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  1. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    This league also only has 1 WW pick per week, so I am asking him to throw next weeks in as well. He is good with Gallup, so I am going to pull the trigger on it...I like Mahomes, going to grab Herndon with this weeks pick and hope a couple of players emerge next week
  2. doughboys_2002

    ROS QB

    Pretty much sums it up here
  3. doughboys_2002

    Ekeler/Diggs for Kerryon Johnson/D. Hopkins

    This deal should all ready be done!
  4. doughboys_2002

    Trade Manny Sanders for Dissly??

    Yes, there is an outside chance Sanders gets traded
  5. doughboys_2002

    Thielen for OBJ and James Connor?

    Should do it without question
  6. doughboys_2002

    Trade for Matt Ryan?

    Honestly I don't think I would, RB's are so important in my book. I ran the table last year, scoring insane points, but lost in the Championship game. I had McCaffrey, Kamara, Gurley, Mixon, Aaron Jones, K. Johnson, I lost in the Championship game because they all sat, injured, or played very little. Howard looks really good, as a Sanders owner it pains me to say it. I would just ride out what you got!
  7. doughboys_2002

    Evans for A jones or Chubb?

    I like Chubb based on schedule alone, however Hunt is still lurking in the shadows. Jones is an injury risk and who knows what Williams will do to his work load. I WOULD make the trade, but both have risk... I know, not very helpful, but I really like Chubb's schedule the most I guess.
  8. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    Sitting at 2-3 with most points scored since week 1, but had more points scored against me, I have more then 50 more points scored against then the next team. I am not in panic mode, yet, but am looking for some advice. My team is: Wentz, Gurley, McCaffrey, Kamara, Sanders, Singletary, Hilton, Allen Robinson, Mike Williams, Dorsett, Goodwin, Preston Williams, Goodwin, Kirk, Diontae Johnson, Mark Andrews, Kyle Rudolph. It is a 12 teams, Standard, keeper league. I was offered Mahomes, Mack, and James Washington for Wentz, Gurley, and Rudolph. I like Wentz's playoff schedule, and Mahomes is hobbled. I was going to ask for Gallup over Washington. Would it be foolish to make this trade?
  9. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    Sorry clicked on wrong tab, moving over
  10. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    So I haven't been here in a long time, but I am in need of some help. I have just registered my 1st win since week 1. I have been the highest scoring team since week 1, but have a 2-3 record because I have the most points scored against. I have over 50 points scored against then then the next closest team. To get to the point, I had a trade offer...I would like some insight. 12 team, standard, 3 player keeper league. My team: Wentz, Gurley, McCaffrey, Kamara, Sanders, Singletary, D. Thompson, Hilton, A. Robinson, M. Williams, Dorsett, Goodwin, Diontae Johnson, Kirk, P. Williams, M. Andrews, Rudolph So the offer was Mahomes, Mack, and J. Washington for Wentz, Gurley, and Rudolph. I like Wentz's playoff schedule, and Mahomes has a high ankle sprain, and Washington has a shoulder injury. I was going to ask for Gallup instead... Thoughts would be great, I don't want to screw myself because I am desperate...Thanks
  11. doughboys_2002

    Keeper Advice

    Anderson and Murray, receivers are a dime a dozen this year! I watched Murray and he reminded me a lot of Jamaal Charles! I like the kid a lot and plan to use my 1st round pick to nab him (12 team keeper league with no round penalty).
  12. doughboys_2002

    Roddy or Cruz?

    I love Cruz, that offense showed life at the end of last year. Another year in the system, ODB demanding some respect from defenses, makes a heck of a year. Age, and o-line, and new coaching staff spells a down year to me!
  13. doughboys_2002

    Keep Help-Beckham or Lacy

    Lacy, sorry but receivers are a dime a dozen. RB's are much harder to come by. Lacy may start slow, but he is a monster that will NEVER face an 8 man box, and plays on one of the best offenses. ODB was amazing but he will regress and hammys are an issue. College, pre-season, and start of regular season, then they are talking about an issue in OTA's. People also forget about the beast that was Victor Cruz!
  14. doughboys_2002

    L. Bell, C.J. Anderson or ODB

    Bell and ODB without looking back!
  15. doughboys_2002

    Hard choices

    So 12 team standard scoring league. We keep 4 players. AJ Green Arian Foster Mark Ingram Jeremy Hill Are my 4...My brother in law wants Foster...the only thing that he has that I like is Ellington. Would it be worth Ellington and a 3rd for Foster?