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  1. doughboys_2002

    Kelley and Miller for Gibson, Ruggs, and Schultz

    Fant is my TE, so I am looking to replace him
  2. doughboys_2002

    Wide Receiver WW

    I like Gage and upside of Claypool
  3. doughboys_2002

    Trade Offer - Need Input Please

    Honestly to me that sounds like a guy trading low. I like the trade, but am a little weary about giving up 3 rbs.
  4. I have Joshua Kelley and Anthony Miller, trading for Antonio Gibson Henry Ruggs and Schultz. Thoughts
  5. doughboys_2002

    What do I do????? Trade offer T Hill for Mixon

    Mixon is a go for me, Hill is great but Mixon in a Standard league has more value.
  6. doughboys_2002

    Help. Keeper

    Barkley with your 1st
  7. doughboys_2002

    Jimmy G. or Allen?

  8. doughboys_2002

    WR help

  9. doughboys_2002

    Qb help

    Yes for Winston! No for McLaurin for Pascal, what are your other potential drop candidates?
  10. doughboys_2002

    Ronald Jones / Foles / Pascal - Waiver Wire Options

    Jones- Bonnafon Pascal, Brown- Watkins, Gay or Gonzalez Sit pat with QB's
  11. doughboys_2002

    Walton or Royce Freeman?

  12. doughboys_2002

    WR to Stream

    Pascal 1 for TD's, Crowder 2 for opportunities.
  13. doughboys_2002

    Flex Help, M Ingram, J Brown, J Williams, J White

    I would take the flier on Brown
  14. doughboys_2002

    Anthony miller

    If you are getting the 2nd round pick this deal should be done all ready. I am not a fan of trading for draft picks, unless I am on the receiving end!
  15. doughboys_2002

    Gamble that both of these two guys play?

    I am not sure I would take the risk there, with Hilton out I think Pascal is going to get some run, and I also like Shephard this week.