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  1. Pick two. One WR and one for the flex 1pt ppr Achane, Thielen, Flowers, D. Smith] Thanks
  2. Scorekeeper

    Pick 2 WR please!

    Having second thoughts.... Mike Williams @ Minn DeVonte Smith @ TB Zay Flowers vs IND 1pt PPR 1 per 10yds receiving 6pt TD Choose 2 Thanks
  3. Scorekeeper

    Why is Tre'Quan Smith ranked so high this week?

    I just cut Smith loose. Start him with confidence. He will go off this week.
  4. Scorekeeper

    Fournette Out

    What does Yeldon do against NE?
  5. Scorekeeper

    Fournette Out

    Yeldon vs NE or A. Morris vs DET??
  6. Scorekeeper

    Perine or Diggs?

    I chose Perine over Diggs.
  7. Scorekeeper

    Perine or Diggs?

    I also have Decker as an option.
  8. Scorekeeper

    Perine or Diggs?

    Play Diggs at 1:00 with no Bradford or Perine tonight and hope he gets the carries? I hate this game. Non ppr. 1 per 10 rushing and receiving. 6pt. td
  9. Scorekeeper

    Start Diggs IF Bradford can't go?

    Right there with you. Bradford is out. I think I am benching Diggs.
  10. Scorekeeper

    No Week 5 FU thread yet?

    FU Desean Jackson. Why do I keep playing you?
  11. Scorekeeper

    FU Thread. Week 4 edition.

    DeAndre Hopkins where are you?
  12. Scorekeeper

    Is Stafford and Luck a coin flip this week ?

    I chose Luck over Stafford. Luck sucks, the Colts WR suck, the Colts suck. Should have traded Luck after week 1.
  13. Scorekeeper

    Draft fairness

    Replace them.