 7.2 with Kelvin to go (standard) versus no one. (Looking likely) 3. Down 20.5 with Kelvin to go (.5 PPR) versus no one. (So you're saying I've got a chance....maybe).
  2. laxdad57

    Antone Smith, this guy worth a roster spot ?

    I rostered him in teo leagues last week and looking to add him in a third. Two are 10 team leagues. Almost (and shoud lhave) started him over Alf Morris in my 12 team league last week. Guy scores...but agree he's not getting the touches yet.
  3. 12 team league A. Morris 3rd(34), A, Luck 5th(58), K. Benjamin 10th(111), T. Kelce14th(159) 10 team league Gio 2nd (20), J. Nelson 3rd(21), A. Luck 6th(60), J. Hill 16th(160) 10 team (2) keeper league M. Ryan 10th(99), R. Wilson 11th(102), A. Williams 12th(119), K. Benjamin 13th(122)
  4. laxdad57

    K. Benjamin or E. Sanders ROS?

    Both are obviously valuable. In standard scoring I'll take the young TO/Dez clone in Benjamin, he's a beast and will only get better. I expect he'll finish with 10-12 TD's this season. No way you get that with Sanders.
  5. laxdad57

    Cordarelle Patterson is droppable right?

    Luck is on my side I guess. I had to decide between Jordan Cameron, Michael Crabtree and Patterson as a keeper for a 14th round pick. Most folks here, and I respect the opinions offered, recommended Patterson. In the end I choose Crabtree as he was an established and skilled #1 WR with a good rapport with his QB over the other choices who both had uncertain QB situations going forward.
  6. I have Kelce in two of three leagues. I dropped him on the third team for a waiver gem, he backed up Graham (same bye week). He was paired with Rudolph in another league, but now is the only TE rostered. Has been a starter for the two teams and continues to impress.
  7. laxdad57

    RB questions

    Donald Brown and Fred Jackson...dropping CJ and Sankey
  8. Dropped today in a ten team re-draft for A. Blue
  9. laxdad57

    PPR Maclin vs Wash or Wayne vs Jags

    I like Maclin but you have two good choices.
  10. laxdad57

    Who should I drop for a kicker?

    Time to drop Peterson... he's not going to play this year.
  11. laxdad57

    Flex help!

  12. Monte Ball, Alfred Morris, Pierre Thomas or Donald Brown need to start two. Help please! .5 PPR
  13. laxdad57

    Week 3 Waiver Picks...

    In one 12 team .5 PPR, Bradshaw, Robinson and Miller are all rostered. Waiver has for RB: Davis, Rainey, Brown, Woodhead and Hill. We only start one RB and a Flex(RB,WR,TE) so most teams have decent RB depth given the limited RB starts. I have the #2 waiver priority and Ball, Morris, PT, SJAX, DMC and McKinnon(dropped Woodhead ehhh).. I think it makes sense to use my waiver (for one claim), given all the week #2 injuries, as I expect an almost full waiver cycle, so I should have a good priority going forward still, if most everyone in the league makes claims as expected. Still don't know to what extent the injury will effect Charles going forward, Davis has the highest ceiling per start. The rest are all vaild add choices.... any recommendations?
  14. laxdad57

    Homer thoughts on Isaiah Crowell?

    He may not be ready but may be able to steal the RB job in Clev... who we know will run run run.
  15. laxdad57

    Josh Gordon Availability & Equal Opportunity

    Gordan is rostered in most every league as a hold and pray. Keeper leagues had to consider his risk/reward beyond the one year suspension. There was always some chatter about the chance of him playing some this year, via appeal, court/injunction or negotiated settlement. I think everyone in FF has had fair opportunity with regards to rostering Gordan.