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    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    WAS/PHI won't be meaningless. WAS is win and in regardless of how the DAL/NYG game turns out. If WAS loses than the winner of DAL/NYG gets the 4 seed. You know both the WAS and DAL/NYG markets will be watching, so ratings will be high.
  2. joeH

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    FU Bears. First and goal from half yard line and run a TE sweep.
  3. Quite possibly. I went the safe route yesterday and started Murray over Hurts. Hindsight and all, but Murray put up a clunker yesterday, so I kind of wish that I had started Hurts. Luckily my opponent started Chase Edmonds and Nuk, so it balanced out.
  4. He wasn't on either my or my opponent's team, however since I was facing Brees I indirectly benefited from Kamara's big day.
  5. joeH

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    Nyet comrade. Jones all day long!
  6. joeH

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Many thanks for answering our questions in your column Guru!
  7. joeH

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm looking for a streaming TE currently in the #12 - #20 range who has the best chance to put up decent numbers and/or score. I've been playing around all season with a carousel of Shultz, Cook, Smith, Ertz (after his return) without luck, and right now I'm thinking about playing Akins against the Bengals.
  8. joeH

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Appreciate your insight!
  9. joeH

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Championship week - let's go! Week 16 Blitz - picked up George Kittle as soon as I heard he was activated off of IR. If he is cleared for this week, how confident are you to put into lineups? I've been playing the TE #12-15 carousel all year picking wrong between players such as Cook and Shultz. If he isn't cleared, who's your sneakiest mid-round TE pick for this weekend? WW Question: Let's talk QBs. I may have too much of a good thing...need to choose between Murray, Herbert, or Hurts for the $$ round. I'm leaning Murray as the safe pick, but as a Cowboys fan, I can see Hurts having a historic day against them.
  10. joeH

    Sony Michel - OUT

    Might be a good idea to pick up Gillislee as the Pats were already talking to him a few weeks ago.
  11. joeH

    Chicago Bears D/ST schedule. ::drool::

    Currently have the Denver D and Chicago is available. Should I make the switch?
  12. From Rotoworld: The Ringer's Mike Lombardi reiterated on his latest GM Street podcast that Randall Cobb is available for trade. Lombardi was also well out in front of the Dolphins shopping Jarvis Landry. "Everybody in the league knows Randall Cobb is available," Lombardi said, adamantly. "All you gotta do is make the call." Lombardi did acknowledge that Cobb likely has no trade market, however. He is owed an $8.6 million salary and has chronic ankle problems. We can't say we'd be surprised if Cobb got cut. This would elevate Allison to #2 on the depth chart. Better pickup compared to say Golladay?
  13. joeH

    Cowboys at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

    What happened to the rest of this thread?
  14. joeH

    Week 3 FU thread

    Knee injury. Doubtful to return.