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  1. LoOnAtIk

    Beasley Retiring?

    That wasn't even my point. I'm replying directly to the "experimental drug" comment. Call it like it is. It's a vaccine for a pandemic, NOT an experimental drug. Jesus Christ.
  2. LoOnAtIk

    Beasley Retiring?

    It is approved by the FDA for emergency use. I'm not trying to argue with anyone just get your facts straight. There's a difference between approved by FDA and then approved for emergency use. Feel free to google. The same exact sentiment of not knowing long term effects of vaccine could be applied to not knowing long term effects of covid, which we have already seen some cases of people not being able to taste and smell, not being able to breathe the same way. My take is, if you're skeptical, do something about it. Put on the labcoat, get in the lab and do something. I take my car to the mechanic because I don't know how to fix cars. I call an electrician to install recessed lighting because I don't know the first thing about electricity. Capitalism thrives on specialization, but if we're just gonna go ahead and discredit all scientists and doctors now, then why stop there? Question everything and do everything yourself. See how far that gets you.
  3. LoOnAtIk

    Do Not Draft List

    Why? I think he would have been the 3rd highest WR in PPR last year. Having that kind of production from an incredibly scarce position, one could argue he should be selected before any WRs.
  4. LoOnAtIk

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Lynn Bowden, Raiders

    I consider myself the residential Dolphins homer. Just thought I'd confirm, not piling on.
  5. LoOnAtIk

    Beasley Retiring?

    Experimental drug? Your tinfoil hat must be on a bit tight. Can you list for me all of the ingredients in Tylenol and its side effects? Or better yet find me any pharmaceutical drug that has ZERO side effects. Do you go to your doctor for a check up and then proceed to argue with him/her? Its ok to be skeptical but, my god, get your facts at least somewhat straight.
  6. LoOnAtIk

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Lynn Bowden, Raiders

    He's way too far down on the depth chart to have any real significance. Albert Wilson being back just makes his role even muddier. He might finish the season with more reps in the backfield than actually split out wide as a WR. You have to think it's Parker, Fuller, Waddle, then Gesicki before Bowden gets any kind of meaningful targets/playing time.
  7. LoOnAtIk

    2021 off season trades

    We haven't drafted yet or turned in our keepers list yet. It's a 10 team PPR with 2 QB format.
  8. LoOnAtIk

    2021 off season trades

    This league never resets either so I view Mahomes as a possible keeper for the next 10-15 years whereas I feel like you'd be lucky to get another 5-7 years of top RB performance from CMC.
  9. LoOnAtIk

    2021 off season trades

    I just traded CMC, Tannehill, and my 1st round pick (9th overall) for Mahomes, Chubb, Claypool. It is a 2 QB league and passing TDs are worth 6. We protect 6 players going into the draft so I don't expect any impact rookies at 9th overall. I didn't really have 6 players worth protecting in my opinion so I wanted to do some form of 2 for 1 or 3 for 2. My tentative protection list is now Mahomes, Chubb, Antonio Gibson, Michael Thomas, Kelce, Claypool.
  10. If he does it again, you'd be getting what you pay for. I prefer to target players who have a chance at outperforming their ADP. I feel like Tannehill has little to chance to do that on a run first team. It's just my opinion but I feel like last year was his ceiling. Unless Henry gets injured I would not suddenly expect them to throw more. The addition of Julio is fools gold for Tannehill's fantasy value. That's why I'm selling.
  11. LoOnAtIk


    I never said anything about a bet. I just wrongly assumed most people on here by now have switched from 1QB to some form of 2QB or SF. I was once lost as well. All of my leagues have switched and there's no looking back. Any fantasy analysis regarding QBs in a 1QB league is useless, pointless, obsolete. Unless its a very large league, every team will end up with a stud QB and if not, there's always a bunch on the waiver wire. It basically makes the QB position about as important as the K in regards to fantasy value. Maybe even less than the kicker to be honest. There's no parity. Call it egocentric if you will but 1 QB format is stupid in my honest opinion and should not exist. I'm sad that you would think its the norm. You might be right, but again I feel like that's just you guys being fossils, opposed to change, and just simply living in the past.
  12. LoOnAtIk


    I'm the one who originally suggested that 2 QB and/or superflex is the new norm. Feel free to scroll up even more but I'm saving you the time. What does the auction observation have to do with anything? Draft format has nothing to do with the argument. You're taking it and running with it as if it means something when it obviously does not in the context of our argument (Matt included.)
  13. LoOnAtIk


    No one is suggesting that you dope. Draft format has nothing to do with roster size/format nor does it have anything to do with my previous analysis. Correct me if i'm wrong, DrG is just pointing out that its hard to find useful analysis in auction format, because mock auctions don't really work. Auctions leagues can still be standard or PPR and they can also be 1 QB, 2 QB, or superflex. Unless i'm missing something, please enlighten me elf.
  14. LoOnAtIk


    I think a decent buy low candidate right now is Michael Thomas. If/when they announce Winston as the starter I think that could elevate MT overall stats. We know Winston will air it out more than Brees was in his last few seasons.
  15. LoOnAtIk


    I come to these threads for opinions and insights but tbh I’m disappointed if most of you still play in 1 QB leagues at this point. All of my leagues that I’ve been a part of for over 20 years have evolved into some form of either 2QB or Superflex. As with all sports we evolve. Unless it’s a 14-team sized league or more, in a 1 QB league every team will have a solid starting QB. There’s no parity. It’s stupid IMO. I’d never go back to that format. To each his own but my gosh you guys sound like fossils.