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  1. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    Why do I need to explain Miles Sanders? I wasn’t talking about him. His combine numbers were solid, nothing special. Better than Montgomery but that isn’t saying much.
  2. LoOnAtIk

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    Exactly. I would need a 2 for 1 or a 3 for 1 to shore up any/all the holes on my roster. And then pray on Sunday’s lol.
  3. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    Imagine being worried about Davis and Cohen AND also not thinking Montgomery was a good RB. Easy DND for his ADP.
  4. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    Easy explanation - Patrick Mahomes.
  5. LoOnAtIk

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    I will always sell high on my studs in redraft if I feel my team starting to slip away. Maybe a 1-3 or 2-4 start. Gotta start fishing for a blockbuster to shake things up.
  6. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    That last part screams of denial. The running game starts with the guys up front but ends with the running back. Regardless of who is at fault for their struggles, to say the Montgomery has nothing to do with the struggles? He’s gotta be at least 1% the reason right? Look at his game logs from last year in college. Notice how his best games were against tiny schools and worst games against larger programs - Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, etc.
  7. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    My biggest gripe was the comparison to David Johnson that I kept seeing all offseason. Sure on film he may look like David johnson but DJ destroyed the combine. Montgomery’s combine numbers don’t hold DJ jockstrap. And DJ is the perfect example of why combine numbers matter when it comes to RBs. Chris Johnson is another good example. Remember when Ronald Jones kept getting Jamaal Charles comparisons? Sometimes we need to snap back to reality. It may very well be the coaching that is holding Montgomery back, but I doubt it.
  8. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    You really think that? I was never high on him coming out of the combine so I was surprised he was drafted as early as he was. His film in college is not bad but I think RB is one of the positions where the combine really does mean something. Montgomery’s combine numbers are average to below average at best. There were many other RBs to pick in this draft class who I thought had a better combine. Henderson, singletary, Tony pollard, etc. i think you and many others fell in love with his film (perceived talent) and his situation.
  9. LoOnAtIk

    Who did you miss on this season?

    I really liked Mixon but luckily missed out on him in all 3 of my leagues. Can’t believe what little production he’s getting and the bengals coaching staff for not even trying to get the ball in his hands. He was a solid receiver in college so I expected a lot of check downs like Saquon received last year. Bengals are really bad. The other is obviously Chris Godwin. I told myself a bad QB can’t spread the ball that much and have so many fantasy relevant players. I was right about Winston but the victims have been Evans and howard. Not at all Godwin if anything the opposite he’s been insane.
  10. LoOnAtIk

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Wow another phantom flag on Trey Flowers
  11. LoOnAtIk

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    This is the “I told you so” thread for anyone that didn’t have Winston as their sexy sleeper late round QB for 2019. He is who we thought he was.
  12. LoOnAtIk

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    The solid fantasy QB is a moot point once he gets benched. Winston is in a contract year and you never ever see QBs play out their rookie contract and not even sniff an extension. Winston is clearly on borrowed time. Once Arians has a better option at the position he will make the change I assume.
  13. LoOnAtIk

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    5x times not his fault. None of the sacks were his fault either.
  14. LoOnAtIk

    Panthers at Buccaneers (London) In-Game Discussion

    Winston sucks. Wire to wire. I think he threw an interception on his first pass of the day, his last pass of the day, and a bunch in between.
  15. LoOnAtIk

    Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

    For all the damn stats you had in your arsenal you couldn’t find the right one. Look at Adam Humphries numbers from last year with Winston vs with Fitzpatrick. It’s almost night and day. Humphries played the slot last year, Godwin moves into the role this year. Boom!!! That’s the stat you should’ve given me from day 1. Also I think Winston is on pace to throw far less passes than you originally predicted.