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  1. My nominees are Kerryon Johnson and Chris Godwin. Both of their ADPs are too high in my opinion. Godwin is talented but a lot of mouths to feed in TB and a below average QB (IMO) throwing the ball. Kerryon also very talented but he’s on a team that notoriously NEVER runs the ball and to think CJA will not cut into his touches seems foolish to me. No thanks on both. Any players you guys have as DND because of the bust potential? I know AB is a popular selection.
  2. LoOnAtIk

    Kalen Ballage Time

    Ballages future is a RBBC at best. I cant see much protection value past deep dynasty leagues.
  3. LoOnAtIk

    Kalen Ballage Time

    As a dolphins fan I think hes fools gold. Hes not a fast 4.4 guy he needs to build up his stride to get going because of his big frame and with the Vegas total on that game at 38.5 Ill be avoiding it like the plague. Also Drake is only on the sidelines because he might be the worst pass blocking RB in the NFL. Take it for what its worth but Tannehill was sacked 9 times last game and Drake was to blame for a lot of them. He was simply in the dog house. A 50/50 split should be what to expect until Drake starts messing up again. I would avoid.
  4. Worst case scenario they put Gurley on a pitch count and that crushes the value of all of the RBs.
  5. The rams definitely want that bye but ask yourself, what is more important? That first round bye or having your best player on offense healthy for playoffs? Id choose the latter. They should be resting Gurley. If they lose to the cardinals it wont be because they were missing Gurley. Cardinals are really bad.
  6. LoOnAtIk

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    I need CMC, MT, and the Panthers D to outscore Brees by 8 points. PPR. I like my chances but I also had another team eliminated last week when I was tied heading into SNF and I had Goff, Trubisky, Zuerlein vs Bears D and I lost. Anything can happen.
  7. LoOnAtIk

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Went into SNF tied with my opponent. 2QB league I have - Goff, Trubisky, Zuerlein He has - Bears D 51.5 over/under theres no way I can lose right? When zuerlein missed that FG in the 4th Q I think a piece of me died. I honestly felt like I was at a funeral.
  8. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    And again you keep saying they messed up the draft but you have yet to offer who you think they should have drafted. Pick any QB over Saquon and theyre definitely worse than 4-8 so I still do not understand the logic that they messed up their draft. And Im a dolphins fan. Fvckk the giants and bears lol
  9. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    Lol yeah and your 4-8 posts are so mature and insightful.
  10. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    Saquon was a SAFE pick and it did not set the franchise back 10 years. Drafting the wrong QB will crush your franchise every time. Refer to Jaguars, Dolphins, Raiders, even the Lions and Falcons who are tied to Stafford and Matt ryan. 49ers and Alex Smith.
  11. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    Ill take a STUD (your words) RB over a terrible QB every single time. Im pretty sure you would too. This past draft was so hyped as a QB class but have you been impressed with anyone other than Baker so far? Whom the giants did not have the opportunity to draft. Darnold has looked bad, Allen has looked bad, Rosen has looked bad, Lamar Jackson has looked bad (although great running). Redskins just released Cousins and Saints got Brees that way too. NFL is a business first, if the $ doesnt add up, anyone can be released or traded. So yes you are absolutely wrong. Anyone will take a stud RB over a bad QB any day and for every STUD QB that is drafted and groomed, theres 5 QBs that fail and are out of the league in a few years. Drafting a QB is incredibly difficult.
  12. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    Dont influence a team as much? That might be the dumbest thing posted so far. Find me any position that influences the game as much as a QB. No sh!t Sherlock. Problem is if your QB is bad (most young QBs struggle. All of the rookies this year have taken their lumps.) youre gonna lose more often than not. The point Im making is you dont just draft a QB because you need 1. You gotta be 1 million percent sure hes gonna lead your franchise for the next decade, or else youve set your franchise back 10 years. Look at jaguars and Bortles. A good example to my point is Myles Garrett. Did the Browns mess up by passing on Trubisky, Watson, and Mahomes? Perhaps they did but Garrett is a cornerstone on defense and they got their QB the very next year. Saquon is a cornerstone. Who wouldnt want to play in an offense with that guy?
  13. LoOnAtIk

    FU week 13

    To your point Ebron put up a zero a couple weeks ago.
  14. LoOnAtIk

    Giants beat Da Bears

    Benching Eli for Geno is like a slap in the face lol Is moving on from Eli the right move? Yes. But not geno Smith... Thats a fireable offense lol
  15. LoOnAtIk

    FU week 13

    FU to my 2 TEs Eric Ebron and Jared Cook. Somehow they have alternated good and bad weeks and Ive guessed wrong and lined up the lesser TE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. All of Jared cooks big games hes been on my bench and same for Ebron. What a flippin headache. This week I started Ebron and lost by 8 points and Im probably out of the playoffs in this league. And theyre both top 5 in scoring for TEs.