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  1. LoOnAtIk

    Mark Walton Show ROS

    I read he’s been arrested 4 times in 2019. Where does he even find time to play football?
  2. LoOnAtIk

    Saquon x rays..

    Solid nominee but there are many bust candidates. How about Kamara at 1.4? I keep lining him up waiting for the monster game and I keep getting pedestrian performances with or without brees. And he’s missed a few games and the ones he’s missed, Latavius Murray has gone insane. Kamara has been killin me.
  3. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    You’re just diving into semantics now elf it was a fun discussion when others chimed in with different, never before seen plays, but when someone argues against your nomination it’s not fun anymore boohoo.
  4. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    If anything one can argue him stretching out like that was very dangerous.what if he misses and bats the ball back into play? Or what if he stretches so far that his toes are no longer out of bounds but in bounds? Then it goes from smartest play ever to possibly the dumbest play ever.
  5. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    I don’t understand this retort. “Rarest play ever” along with other actual rare plays should be very easy to find on YouTube. impossible to find a specific 2 yard carry by Ron Dayne because well that’s ordinary. it’s like beating a dead horse elf all I’ve been trying to say is that play happens a lot more often than you think. It’s without question a smart play by Montgomery but it’s been done many times before. Just without the acrobatic stretching across the ground. The athleticism involved doesn’t make it any smarter than anyone prior.
  6. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    It’s hard to find YouTube videos of ordinary plays. That’s my point. It happens a lot more often than you think.
  7. LoOnAtIk

    So Is Ajayi this un-signable pariah?

    3.5 games with the NFL champion eagles in a full 3-4 headed RBBC. He was afforded extra rest but if you watched him actually run downfield. Yikes. imagine Jason Witten as a RB. That’s how slow he looked.
  8. LoOnAtIk

    So Is Ajayi this un-signable pariah?

    As a dolphins fan I’ve watched this guy deteriorate every year. The strength and stiff arm is there but the speed and explosiveness is almost completely gone. His last season in Philadelphia was hard to watch. Barring some medical miracle I don’t see that explosiveness ever coming back. His agent should seriously consider the XFL.
  9. LoOnAtIk

    what if miami had two tight ends with the same name ?

    The payoff for opening this thread was so not worth it.
  10. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    I’ve seen Wes Welker do it a handful of times even when he was with the dolphins. NFL players more than likely have a much more firm grasp of the rule book than even the mighty Elf.
  11. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    So to your point elf, which one of these is “smarter”?
  12. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    The only thing that makes this play slightly out of the ordinary is the fact that Ty stretched out like a plank to reach the sidelines. Axe have you never seen this done before? It happens a lot more frequently than you think. Just more often than not the player isn’t stretched out to the degree of Montgomery.
  13. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    End of the first half. If he gets tackled right there it’s 0 points. The presence of mind to do that is undeniable. It is indeed a smart play.
  14. LoOnAtIk

    Smartest Play Ever?

    How about this one? End of the first half Randy Moss laterals it to Moe Williams for the TD. Pretty smart if you ask me.